7 Million Dollar Business Ideas

Your gut feeling of intuition knows already that this toy is a million dollar product idea. No question. Patent it fast.

Normally, market research always comes first. Does your hungry crowd or thirsty tribe already know what it wants? Have you asked, queried, interrogated your target group and defined an individual avatar to write to and to message by video? Million dollar business ideas exist in abundance. They await your unique question: “what can I do to deliver the greatest amount of VALUE to the greatest number of lives?”

So let’s get started defining and explaining our 7 best million dollar business ideas for 2021 to 2030:

1. Subscription Model or Membership Site

The famous billionaire Bill Gates, who founded Microsoft, used the subscription model for customers running Windows OS software, and wanting to purchase the Microsoft Office suite. This typically means that you pay an annual charge for Office. It is also called ‘recurring billing’ and ‘continuity.’ Charges might also be on a monthly basis for a hobby site or a special interest Website.

You could operate a ‘membership site.’ People who are keenly interested in a subject are quite willing to pay, say $17, $29.95 or $37 monthly to belong and get access to a vault of valuable information. New posts can be ‘drip fed’ into the system and offers made to members for products and/or services that are highly relevant and useful. Examples of membership sites might be weight loss, type 2 diabetes group, weight-lifting, fitness, dog lovers, marketing tips, dating and relationships, drone pilots, sports interests, etc., etc.

Trust building comes first. You might supply a lot of gifts, e-Books, software, training videos and useful tips on the subject via a mailing list and regular newsletter. Later on in the process you could intersperse a few affiliate offers from a source such as the Clickbank marketplace.

The membership site would need to be promoted. You could use a combination of paid advertising and social media pages and groups. Be highly responsive to all questions you will be asked on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Linked-In. Note: a YouTube channel can be highly effective for spreading the word about your hot membership site. Grow your YouTube channel by all means possible, to make it go viral. 🙂 🙂 Daily video posts are the best way to do this, to stay ‘top of mind.’ These ways of connecting with your tribe of followers are red-hot million dollar business ideas in the digital Age …


2. Online Education & Training

You’ll be surprised how much dissatisfaction there is now with student loans and debt. The ivy league universities might just be pricing themselves out of business. Are they ripe for disruption? The COVID-19 pandemic scare is another reason why people have decided to stay home and do their learning on The Internet. This very Website is my response to the pressing need globally for more online courses. This is a truly vast and insatiable market. You could run online courses in a subject that you are qualified in, and highly passionate about!

Don’t claim to be a college or a university. Be careful with the word ‘accredited’ or ‘accreditation.’ DO be supremely practical. Share what works now online in 2021. Project that forward to about 2025 or 2030. Study trends and read ravenously about changes and developments in online technology and digital marketing. 🙂 🙂

3. Consultancy Firm B2B

Business to business supplies and services is a lucrative and reliable area to work in. Budgets can be very large and orders consistent. For example, professional offices, medical centers, and corporations require advisory and consulting services. Advertising, marketing and copywriting skill sets are often not retained within the sphere of the medium to large business enterprise, but they are sorely needed. Financial services, IT consulting and implementation, health and safety are all areas that you could study and get qualified in. The demand is always there, and you can charge whatever you want (or what the market will bear). These facts underlie some outstandingly successful million dollar business ideas. Believe in yourself and implement these ideas.

4. Independent Affiliate Marketer

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5. Health & Wellness incl Fitness

Any variety or combination of dietary supplements, balanced amino acids, yoga, meditation and physical fitness, seems to be in huge demand in the 2020s. People throughout the World have become acutely aware of the need to get fit and healthy. And to maintain their wellness.

This is no exaggeration. Gyms and fitness centers are booming in the United States. Products for supplying micronutrients, better immunity and higher energy are simply flying off the shelves!

Perhaps the global pandemic has focused attention even more on these areas of health and fitness. Spa, beauty, massage, yoga and meditation, not to forget acupuncture and hypnotherapy, are all popular services that you could operate a center for. You would become inundated with phone calls, inquiries, requests and questions about specific services rather rapidly. This is a long wave trend that is happening right now in the USA and right around the World.

6. Instant Foods & Food Delivery Services

Note the recent foray of Uber into Uber Eats. People are essentially lazy about cooking and preparing their own meals. They want time freedom. They’re willing to open the wallet and swish and wave the plastic card generously, in order to stop the starving feeling, and quench the thirst.

A local, mobile food truck, caravan or trailer is a very viable business idea. Over-deliver with taste, using good recipes and quality ingredients and you’ve got customers for life. Remember that. Give a little more. Go the extra mile. Don’t start off mean and measly. They’ll run after the first taste!

The coronavirus has impacted restaurants perhaps worst of all, along with international air travel. Yes, there’s a massive demand out there for good quality, fast foods! Believe me. Study the local laws and practices first. 🙂 🙂

7. Poultry or Fish Farming

This is quite a surprise suggestion for a million dollar business idea? Well, some are predicting massive food shortages globally in 2021. That’s precisely why I have included it. Protein will always be in demand, as the body needs its amino acids as building blocks.

You could go into partnership with a land owner. An existing farmer might be interested in creating an additional stream of income. Prepare your legal agreement well in that case, to protect your financial equity.

I trust you’ve enjoyed reading about my 7 top million dollar business ideas for 2021 and beyond. Also see my exponential copywriting for business course. Why? Because you’ll need that skill set. It makes ‘the difference.’

Geoff Dodd, Editor, Business School Online Courses, NZ


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The stronger your headline, the greater your chances that a new visitor will stick around on your site long enough to buy something.

A good headline should GRAB your visitors’ attention, tell them — in less than 10 seconds — what the main benefits of your site are, what makes you better than your competition, and encourage them to read further, to find out more about what you’ve got to offer.

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So be sure you’re constantly testing new headlines, even if you already feel like your current headline is performing for you. You may surprise yourself and find one that improves sales even MORE.

But don’t just test the content of your headline…

Bear in mind that the Internet is a visual medium, and the way a headline looks can also have an impact on its success. So be sure to test other elements, like color, and for visual interest, consider bolding, highlighting, or italicizing the most important words.

2. Test Lower — And HIGHER — Prices

Here’s something that surprises people all the time: A price that’s too low can hurt sales just as much as one that’s too high!

The average online shopper has a “you get what you pay for” attitude, and will often feel that something with a low price mustn’t be very valuable… and therefore not worth having.

So be sure to do thorough price testing. By all means test prices lower than your starting price, but be sure to test HIGHER prices, too!

And remember, it’s possible to sell fewer units of your product at a higher price point, yet still earn MORE revenue, so when choosing a winner for your price testing, don’t just look at the number of sales.

Your price is one of the MOST important things you can test, because it has such an effect on your bottom line.

3. Test Your Site’s Main Body Copy

One painful truth about the website sales copy that you slaved over to get just right is that virtually NONE of your visitors will read it… at least, not word for word.

People who come online looking for information or products tend to scan webpages, rather than give them a close read.

So, to encourage your visitors to go through your copy from top to bottom, and at least pick out all of the major BENEFITS of your site and products, there are a number of elements you can test to make the copy more scannable.

Consider trying:

  • Bulleted lists and subheads
  • Emphasizing important points with bolding, highlighting, or italics
  • Using a plain font like Arial or Verdana
  • Including relevant graphics and images
  • Plain backgrounds, including unpatterned, white, and light backgrounds

You should also test breaking up the copy into smaller chunks. Long blocks of heavy text look like too much work to read, and so people tend to ignore them completely, which will cost you sales. Your visitors should never have to work to find out what your product or service is about!

4. Test Your Overall Offer

Don’t confuse your “offer” with your price, or the product you’re selling. Your offer is actually the entire package you’re promoting, including incentives or bonuses.

To get maximum conversions on your site, you’ll want to try changing your offer by emphasizing different benefits, and trying out different bonuses.

If you’re selling a product using a long-copy sales letter, bonuses are a MUST.

But bear in mind that bonuses shouldn’t just be thrown onto the site as an afterthought. They need to be useful and relevant to your readers. The point of the bonuses is to add as much additional value to the offer as possible.

So, it’s a good idea, when possible, to test different bonuses on your site, to see if you can find some that provide the MOST value to your visitors.

Your benefits are also crucial to the success of your sales letter, so testing these is a very good idea. Your potential customers want to know how your product or service will make their lives easier. And you drive this home by focusing on benefits, not just features.

What’s the difference?

A feature is a particular highlight of a product or service, while a benefit is what the buyer actually gets from using the feature.

Attaching a benefit to the feature answers your visitor’s question: “What’s in it for me?” and gets them to imagine using your product to take care of the problem they’re trying to solve.

So, test different benefits within your sales copy (and headline) to find the ones that really click with your target audience.

5. Test Your Site Layout

Any good site statistics program will show you where your visitors enter your site, and where they exit.

If you find that most people are exiting your site from a specific page — without placing an order — you’ll want to do some testing of how your site is laid out.

Elements of your site layout that can affect your sales include:

  • The position of your opt-in offer: test different places, or even try moving your opt-in offer to a Hover
  • The layout of your site: test one, two, and three-column layouts
  • The position of your navigation links: test placing them along the top or down the left-hand side of your page
  • The prominence of your call to action: test a different size of text or bolding the call to action

By carefully testing these five copy elements on your website (your headline, pricing, body copy, offer, and layout), you can dramatically boost the conversion rates on your site

… But BEFORE you dive in and start testing, there are a few basic ground rules for testing that you MUST follow, or you’ll either end up with results that aren’t meaningful, or HARM your site’s performance… or BOTH!

Testing Rule#1: Test one thing at a time

The key to successful testing is to quickly identify each new element that HELPS your conversion rates, and keep it, while figuring out which changes HURT your conversion rates, so you can get drop them right away.

But if you changed your headline, your bonuses, and your call to action all at once, how would you know which of these changes was making a difference (either good or bad)?

So, make sure you slowly and methodically go through your website, testing one element at time, monitoring the results carefully, and then either keeping or removing each change, before you move on to the next test.

In this way, over time, even tiny improvements will add up to a BIG increase in sales!

Testing Rule #2: Use a “control” as a benchmark to measure your test

Your control is your current best-performing sales letter, email, or other test subject.

For example, if a sales letter with a particular headline is currently generating a 2% sales conversion rate, your alternative headline tests should be measured against that control.

If, during testing, another headline generates a 4% conversion rate, you’ll keep that headline, and it becomes your new control. The next time you test headlines, you’ll try to beat that new one.

The aim is to use your tests to make continual improvements.

Testing Rule #3: Make sure you’ve got a level playing field

Ideally you should run tests within the same time frame to avoid skewing your results.

For example, you shouldn’t test one headline in September and another in December when seasonal factors could make a difference to your sales. Or, if you’re testing an email, you should send the two test emails to the same number of people to get a more accurate idea of which performs better.

The other important thing to remember is to always keep a record of your test results. You may find an old test one day that you thought should have done better than it did, decide to try it again and it works like a dream!

Once you’ve completed your tests, check out the corresponding statistics to measure your results.

The key numbers to keep an eye on include your bounce rate (number of people who leave the site again without visiting beyond your first page), number of visitors who reach your order form, and your sales conversion and opt-in rates. Then you can begin testing more elements!

The truth is, your job of testing never ends… and your sales copy is just the beginning of what you can test on your site to continually increase visitors, sales, and profits.

To increase your conversion rate, by learning how to split test a website, GO HERE to Grab a Free Copy of my Exponential Copywriting e-BOOK

Split-testing elements will bring you the success you seek!

Geoff Dodd, Editor in Chief, Online Course Business School, New Zealand.

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