10 Best Ways to Earn Extra Money Online Philippines

Living in Manila, Cebu? Visayas, Iloilo, Bacolod or Davao? Filipino OFW or live anywhere in The Philippines? Want to make some extra money online? You need to read this page!

Money flows like water on The Internet. It can flow towards you effortlessly. If you know how to earn extra money online Philippines, you and your family can flourish. Reduce the stress of daily money worries. Find out how to place yourself in this stream, this flowing river. Above all – BELIEVE that you CAN do it from right now — start today!

infographic map of the Philippines showing cities where Filipinos can startup an online business to earn extra money on The Internet in year 2022 and onwards into the 2030s. See location of the capital city Manila on Luzon Island.
Philippines Map Showing Main Cities

How to make more money online in Philippines

Here are the 10 best ways to become highly rewarded, making money online. OFWs can do this, from anywhere worldwide, as a second source of income. Your family will appreciate you, even more. Startup your Internet based business at very low cost. Almost zero investment is needed with these 10 small business ideas:

  1. Become A Vlogger – start Vlogging your daily life in videos on YouTube. From what we’ve seen, these vloggers can make a lot of money. Jokes and play acting can take YOU a long, long way with getting millions of followers, monetizing, and sharing your YouTube earnings generously with people who have real needs. I mean, immediate needs for food and housing. You’ve seen a lot of Vloggers by now, I’m sure. Copy what they do! You can VLOG with an iPhone, a Samsung, an Oppo or any Xiaomi smartphone. It is a very simple, easy to start business.
  2. Work As Social Media Influencer. See SMM. This is when you have a large following on Instagram, on Twitter, on Facebook, on YouTube, and yes, even now on TikTok. For example, see Dr. Vicki Belo (with 2.8 million followers), and Scarlett Belo, her daughter, on Instagram. What exactly do they do? You first build up your follower numbers. Later, you can show products that you use. You could have contracts and agreements with very large consumer brands. Tell your followers that you love these products. These are what you use daily. The Kardashians made a fortune in the USA being social media influencers. Later, they started their own brands. Most celebrities take advantage of this model of doing business on social media sites. It is called SMM. (See Gary Vaynerchuk, or GaryVee).
  3. Offer freelance services. Create graphics for overseas marketers. Write articles. Write marketing and advertising copy. Build Web links. Write blog comments. Take phone calls for brands and marketing companies. See Fiverr com. You can offer to do what you are good at doing. As you do good work and get good ratings on Fiverr, you’ll become popular, trusted, and more in demand. Work as a freelancer at your own pace.
  4. Create YouTube videos. Here’s an example I made. You will know where it was made. (NZ is a clue..) You can get Maximum impact in minimum time, by investing in a good video editor, like Filmora X. I love this software tool. At the end of your YouTube (or Vimeo) video, you can link to an affiliate product offer. I always write a long text description under each video and link to TCP. If you look carefully at the text description under the example video, you will notice the repeated use of some specific keywords and key phrases. This will help YouTube to find people who are searching for these words. We call it ‘search optimization‘ of the video. Learn some video SEO. This is another valuable skill that you can sell.
  5. Work As An Affiliate Marketer. This is the easiest way to earn extra money online Philippines. Also earn from Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, India, The UK, The USA and Canada, and Australia. Why? Because affiliate marketing online usually works globally. Especially when you are selling digital products. You don’t have to handle stock, products, payments, customer queries, or complaints or refunds at all. You just do the marketing. Push the product out on social media, and in blogs, and videos. You will get a commission payment, often as high as 50% or 75% of the selling price. Please see Clickbank com and The Conversion Pros. < that’s my highest paying affiliate program.
  6. Office Work: Virtual Assistant. Prepare Microsoft Word documents, slide shows in Microsoft Power Point, and presentations in PDF format. Work as a virtual assistant for an overseas company. This is similar to the Fiverr work. It could be through a large agency based in Manila in The Philippines. Search for ‘virtual assistant work.’
  7. Teach English or Tagalog language online. Set assignments. Correct the student’s written work. Use a WordPress blog.
  8. Do Online Reselling Business. Sell mobile load for Globe, Smart or Touch telecom mobile service providers. There is also a local need for ISP WIFI data between homes in some barangay. One service is called Peso Net.
  9. Setup Online e-Commerce Store. This means having an online store. You can do drop-shipping from AliExpress com, in China, and possibly from Banggood com in Hong Kong. Alibaba com is a wholesale supplier, also in China. That’s the one founded by Jack Ma. You could also sell local handcrafted goods online in your online store. There are thousands of possibilities for e-Commerce stores on The Internet. Study: Shopify.
  10. Regular Blogging. For example, this WordPress web site is a blog. The WordPress software is very flexible and can be adapted to any online need for a website. Write articles, like this one, and include pictures of products. Add videos to help show people how to use the affiliate products that you represent.
How to create wealth and earn extra money online philippines in Manila, Cebu, Davao, Iloilo, Bacolod and all locations in The Phils
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You will love watching the quick video above, under the money pic. That’s the high paying affiliate program that I am currently working with. It pays out like clockwork. It gives you a generous 50% commission for the lifetime of the customer. That is, the person who you refer or send into the TCP business. It provides marketing tools for online businesses.

Thank you for your keen interest. Thanks for visiting to find out more about how to earn extra money online Philippines. Remember this: it’s a Worldwide business. That is how good The Internet really is! And the best part is that Filipinos can startup a small online business with no investment.


Our business school recommends that you start recording videos. You can use your smartphone. Get experienced. Get a YouTube channel set up as a Vlogger. (That’s a quick example I just made). Treat your daily YT vlog as a social event. People will become regular followers. Lots of jokes, smiling and laughing, like a party. 🙂 🙂

Please feel free to contact Geoff Dodd, just below, to discuss any of these ideas further. Here’s the contact link:

Geoff Dodd, Online Course Business School Founder and Editor-in-Chief

The Conversion Pros Affiliate Program

Why is The Conversion Pros Affiliate Program the best and highest paying? Recurring payments for lifetime of the customer. Pays like clockwork. Powerful trainer David Dubbs has enormous network marketing experience and high success rate in over 8 companies!

You’ll be excited and “over the moon” when I reveal 7 Reasons Why The Conversion Pros Affiliate Program is the best – and highest paying that you’ll find online! Are you ready? Let’s go:

  1. Pays you regularly as clockwork on a Friday, direct into your bank account. There are several ways to get paid. Your online wallet has a lot of flexibility. I chose direct bank deposit.
  2. The Conversion Pros Affiliate Program shares a generous 50% commission on a recurring, residual income monthly basis. When a customer you referred pays $50 you’ll get a full $25 (i.e. 50% commission) on a recurring basis, for the lifetime of the customer!
  3. The marketing tools are “out of this World,” again sending you into ‘Creative Space.’ With the page builder, you have codes to enter, that speed up the page building process. You can easily edit your page, change the copy, select a video, add personal details. The SEO factors like title, keywords, and description can be added in tiny forms. The legal pages are pre-written for you. Even Google Translate is added with just one click. It’s a very satisfying page builder to use. The SaaS platform is highly robust and never fails you. Solid as a rock.
  4. The Training by Video. You are blessed and fortunate indeed to have David Dubbs as your main business trainer. David’s quite a dude! He has personally reached the top of over eight network marketing companies. David Dubbs is a multi millionaire himself. He has a large collection of exotic cars. David explains the tools and processes of affiliate marketing very clearly. As soon as you log in to the TCP web site, you are faced with a complete and very comprehensive introduction to where everything is… and how to use the powerful marketing tools. It is all crystal clear. It is up to you to take ACTION.
  5. The Conversion Pros Affiliate Program is NOT a multi-level pyramid shaped thing, or structure. It is simply paying out 50% commission as residual income, on your personal referrals. A 50/50 joint venture sharing with a company!
  6. Facebook Insider Group. In this special Facebook Group, you can ask any question and David Dubbs and the other group members will respond. Ask away. Ask anything. If you’re a beginner, you’ll need a lot of fine points explained. And that is perfectly OK with us.
  7. Contact Manager APP. This is a first of its kind. This smartphone app gets data from the main servers. It organizes your lists of contacts, pre-enrollees and members. It has tools for contacting these people by email, by SMS text messaging, and by phone. Have you ever heard of an app like that? It works smoothly and efficiently. The next image will show you the smartphone app interface:
infographic of mobile smartphone app used in the conversion pros affiliate program for organizing your contact lists
Smartphone app contact manager

The Conversion Pros Affiliate Program Generates More Leads

The main advantage of David Dubbs affiliate program is that the marketing tools can be used to generate more leads, sales and signups. I wrote an e-Book about mindset. I use the e-Book as a ‘lead magnet.’ People interested in business psychology really want the free book. The lead is captured into the TCP autoresponder system. Here is the landing page that I built for this book in the Conversion Pros page builder. Like it? It has an aspect of the irresistible offer. Prospects are asked to insert their name and best email address into the form, in order to receive the e-Book gift. That is how the TCP landing pages ought to be used. (Lead magnets).

For best user experience (and ultimate customer satisfaction), you will need to deliver high quality content. Give away your best thoughts. Give your quality writing, videos, training, etc. This is good business psychology. If you are mean at the beginning and only give a measly little gift, the customer won’t trust you. The prospect will click away. Think of your own behavior in the situation. How would you respond? Give a high value gift.

Help Enough Other People

The famous sales expert and network marketer, Zig Ziglar, said, “you’ll get what you want, if you’ll help enough other people get what they want!” So, I am here writing to you, to deliver to you, exactly what you want: The Conversion Pros Affiliate Program. Why? It provides you the online marketing tools and email autoresponder systems of excellence that you, in fact, need.

Marketing leads, prospects and customers pour through your funnel from the best affiliate program online in 2021. Results depend on the promotional efforts you make and your personal work ethic.
Your Marketing Funnel

The YouTube video above shows David Dubbs. He is speaking about some highly paid “Amway diamonds.” These network marketing millionaires enlisted David’s help. He attended many webinars. David invited hundreds of these network marketers into TCP, The Conversion Pros. I apologize for the poor picture quality of the video where David is speaking. I asked for a copy. The only one was up on Facebook. I had to re-record this video from the desktop computer, using my android smartphone. Please simply listen to the words. OK? It might just blow you away. It did to me. It speaks to the power of this marketing tools system. Look at this:

A testimonial to the quality tier one leads you can get in the conversion pros affiliate program leads generation and purchase service
Interviewed leads are Tier 1 leads available at TCP.
Click to continue to meet David Dubbs and join the TCP affiliate program to get residual income monthly. 14 days free trial starts today
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Thank you for visiting our New Zealand based online business school today. Please return frequently to discover more, and to enjoy our free online courses.

Geoff Dodd, Founder and Editor in Chief, Waikato, NZ.

Email Deliverability Testing

Learn the best tips and tech tricks for Email Deliverability Testing. Improve your email marketing results. Land in customer inboxes with our help. Geoff Dodd.

Read our best ideas on Email Deliverability Testing. Be confident that your business marketing emails will land in your customers’ email inboxes. Not in their pesky spam folders!

There are several testing steps you can take to test email deliverability before you click send to ensure your email makes it into a customer’s inbox. Taking these extra steps, at the outset, will help improve email deliverability overall.

Setup an email address for testing

Set Up a Test Email Account. An email sent internally has great odds of getting to a fellow co-worker and the same email address, but what will happen externally? Setting up a test email account will also help to protect your company’s domain and reputation.

Verify sender domain and IP reputation

Verify Domain and IP Reputation. Several tools exist on the web that allow you to verify domain and IP reputation, and many are free. They also allow you to verify that your web category is correct to ensure you’re set up for success.

Understand DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM)

Learn the Tech Language. Two very important terms to know and understand are Sender Policy Framework (SPF) and DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM). In a nutshell, SPF prevents anyone else from sending emails on your behalf. DKIM adds another layer of protection and allows your recipient’s server to check if the sender is legitimate. Taking these two vital steps will help improve your email deliverability. Observe what the email headers show in emails from companies like Aweber, Getresponse, MailChimp, SendSteed and ConstantContact. How do they identify their mail servers?

Learn email numbers limitations

Numbers: Know Email Limits. Each provider sets up statistical limitations on how many emails can be sent each day and even each hour. Exceeding these limits may cause your email to be blocked. At Getresponse, use their perfect timing feature. It will send your message out more gradually.

Avoid trigger key words

Watch Email Content. There are certain ‘trigger’ words and images that will get an email blocked or even worse … blacklisted. Key words like ‘free’, ‘money’, ‘risk-free’, ‘apply now’, the list is huge. Don’t be too salesy or try too hard to close a sale. Why? Your email may never reach your lead’s inbox. Make sure that you’re sending high quality content that won’t go straight to the spam folder.

Personalize messages with recipient name

Personalize your messages. Adding a personal touch to subject lines makes each email look unique and different. It also avoids looking like spam. Personalized emails also have a higher likelihood of delivery and increased open rates.

Use Simple intent and simple paragraphs

Keep It Simple. Email campaigns filled with html, JavaScript coding, too many images, gifts, fancy fonts, and other bells and whistles may get the wrong kind of attention and look like spam. At the same time, plain and simple may also be flagged. It is important to find the right balance. Plus – always remember that the intent of the message is key.

Do smaller, highly targeted sends regularly

Focus on Targeted Sends and build gradually. If you start sending large batches on day one, inbox providers might see this as a threat and a ‘spam attack.’ In such a case, your email will automatically be marked as spam. ISP providers look for regularity and consistency in behavior.

Send quality to your best prospects

Remember Quality Over Quantity. Qualify your leads and send emails to your best prospects. While expanding your customer base is always a worthy goal, you will need to do it the right way. Don’t waste time on junk email lists that will affect your email deliverability. You also don’t want to bombard good leads. Always check your frequency, and find the balance that won’t affect email deliverability.

Clean your email contact lists regularly

Keep Contact Lists Clean. You do want to add to your lead generation lists – but don’t let the names pile up. Look for bounce backs, remove them, and keep your email marketing lists current and fresh with your best prospects.

It will certainly pay you dividends in your follow-up email marketing. Clean your lists and send only high quality messages.

Here’s a great resource for email marketing autoresponders. The company will also help you to build the very highest converting Web landing pages. This way your business will generate more leads. Turn these leads directly into sales and signups! Here’s where I built my own, personal success:

First begin these steps of email deliverability testing before using the TCP autoresponder system online.
Enter and join via this blue image or here

Here are further business opportunities for you. Do make sure that you cover the tech side of email deliverability testing. The main points are outlined above. Also, please visit our blue image. It will come as a major surprise. This is good stuff.

infographic of Geoff Dodd mentor in New Zealand challenges you to make a million dollars in six months online marketing after email deliverability testing is complete
Geoff Dodd business mentor in online Business School, Waikato, New Zealand

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Expert Help With Email Deliverability

A-list copywriter Roy Furr offers us some great tips on getting our emails delivered into customers’ email inboxes:

“It doesn’t matter if you can write AMAZING marketing emails, if…

They get filtered straight to spam.”

“That’s why smart email marketers pay very close attention to deliverability, not just things like clicks and conversions.  (Sometimes they’re related, but sometimes emails written by “closers” can kill your future email deliverability.)

Today’s Mailbox Monday question is from Mark — and it’s all about email deliverability for his sales team’s emails.


Roy Furr has an excellent teaching style. Thorough, detailed, and always well thought through. You can find Roy on YouTube at his copywriting channel.

Thanks for your visit to our online business school. We work to deliver you the best opportunities for testing and trial of The World’s top marketing tools.

Geoff Dodd, Editor In Chief, NZ.


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