Impact of Covid 19 on Small Business Owners

COVID shutdown is devastating! The impact of Covid 19 on small business owners is horrific. Depression sets in, after initial anger. Sorry if you’re facing this. I really am.

Business owners have struggled for years, decades, to finance and setup their shops, factories, tourist operations! Whatever you did. And heartless, left wing governments are reducing these efforts to bloody ashes!

Or is it the delta variant of Covid-19 itself? Malls and business venues becoming deadly places for the highly infectious delta strain of coronavirus to run rampant?

Impact of Covid 19 on small business owners

We strongly suggest that you now go online. Below you’ll find the best alternative business. It is hand-picked by experts. Why? Because it has:

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  2. Easy to use customer email list management tools. Autoresponders and list broadcasting tools
  3. A smartphone APP that’s a contact manager and a list organizer! You can quickly send SMS text messages, fast emails, or phone up people on your contact lists.
  4. Lots of ready-made templates for generating more online leads for your business – whatever type of business you run!
  5. Pre-wording that COMPELS people to open, click and BUY

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Geoff Dodd business mentor in online Business School New Zealand on Covid-19 affect on NZ and Australian small business in NSW


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Think very carefully about the impact of Covid 19 on small business owners! Both in Auckland, New Zealand, and in Sydney, NSW, Australia. Even with government subsidies for wages support. It’s never enough.

How has Covid affected businesses? The delta variant of coronavirus has an extremely negative impact and adverse effects. The total numbers of customers shopping are greatly reduced. You can only buy essential items. That means that shops are losing a lot of their normal financial turnover. The population is mandated to stay at home. Minimal exercise is allowed. Essential workers can continue.

So if you do decide to switch over to an Internet based business, simply click here to start. If you want to make up for your financial losses, you’ll have to consider an online business. Simple.

New Work skills now required in this era of remote employment, and self employment, include copywriting and Internet marketing skills. Enjoy the transition.

Geoff Dodd. Online Course Business School, Auckland, NZ.

Productivity During Covid19 Lockdown

Work at home remotely. Surprising Boost in personal productivity with remote work! Covid19 lockdown scenarios lead to creative new adaptation to work/home environment. Positive outcomes for all. Geoff Dodd.

Your personal productivity can be increased during the current Covid19 Lockdown. How so? The delta variant is so infectious, that you’ll need to stay indoors. Work remotely. Work from your home base. Comforts of your choosing are so close at hand! What’s your favourite beverage? Snacks and chocolate …

How to increase personal productivity

It is human nature to make simple concepts harder than they really are. We’re all guilty of it.

Let’s look at 5 things you can DO to increase your online business productivity in a simple way, and profit from the changes:

  1. Network: Make other marketers or individuals in your particular niche your friends by helping them out and then you can rely on them when you need help. The logical question to ask is: “why is networking such an important aspect of online and offline business?” Well, there are three concrete reasons why networking is an essential component of a successful business.

• First, working from home leaves you sitting all by yourself, which essentially means you can feel lonely and unmotivated. A friend or a group of friends can serve as your moral support system that guides you throughout the most difficult days and can offer you advice.

• Secondly, you can find help quickly. For example, you may be having a hard time formatting an ebook or getting that widget to cooperate with you. Just call up a friend who is an expert, and your problem is solved.

• Lastly, Promotional purposes. Just think about where a business would be without friends. They spread the word and get your products or services into the minds of others they’re in contact with. Next time you get 5-10 emails from your friends promoting one of your products you can undoubtedly conclude that you have done a good job networking. Remember, business is all about growth and that means spreading the word and pushing your ideas.

  1. Build a list: The money is STILL in the contact list. A bigger list means you have more promotional opportunities. If you do not already have a list then get working right away – Like right now!
  2. FOCUS: In today’s business environment the lack of focus is just shocking. Just when things get rolling or when there is a minor bump in the road people tend to completely lose focus on what is important. So please just STAY FOCUSED. This will play a significant role in your success.

Remember, slow and steady does not necessarily have to be the same as staying focused. Staying focused just means that a task is completed and that the primary goal is not neglected.

People constantly jump ship when things get tough and begin a new task because they don’t have the discipline, and then ask, “why am I not successful?” Seriously! Isn’t it obvious?

Listen closely: the key is to pick just ONE task. For some, this might be rather difficult, which is why it is probably a good idea to remove all distractions, create a work schedule, and be fully engaged in that one particular task. Laser focused.

The positive mindset that will help you make this easier is as follows:

Sharper focus = more money

  1. ACT: This should be rather obvious, but many men and women fail to realize that they simply need to create a goal, create action steps to reach that goal, and then follow through with those action-based steps.
  2. Produce: Just think about this for a moment. Is someone more successful if they buy lots of products or if they PRODUCE lots of products?

This can be better understood by thinking about ONE product versus 100 products. If you produce 100 products, you will likely have some products that flat out fail, but that’s a good thing because it allows you to get an idea of what people want. In addition to that, a few of those 100 products will indeed be successful, which will help you and your business gain valuable recognition — while boosting your overall growth. So don’t be afraid to take the leap.

Let me tell you a quick story: IF you want to get a very high income, you’ll have to immediately investigate this critical shortcut:

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YouTube, How to find a better mentor

I hope these ideas are getting you thinking. You’ll increase personal productivity by extending your networking, asking for help, focusing better, etc. Design your way into more creative forms of Web promotion.

Here’s an infographic example of how to capture how your target audience is feeling during the Covid-19 lockdown:

infographic shows you how to increase personal productivity in a remote work at home situation during the Covid19 lockdown in Sydney NSW Australia and in Auckland City, New Zealand in 2021. Click the image to enter recommended business solution
Click the image for advanced benefits

Great that you came over to our bubble to see our ideas about boosting productivity in the online course Business School, New Zealand. Have you checked out our YouTube business channel? Six of the latest and greatest vids. Please subscribe to the channel. Thanks.

Geoff Dodd, CEO and Chief Editor

7 Eye-Opening Strategies to Skyrocket Affiliate Sales!

Strategic breakthroughs shared by top 1% earners. Listen very closely… Super Affiliate strategies will increase your affiliate sales and monthly profits, no question.

What are the specific strategies affiliate sales need to reach astronomical levels? Here Geoff Dodd collates and combines 7 specific strategies and tactics of known super affiliates. Guys like Ewen Chia and Bryan Winters. Top copywriters, too. What the hell are these top performers doing? Spill the freak’n beans, man! C’mon!

Copywriting Strategies For More Affiliate Sales

Copywriting skills. You must learn to write persuasively! It still blows my mind when I study copywriting and watch videos on YouTube by Jon Benson and Ray Edwards and Roy Furr. These 3 gentlemen know stuff. They’re all A-level, proven, top copywriters. They’ll teach you how to solve pain points: define the problem, agitate the emotional pain, offer a superior solution, and gently call your prospect to take action!

Psychological triggers. This is a tiny subset of copywriting skills. I just want to sneak this topic in. It’s the trigger words you use, often placed at a point of decision. i.e., just above or below a ‘buy now’ or ‘continue’ or ‘add to cart’ button. Here’s a web page with good thinking in its psychological trigger placement.

Hint: by the way, your keyword and key phrase selection is another aspect of psych triggers. Think of ‘buyer keywords’ as the thoughts in the head of your future, prospective customer. Always use the words, “best price on __” and “discount on __” as well as “review of ___” because it’s statistically proven that 86% of millennials use these search terms, about daily.

Preselling To Boost Your Sales

Preselling. Oh so important. No longer can you get sales by direct linking to, say, a Clickbank or JVZoo sales page. You’ll need to ‘prepare something in the middle.’ Between your ad and your affiliate link. This is preselling. A warm-up, trust building page, for your ‘cold market’ inquirers. Ewen Chia, pioneering super affiliate gives you a free PDF special report on preselling. This is a critical lesson to learn in strategies for higher affiliate sales online.

There are 17 free PDF e-Books on that internal page. Most of them are about how to increase your affiliate sales. The writers are Ewen Chia, Patric Chan, (super affiliates) and Geoff Dodd on psychological topics; e.g. on reprogramming the subconscious mind for higher performance.

Strategic Use Of Automation Software

Automated Funnels. This is the strategy behind most of Bryan Winters’ prolific business success as a super affiliate. Bryan gives away a free marketing funnel. Affiliates need to activate the funnel. They do this by inserting their Clickbank nickname or personal ID. Add in a ‘list name’ from either Getresponse or Aweber autoresponder service. Buy the first digital product in the funnel for just a measly $19.90 and you’re activated and set to go …

The digital products are thoughtfully selected to help affiliates promote their offers. They work. That’s all part of an integrated design. It is viral and self-multiplying …

Best strategies to increase affiliate sales. Infographic shows Geoff Dodd results using My Funnel Empire software automation tool for higher sales
Click above infographic or here

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Simple Business Plan

Simple planning. All the elements are there. You just need to integrate them. Answer a few basic questions about your proposed Internet-based business. Simple business plan. These planning questions need to be revisited about once a week, for a team review. Check your direction and progress towards short, medium, and long term goals. What works now? You need to question exactly why you are doing (strategic and tactical) things!

Motivation To Meet Sales Goals

Motivation: keeping a high mood and a positive mindset. Please read our business motivation page. Why is motivation important? To keep up your rate of attaining sales goals. Also, consider taking a peek at Geoff Dodd’s Nuclear Psychology kindle e-Book on Amazon com.

Increase Targeted Web Traffic

Massive laser-targeted Web Traffic: To ensure a speedy outcome of strategies affiliate sales increases – into the stratosphere, you’ll require John Crestani‘s course. Or Vick Streizous. (Four per cent). Sorry guys and gals. Paid traffic is essential for the highest millionaire goals to be attained. I’ve tried SEO for over 23 years. A quarter of a damn Century. You will have to learn how to do paid advertising at large sites: Google Ads or Facebook Ads. Microsoft has one with less traffic.

There’s a reason for this extra study. The problem revolves around the level of competition in pay per click advertising. Your direct competitors might click your PPC ads. This uses up your budget. You need to know what to do. There is also a question of accurate click tracking. You’ll need to exclude robot clicks. (AKA ‘bot clicks.’) Here’s a tool for accurate real tracking of clicks.

Find A Mentor: Online Affiliate Marketing

Finally, Find a Mentor: You can spend half a darn Century, learning Internet marketing by trial and error. Go on, make thousands of mistakes, all by yourself! Do it. Just like me. Or… you can find a mentor and skyrocket your affiliate sales with smarter strategies, quicker. That is the smartest thing you can do today.

That last suggestion is perhaps the most important step of all. Match up with an experienced marketer who has been there before. Credentialed. Someone who understands the millionaire mindset from first hand experience. Someone from deep in the trenches. You need their “how to” do it knowledge, desperately!

Or, just read every darn word in the free courses on offer here at our online business school. I’ve got you covered. Let us help YOU accelerate your affiliate sales. Get the bottom line exploding with outstanding profits. Your future’s exciting. Picture your financial goals and desires manifesting right now before your eyes. Do it today. Your future self will love you for taking action. Start the first step.

Geoff Dodd. Author. Editor in Chief. Founder and CEO. Online Business School, New Zealand

Customer Service Skills

Top class customer service skills training program. Applying for a job? What to include in your customer service skills resume or CV. Listen closely now … it’s critical for you

Marketing communications include World Class customer service skills training. See our infographic? Think: It’s 100% about the customer. The best tip is: keep your ego out of it. And don’t be triggered emotionally. Replace frustration and anger with positive thinking. Pre-plan. Practice some neat phrases: “Thank you! I’m grateful for the feedback! We love to hear exactly what our customers think.”

Customer Service Skills Examples

A definition of customer service would put it in the basket of, “all the communications between a company and its clients / customers.” That is: ongoing marketing: lifetime of the customer.

Specific customer service examples: “let’s work together to solve this problem.” “OK, I’m listening….”

Requisite Skills and Qualities in Communication:

  1. Ability to keep using positive language. (Switch from any negative words …
  2. Listening skills (all important,) and empathy for feelings …
  3. Patience. Self-control is a practiced behavior.
  4. Problem solving skills. Creative thinking.
  5. Taking the initiative. Accepting responsibility for the outcome
  6. Persuasion. Persuasive speaking with full emotional intelligence. That is, awareness of subtle emotional tones.
  7. Clarity of spoken and written communications.
  8. Adaptability and flexibility with reflective thought …

Get free information by simply subscribing above. You might be surprised by what you can do on The Internet. Uplevel your whole life. Get extra income to help support your family. (I know that times have been really tough lately … and I want to help you get more money than you’re getting doing customer service work.) Add this into the mix. If you want to. It’s completely up to you.

You are free to unsubscribe at any time. One click will do it. Your personal info is safe with us.

Attaining skills at Internet marketing is a great way to add to your customer service skills resume. (CV). Training in anything Internet or I.T. related will be a huge benefit to you. It could place you ahead of competitors in the line for a customer support / service job.

I know this because I have been involved with dozens of companies on The Internet since 1996. That feels like a lifetime of learning. I guess it is. Did you realize that universities are slowly going out of fashion? Colleges, too, are simply an uneconomic way to deliver education. Google gives us all the information we need, with a single click. Or with your voice prompt. Search for absolutely anything that you need to know in 2022 about training for a customer service position. There is undoubtedly a ton of information available to you in YouTube videos.

I truly hope that I have been of assistance to you. Please remember to use positive thinking. Replace any bad emotion or negativity with neat, skillful positivity.

The future’s exciting for you now. You can do magic in your communications. Work with style, pizazz and a flourish. Observe your own thinking and switch it into the positive mode. OK?

Thank you for your visit to our business school today.

Geoff Dodd, Founder. Online Course Business School, New Zealand. Oceania.

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