Messenger Bot

Imagine this little robot saving you time and customer service worries. Messenger Bot is an automated chat bot that is fully Facebook compliant and integrates with FB Messenger neatly. You’ll be amazed what it can do for you!

The following infographic clearly shows you why Messenger Bot is the superior solution to customer care:

Facebook Messenger Bot is the best chat bot for facebook customer conversation

Any language you choose? Yes, this automated marketing robot works with a wide range of languages!

Displays on any device? Yes, it is responsive to look good on a mobile smartphone, a desktop PC or any tablet computer!

Any major Web browser? They all show the bot just great in Facebook Messenger: Safari, Ms Edge, Chrome and Firefox browsers, access Messenger Bot in the cloud …

Built-in Autoresponder: Builds email subscriber lists and creates neat email campaigns with templates supplied! Create a series of messages. Send email broadcasts, too …

Facebook posts scheduling, moderating and automatically replying to comments! This is awesome for saving time, stress and worry! The best FB automation software ever invented?

Integration with 3,000+ apps and even an eCommerce store. Makes selling items easier for your in-house staff. This software in the cloud will cut your costs and operating expenses.

Who is it working like gangbusters for? Car dealers, insurance brokers, travel agents, restaurants and real estate agencies. These small to medium sized businesses are finding they can generate qualified leads 24/7. They get bookings. Trials. Make digital presentations. Format: PDF, video, email series, e.g.

Facebook Messenger Bot

Above infographic shows a comparison. Our superior chat bot for Facebook is also priced at a discount. Please use this unique coupon code:

Get an immediate 50% discount on Messenger Bot by applying this coupon.

“This chat bot allows me to get opt-ins for less than $0.25”

Remember: it’s fully automated. Works 24/7 by itself, while you sleep. After initial set up. That’s just WOW!

Add a Messenger widget to your website with Messenger Bot Store example Instagram or Facebook

When you join the best chat bot for FB today, you will unlock limited time features such as:

✔️Unlimited Subscribers

✔️Unlimited Chat Sessions

✔️Unlimited Sequence Campaigns

✔️Unlimited Bulk Messages

✔️Unlimited Customer Tags

& so much more!

SO … this chat bot can readily be scaled for use by any size of online enterprise. Not only small businesses are set to benefit from this automation software. BIG business better take a long hard look at social media now. Digital marketing bots are the path forward for doing business on The Internet.

I am extremely impressed by this development into automated marketing robots. Please–take a free trial right now while it’s still fresh in your mind.

Geoff Dodd, Editor and Manager, Online Business School

Other ways to generate leads online

How To Generate Leads Online

Best way to generate leads online using The Conversion Pros’ high converting landing pages. Connect with an email autoresponder which is supplied free.

Is your small business painfully struggling to get enough sales leads? The persistent problem of how to generate leads online needs a fix. You might be a real estate agent, a lawyer, a professional or simply a home based business owner. Getting more list subscribers, prospects and sales is a problem we can definitely help you to solve!

In some cases you’d be advised to do video marketing with a YouTube channel. While we’re talking social media, every size of business needs a Facebook page and an Instagram profile with a daily feed. Every single online business. You might like to hire a young person to respond to comments and questions on your social media content.

How to generate leads online using The Conversion Pros

The image above presents multiple opportunities to you! Whether you generate leads for real estate or network marketing, it’s all the same. You can earn lots of residual income while you acquire leads from the cold market. How? Use The Conversion Pros to build your high converting landing pages!

Examples of high converting landing pages:

Lead generation on The Internet uses ‘capture pages,’ ‘squeeze pages,’ or presell ‘landing pages.’ They are essentially the same. But landing pages are the next step in the preselling sequence. The first point of contact with your prospective customer. i.e., after the ad. You squeeze an email address, and maybe a name and phone number out of the interested person! (Don’t use a full form to a database, because you’ll scare them off. An email address only, is much more likely to convert. People like to keep their personal information private.)

Best Samples of Landing Pages:

Here are some of my best examples of high converting landing pages:

  1. Weight loss industry: example one
  2. Affiliate marketing business: example two
  3. YouTube advertising training course: example three
  4. Million-dollar copywriter video: example four
  5. Second sample for losing weight: example five
  6. Second sample affiliate business: example six
  7. Example of capture page: Metaverse: example seven
  8. Sample landing page for Napoleon Hill: example eight
  9. Example of a story-based weight loss: example nine

The landing page supplier is TCP:

The Conversion Pros lets you build high converting landing pages, free autoresponders and also you will earn generous residual income here. Worth a look at. How to generate leads online for your real estate agent business, lawyer, network marketing or small home based business
Build high-converting landing pages + earn residual income here at TCP

The opportunity above is double or triple fold. All the lead generating tools are right there at your fingertips!

When designing landing pages at TCP and including stock videos for higher response, think of these three things:

  1. Comedy and humor. Light heartedness. Tension release.
  2. Excitement and buzz
  3. Engaging content, a quiz, a competition, a surprise!

Enjoy The Conversion Pros.

David Dubbs Of Conversion Pros Leads:

Above in the video, David Dubbs completely solves the never-ending problem: how to generate leads online. His company offers you pre-interviewed leads. There are female leads. Women now want to be boss. Have more time freedom, and quit their jobs! There are also male leads. Macho businessmen? Or simply guys looking for business opportunities and seeking financial freedom and independence. Travel leads is another specialty that is catered for.

There are specialized leads for travel. Interviewed business opportunity seekers. And more. David Dubbs has been top MLM earner in over eight (8) companies. He has raced to ‘diamond’ level in less than 2 weeks. Listen to David talk about the best leads, in his video above! Just Wow! Also, you can now access quality Tier-1 TCP leads direct from here!

MLM Gateway for network marketing

Network marketer promoting MLM companies? Think of as a powerful, viable mlm gateway alternative service. You’ll be able to generate tier-1 quality leads easily for your network marketing multi-level business. Talk about how to fill the matrix! We have the needed tools. Check out this independent, unbiased review of TCP.

Best Way To Get Leads For Real Estate

What is the best way for real estate managers, owners and sales staff to get more leads? To increase your brand awareness, and get more buyers!

Leads Acquisition: We suggest:

  1. Television ads in prime time, just before the national news. Mike Pero Real Estate does this TV advertising very successfully in New Zealand. Watch TVNZ One during the 6pm news to see how to do this on TV. Also, it’s on Prime 4 after 5:30pm.
  2. YouTube video advertising. Think locally. Add your town or city in the video title, near the beginning. Also locate your service in the text description area, just below the video. Below, you can subscribe to our information series. You’ll discover a lot more about making your real estate videos ‘optimized’ for improved performance in both YouTube and Google searches: (This is critically important for your efficient generation of sales leads. You want to be ranked at the top for your town?)

Privacy policy: your personal data is always safe with us. We hate spam with a 4 a.m. burning passion. Your info is safely encrypted.


The above video is directly from TCP. It shows you the high quality of their productions. The company, The Conversion Pros, offers you a 50/50 partnership as an affiliate. It also is the best for offering solutions to how to generate leads online. The lead magnets at TCP, for example, are discussed here.

TCP says, “give value first.” “Give people what they need and want.” They will join your list.

Thanks for your visit here today! I sincerely hope you received a good answer to your question, how to generate leads online? There are other clear avenues for you. Offline letter box drops. Visible support of various local sports clubs, service clubs, and charities, such as community hospitals. Think of supporting other places that are giving social services. The branding approach really needs to be holistic and all-encompassing. 🙂 🙂

Use Your Imagination on Twitter for leads

1) Research Your Target Market

The first step to effective lead generation strategies is understanding your target audience. Who are your customers? What type of people are visiting your website? What are their pain points? How can your product or service benefit them?

2) Create Engaging Content

When you create content that is engaging, helpful, and shareable, you present your customers with a solution to their problem. Publish content in the form of videos on YouTube, blog posts, social media, photos, infographics, flow charts, or eBooks. Lead-in with lots of free content.

3) Promote Content Across All Your Business Channels

Cross-promote, repurpose and share it across your business channels. Publish it on your YouTube channel, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, blog, or wherever your customers are most active. Allow existing or potential customers to find your content using Google search or while scrolling through social media.

4) Nurture Existing Leads

It is very important to focus on building a long-term relationship with your subscribers. Carefully guide these people through your sales funnel or encourage them to buy. Reinforce their baby-steps through. Send customized, unique emails that encourage them to try a free sample, download a product trial, or make another purchase. Think of the lifetime value of the customer.

5) Score and Measure. Pass Leads to Your Sales Team

Ask the question, “which leads are interacting more with our business?” – whether that’s by reading more diverse content or visiting your website repeatedly. Focus your efforts on those leads that will have a great impact on sales and profit.

Next, the sales team works to turn a customer’s desire into an action. After someone has bought from you, it’s up to your salesmen and women to enrich a customer’s experience and keep them interested in your company long-term.

Did you enjoy our conversation about how to start generating tons more leads for your small business? I hope you watched David Dubbs’ video about interviewed female leads!

Geoff Dodd, Online Course Business School, New Zealand

Also see our copywriting course

3 Business Marketing Skills

Essential and critical success factors! The Top 3 business marketing skills you’ll need to rake in online profits today…

What are the essential 3 business marketing skills you’ll need to absolutely master? These specific skill sets will DRIVE your Ultimate Success on The Internet. Do you know what they are? Keep reading …

  1. Ability to get Laser-targeted Web Traffic. Also known as ‘eye-balls to your offer,’ or interested visitors. Can you draw enough attention to your Web site and its offers? Are you paying for impressions? (CPM). Are you getting readership? The skills of acquiring traffic might include using mailing lists. You might do a JV or joint venture with someone who has a large mailing list of buyers.
  2. Conversion. The ability to convert Web visitors into subscribers and paying customers. This is definitely a copywriting role. See our copywriting pdf template. Conversion covers questions like, how do you get someone to take action, when engaging with your Web page? What will trigger them to take action? There is a whole customer ‘journey’ through your many messages: your ad, a preselling page, free info, a video to watch, a sales page, an order form, a thank you page, etc. Later you’ll send follow up emails and back-end marketing … (Here’s an example of a high converting landing page… )
  3. Economics. If you are paying for your Web visitors, what is the EPC or earnings per click rate for each product? What is the lifetime value of the customer, on average? Is the refund rate being kept under control? What delivery and fulfilment costs are there? Fixed costs? Skills with mathematics and financial management are critical to your online success! Develop this CFO awareness.

Mastering Top 3 business marketing skills

Customer acquisition: The ability to go out into a ‘cold’ marketplace and get paying customers. The Digital Age has transformed this. So we now speak of Web Traffic, Conversion and the overall economics of the online business operation.

In acquiring a new customer, an experienced marketer is usually willing to make a small loss, or break even. A lead magnet is useful: a free report, a video, a pdf e-Book or a tiny piece of software. The free gift ‘triggers’ or incentivizes the prospect to get engaged with the selling process. A digital ‘gift’ has a very low cost.

The first step might be a low cost front-end product at the wide opening of a marketing funnel. Each customer moves through a series of steps in the funnel. There are both ‘upsells’ and ‘downsells’ at forked decision points. Related products are offered. These upsells extend or complement what the main product can do.

Learn the top 3 business marketing skills you need to make sales online

You make the first sale to get the customer. Why? To start the relationship! Add value to the customer. The above image is worth investigating. You will get about 10 free marketing tools in there, at LeadsLeap. I highly recommend it, as a leads generation system.

Positioning of your product and brand is important. What is unique and different about it? How does it stand out in a crowded market? Define your own category in the market. Superior. Your top 3 business marketing skills will now include writing up the benefits and the unique selling proposition.

Repackage and create a unique offer. A bundle. A membership site. A subscription will make every customer more valuable. Microsoft does this with its Office 360 suite, for example. It occupies its own software category. That makes for great economics.


Privacy: your personal details are safe with us. We hate spam. We would never, ever share or sell your private info. You can unsubscribe at any time. I don’t think you’ll want to miss the goodies, though. The very best Web tools for your video marketing. Stuff for SEO. Info on what’s working online right now… up to the minute. How to increase your targeted Web traffic.

So that’s the real oil. The free training on the essential 3 business marketing skills. We have deviated a little towards Web tools and funnels. High converting landing pages, too. All part of the process of generating targeted Web traffic, improving conversion, and the economics of your online enterprise!

Geoff Dodd, Online Course Business School, New Zealand

Best Free Business Startup Courses

Opportunity abounds online as The Digital Age marches on. The best free business startup courses are our mission critical. You benefit. Time is saved. We establish our brand. We move forward profitably together…

Geoff Dodd offers you the best free business startup courses online, as a goodwill measure. We want to satisfy you. Meet every desire, need and want. It’s a win-win. When you make more profits for less effort, we’ve done our job. We will all succeed and celebrate together.

What are the best free courses for starting your own business in UK, the USA, SE Asia and globally? The principles are now identical, wherever you live. Because The Internet is universal.

Online training platforms are a billion dollar business. They’ve sprouted up quickly to meet training needs: companies like Udemy, Coursera, EDX, Khan Academy and Lurn. They serve millions of international students. Do they deliver the basics well if you’re starting a small home based business? Practical ideas, tools and workable tactics are what we focus on and give you here in our online business school.

What university degree would you need to startup an online business? None! Relevant degrees include: B.Com., an MBA Degree, or professional qualifications in Accounting, the CPA qualification, PhD in Computer Science, diplomas in IT, a degree in Marketing or Economics, Environmental Science and in the behavioral sciences: Psychology and Sociology are very useful and relevant to small business. They are not essential.

Our Best Free Business Startup Courses

Here at Geoff Dodd’s Online Business School we have designed and written free courses to meet the specific needs of small business owners. We see three main areas of education for Internet-based businesses that are mission critical:

  1. Understanding search engine algorithms: Getting a high ranking in Google searches. So we wrote a Free SEO Course for you. This covers “what is SEO?” It explains both on-page and off-page search engine optimization. It features a very useful SEO infographic that describes the algorithm for YouTube video ranking. (which feeds into Google).
  2. Uncovering the secrets of marketing and copywriting for The Web. The use of words for persuasion will help you to get more email subscribers and to make more online sales. We prepared, just for you, Advanced Copywriting. For those of you who want to write a sales letter, we have the copywriting sales letter template PDF e-Book. (That pdf book is at a surprising 81% discount today only). Read the page. It answers all of your burning questions about the critical sequence and component parts of an effective sales letter. One that persuades your warm prospects and gets results!
  3. Planning your online business at the beginning! Perhaps this is your number one focus. Our planning course is so brief. It asks you questions. It will get your business thinking crystal clear right at the outset. Before you start incurring expenses that might fail to deliver the desired bottom line profits. Read our simple business plan. Remember to start with enterprise planning.

A final part of discovering the best free business startup courses? It is to get started! Get into the trenches and test something out. There is no better way of starting your own small business on The Internet, than going here:

LeadsLeap marketing service offers you the best free business startup courses to learn in

The tools and training given to you at LeadsLeap, above, are like a complete, free start-up course. The link tracking alone is superb…

You’re going to have to trust me on that recommendation. There’s no risk to you. The training modules are high quality. All the advertising tools are free. I have been astounded at what they are giving away free here. Test it out for yourself. It is a great learning ground for new online marketers and entrepreneurs. I use it every single day. See more info.

Tip: Some of the best free business startup courses are delivered in an email series. Here’s a fascinating series about very powerful Web tools. It ties in with our free SEO course, specializing in ranking your YouTube videos higher!

Fill in this brief form and get the info on tools you’ll need:


Make sure to check your *spam* folder as well as your inbox. You’ll be receiving valuable information about Web tools for business start-ups. Your privacy is protected. You can unsubscribe at any time with just one click. GPD.

Thanks for reading so far and staying with me in this unique business school. It’s fun starting a small to medium sized business enterprise. It will take some long hours of work. This blog is perhaps the ideal place to get a business education by simply doing and testing online.

Enjoy your free online courses today. Return to this site and I’ll write you some more. 🙂 🙂

Geoff Dodd, Editor and Manager, Online Course Business School, NZ


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