Self Hypnosis For Business Success

Watch a unique video about self hypnosis for business success by Geoff Dodd, author. You’ll feel more joy, bliss, elation, and produce more at work.

Managing an online business can be a lonely and frustrating experience. Information overload whacks you from every angle on The Internet. Have you ever thought about using self hypnosis for business success? To improve your mental focus and motivation? Here’s a YouTube video about self hypnosis, with a holistic approach that will help you:


In the above YouTube video, Geoff Dodd suggests that your identity, or self image, is central to your success and wealth in business. Who do you think you are? Is the point–so hypnosis can ‘transplant’ better thoughts to boost the power of your self belief.

With this holistic or generic understanding of self hypnosis for business success, it doesn’t matter what the specific roadblock problem is! You’ll quickly realize that poor sales performance, undue stress in managing people, a lack of confidence, overuse of alcohol, drugs, or other addictions, all stem from one central cause!

What is it?

Self belief and identity. The magic of believing in yourself. That’s precisely why hypnotherapy works and now you can learn self-hypnosis rapidly to overcome any stress or any feelings of discomfort at all! This stuff works like magic!

The Spiritual Entrepreneur

If you think you can discard this part as “woo woo” then walk away from your higher self right now!

Every single ethnic group in human history has its ‘sacred writings.’ The Chinese have the Tao Te Ching (The Great Flow) and Confucianism. India has the Bhagavad Gita of Krishna and The Upanishads of Buddhism, plus a dazzling myriad of modern gurus. (Spiritual teachers). Persia has The Koran and The Seven Valleys in the Baha’i Writings. The incredible history of the Jews in Israel and Egypt brought us The Old Testament (Abraham, Moses), and The New Testament (Jesus Christ).

Every source of ethnic guidance, wisdom and understanding implies the existence of higher levels of human consciousness. Let’s investigate how this new-found awareness is intimately related to self hypnosis for business success in 2021 and onwards!

The spiritual entrepreneur is a business creator like Elon Musk who tunes in to the laws of The Universe. I specify Elon Musk, because he said that his approach is to “think in the basic principles of physics,” when tackling a problem of innovation.

Sir Richard Branson is clearly another spiritual entrepreneur. The same page contains a video of Branson’s where he emphasizes the critical importance of listening closely to his staff members and middle managers and praising them for their good work performance.

These little things might seem inconsequential to you. To me, they’re mirroring a great understanding. Love your people. Project positive vibrations out to your organization, and you’ll receive the same love, respect, and positive vibrations back. It is your attunement to these universal laws that will bring you great success and high levels of individual achievement.

Dr. Abraham Maslow, PhD at Brandeis University in USA, (circa 1954 to the 1970s,) was one of the first western psychologists to integrate and draw together the threads of eastern mysticism with western empirical behavioral science.

Maslow acknowledged the existence of peak experiences, transcendental experience and “the farther reaches of human nature.” – one of his later book titles. One might say that Maslow outlined ‘spiritual psychology.’

Neuro Science: Changes in meditation

What happens in a deep hypnotic trance, of alpha, theta, and delta brain wave states, can now be stated in Maslowian terms as ‘increasing hierarchic integration’ in the nervous system. Control shifts to the language processing in the left, prefrontal cortex. You can create these mental states with self hypnosis and in deep meditation. (Also, with brain wave entrainment).

Summary: Self Hypnosis Business Success & Motivation

Learn self-hypnosis and you’ll dissolve away the tension in your mind. Residual stresses can be managed by learning deep, regular breathing. Repeat your own affirmations and positive suggestions to yourself. Press your magic button to return to a state of deep relaxation. You can do this in any situation. Even in a business meeting, or when negotiating with a client or your business partner, accountant or lawyer.

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is a useful approach to understanding motivation and why people do the things they do. Remember Maslow’s highest perceptual levels of ‘self actualization’ and peak experience.

Finally, science and religion can blend together in your mind, once you’ve realized the essential connections:

  1. A beautiful, transcendent feeling of Oneness
  2. A sense of connectedness to all Life
  3. A sense of living in the mystery
  4. Understanding that you create your inner experience by your choices

Remember to view Geoff Dodd’s YouTube video about self hypnosis for business success and sales performance, to naturally increase work productivity, many times over.


In this second YouTube video which builds on the first one, you will imagine that you’re a soft white cloud. You’re just passing through, without attachment. You can now let go and reduce work stress. This aids your work performance and productivity. It is ideal self hypnosis for business success without being specific, because it works subconsciously in a holistic and harmonious way …

Remember: don’t overthink it. Don’t be overly cynical and analyze it. Now that would just be your over active western left brain dominance at work, wouldn’t it? Try to use your integrated whole brain functioning with as much use of your imaginative powers as possible. Balance left brain with right brain. You’ll then understand the word, ‘spiritual.’

Einstein emphasized the use of the human imagination. Perhaps a little magic of believing will assist you, too?

Self hypnosis for business success works through a deep relaxation process, to eliminate managerial stress and discomfort. Picture of the human cerebral cortex. Neuro-science and psychology.
self hypnosis for business success

The Manager, Business School Online Courses. Geoff Dodd.

Elon Musk Business Motivation

Entrepreneurs like Elon Musk have their peculiarities, and their little secrets to big success. Musk’s business motivation is so intense that he can work up to 22 hours in a day, to save Tesla from going under. This is exactly what happened during the introduction of the Tesla Model 3.


Elon Musk is fast becoming the World’s richest man, because of the bonuses built in to his CEO remuneration package. These bonuses are huge allocations of shares. And the price is now sky high in the 600s. Jeff Bezos just edges Musk out.

But back when he started his first Internet business, Musk and his brother slept in their small rented office. They showered at the nearby YMCA. There was only one computer that doubled as a server during the daytime, and was used at night by Elon Musk, for programming.

Hard work has always been the driving ethic of the Musks. In 2008, during the Global Financial Crisis, he admits he almost lost SpaceX and Tesla. The original Falcon 1 rocket kept failing. They had an important contract to meet for NASA. Musk has always put his personal money behind his work projects. Recently, he sold a number of houses so as to have more funds available to back his businesses. I believe he doesn’t own a house at the moment.

Watch the amazing, motivational video above, right through. The Star Link satellite Internet project now has 1,000 satellites up and in low Earth orbit. Australia and other nations are signing up to receive the high speed data signals. All is go.

Tesla has produced over one million electric vehicles. Later in 2021, self-driving cars will be ready for the Robot car rental business that could almost put Uber out of business.

Learn the incredibly powerful business motivation techniques employed by Elon Musk. His secret is the rate of innovation. Workers, both scientists and engineers at Tesla and SpaceX and The Boring Company, are strongly incentivized to maintain this hectic, ultra fast pace of technological innovation.

Business School Editor, Geoff Dodd, NZ

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