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Online course Advanced copywriting product differentiation or point of difference concept by Geoff Dodd

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I trust you’ve had a chance to read all about our exciting new copywriting e-Book which reveals the critical sequence you need, for maximum influence. (To trigger more sales, or subscriber signups, etc.) This free course is all about advanced copywriting with extra tips and an explanation of product differentiation (in the mind of your prospective buyer).

So this online course shows you some of my thinking, I call “point of difference,” which others have described as a ‘mechanism’ that differentiates your product from other products that might attempt to solve the same problem.

Product differentiation is critical to your mission to get more sales. You’ll need to ask, “why is our product better?” “What specific benefits can we deliver that our competitors cannot?” And you’ll need to be honest. The amazing thing about great copy is that it is painstakingly researched and excruciatingly honest!

Create a point of difference even in acknowledging the continuing pain and discomfort experienced around the problem. e.g., “We solve the more vexing problems of high costs and lower revenue, because our accounting software integrates seamlessly with Xero. No other application does.”

Imagine the task of selling a Huawei P-40 smartphone, even after Google has banned Huawei from using the Google Playstore! You find the “point of difference.” You might write, “the Huawei P40 has a decidedly better camera than a Samsung Galaxy S20, because of the specs of the sensor. Forget about MP (mega pixels), that’s just the size of the image. Huawei has just created its own app store, too!”

Staying up to date, well researched and honest. Details matter. The iPhone has a great tradition for taking excellent photos and videos, too. Their natural colors produce breath-taking realism. The software is child-like simple to operate.

colorful infographic shows you advanced copywriting with emotional effect and memorable wording, by Geoff Dodd
Advanced copywriting infographic shows you how to be memorable

Advanced copywriting is said to read like unique, visual fiction. Try to describe what you’ll see, hear, smell, touch and taste, using the product, in a surreal, dream-like experience. Readers want to be transported into a flow zone of ease, comfort, certainty, consistency and predictability. Although, of course, you’ll create moments of pattern interrupt. You’ll need to stimulate and modify their thinking with ‘reasons why’ this item is so desirable and able to deliver the goods—the benefits!

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Those who make it are aware of their power and are willing to risk it all. They’re ready to do whatever it takes – no matter what – Those who don’t make it, believe that the stakes are too high, are afraid to lose their savings, reputation, family, friends…. They doubt themselves and don’t value ‘themselves..’ Invest in yourself. What if… your copywriting powers were infinitely greater than you had imagined?

Here’s an awesome example of a high converting VSL or video sales letter. GPD. Recommends.


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2 thoughts on “Advanced Copywriting”

  1. Product differentiation goes along with the Value Proposition, to offer perceived value to the target market.

    Wikipedia states:
    “In economics and marketing, product differentiation is the process of distinguishing a product or service from others, to make it more attractive to a particular target market. This involves differentiating it from competitors’ products as well as a firm’s own products.”

    Editor, Advanced Copywriting Online Course: Point of difference

  2. Here’s a nice brief summary to guide your copy writing:

    Writing to a Crowd?
    Relate to their pain …
    Speak to their values …
    Make them feel heard and understood

    Empathy goes a long way!

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