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Exponential Copywriting sales letter template pdf is a writing training course by Geoff Dodd Online Business School

Want Great Writing Skills?

Feeling stuck about what to write to sell your business offers?

It’s a painful and frustrating problem. Almost humiliating- and yes, it needs a fix.
You need a system. A structure with a proven sequence. So you can become an effective, inspiring and persuasive business writer. (One who gets the results you desire)…

Introducing my new PDF e-Book:
Exponential Copywriting, Sales Letter Template!

Exponential copywriting book cover for my e-Book that shows you the sales letter template sequence in a PDF doc for you to learn persuasive copywriting that gets results
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This book will certainly change your life–forever! I’m confident that it will have a profound and lasting impact on your business. Why am I so sure? Because it guides me to get results like these daily sales:

Infographic of nontypical possible daily sales results for an A-level expert copywriter using power words and triggers in my Exponential Copywriting sales letter template PDF eBook. Note that targeted Web traffic is also an essential causal factor to achieve at this level. Due diligence is required.
It’ll quickly become easier for you. My Results not typical.
Copywriting course for stunning and compelling effect includes a sales letter template sequence of critical components. Short testimonial.
Brief testimonial by John Saunders, California

The book’s packed with doable examples that make writing easy for you. So because you’re interested in creating a huge (and immediate) cash-flow for yourself or your business, this is going to be the most exciting little book you will ever read.

You’re an action taker! You can feel this pulling you forward because I want to make you a huge success story–and gain your testimonial willingly. Just like John, above. You’ll be moving from today’s pain to tomorrow’s joy …
Are you aware now of an increased desire to fix your problem?

So You Crave a bunch of hot buyers?
You want the very words that million-dollar copywriters use to create cash on demand? Swiftly–you will get that guidance here in my book, and it all becomes shockingly easy!

You’re about to discover The Raw Truth about effective copywriting — so read every word that follows, immediately below:

Writing a high-converting sales letter is a very skilled business. You’ll need much more than just a sales letter template pdf. You’ll need full accompanying notes to impart a pro’s understanding of what’s going on at each baby step in the process; what to be aware of in the micro-moment that your prospect is seeing, perceiving and ‘digesting’ your copy. Is he/she progressing through a well-defined sequence of beliefs?

How to Hold Attention with Jon Benson

infographic of copy by A-level copywriter Jon Benson.  Click here for Groove Copy Pro AI powered sales copy writing software
Jon Benson wrote CopyPRO just for you!

Who is Jon Benson? Known as the Billion Dollar Copywriter, Jon developed the A.I. copywriting software system, called “CopyPRO.” Man, you’ve got to see the incredible options and permutations that CopyPRO generates, to make all your marketing copy sizzle and zing! You can watch it being used by simply finding Jon Benson’s free teaching videos on YouTube. I highly recommend Jon’s A.I. software tool. You’ll be crushing it with ‘dynamically syndicated’ A-lister level copy!

Stark Warning!

One false move. One moment of distraction or unconsciousness and you’ve lost your customer. Yes, you’re staying hyper-conscious. You’re talking to the subconscious of your prospect. You’d better stay on your toes, just like a high-class hypnotherapist–knowing what triggers what. I’ll show you how to do it.

You focus on feelings and emotions in the NOW. How will your prospect then feel one year later, after experiencing your unique, optimal solution? Because you differentiate your product or service from the competition. Why is yours so much better? You project into the future emotions of how will they feel when their problem is resolved and their life has completely changed for the better?

What’s the copywriting sequence?

Here are the main points that you will see covered in the Sales Letter Template pdf : This is the process you’ll need

  1. The Attention-Grabbing Headline – first contact
  2. The ‘Hook’ to hold ’em
  3. The Power of Storytelling
  4. Empathy for the predominant emotion
  5. A totally unique solution to the problem
  6. Bulleted Benefits of this better solution
  7. Price justification – Value proposition
  8. Call to ACTION
  9. Time limited offer
  10. Guarantee of complete satisfaction
  11. Write a F.A.Q., preparing for the inevitable objections!

Sales Letter Template PDF Needs Notes:

You know the feeling of a collier ship wallowing around in a stormy sea? Captain James Cook would have experienced that feeling more than once in 1769 when he “discovered New Zealand.” You really don’t want to feel like a ship out at sea during a storm, with eight metre high waves pounding you.

Then the ship’s lookout spotted blood in the water. Soon 3, 4-metre long sharks were circling you … competitors ravenous to take advantage.

Picture of a shark in water to symbolize the harsh competitors in business. You need to learn copywriting to improve your business marketing. This page offers the visitor a copywriting sales letter template in the form of a pdf e-Book. Find the buy button to get the PDF.

I say No wallowing. No to writer’s block. NO to doubt and uncertainty … no to fear of blood in the water!

In fact, I’d strongly advise you to become a tenacious predator, bold and unique in your approach to copywriting and marketing … even brutal and driving ever forward.

You’ve just gotta reach deep for the real, authentic person inside. Pre-meditated, just sometimes. The brave new entrepreneur, who’s unashamed about helping clients target one billion bucks in the next ten years.

What’s in it for me?

If you can get your hands on this rare, itemized PDF e-Book, you’ll get the special sequence that hypnotizes your prospect so that:

  • your writing becomes totally irresistible to the reader!
  • you’ll triple, quadruple, or even 10x your personal income
  • you’ll make a quantum leap on the learning curve
  • you get a fast transfer of in-demand skills
  • your career prospects will be brighter with an exciting future!
  • your time will become freed up and you’ll be much, much happier
  • you’ll experience a fabulously rewarding journey within yourself

You can keep doing what you’ve been doing and continue getting the same results and be filled with the same feelings of confusion, overwhelm, and constant stress…

OR…. you can break through into the amazing CLARITY of a new light

How hungry are you? Really?! How much success do you crave? Can you persuade me that you’re lusting after the A-level results now–consistently? Caste your fears to the wind. FEARS no longer serve any purpose, and as soon as you’ve banished them, your flexibility in your own writing will astound you–as you’ll break through into higher and higher skill levels!

Here’s What I’ve Done For You

For the next 24 hours you can get a huge 81% discount on my Copywriting Sales Letter Template PDF for student copywriters who want a head start with headline templates, phrases to swipe, copy with empathy and a sequence for your next business sales letter

I’ve just arranged a huge 81% DISCOUNT for a limited time on my Copywriter’s Sales Letter Template (with full accompanying notes). It’s easily worth $197 to you because of:

1. the strong headline templates included

2. hot phrases to excite and stimulate your customers, as well as examples of empathy in effective copywriting that generates hundreds of sales!

3. the full, highly innovative, very easy-to-read writing prompts you’ll need in 2021 to 2025.

This eBook is totally life-changing! TODAY, it is yours for just $37. ( a meal for two? ) A simple decision if you want to grow your business. Do you agree this is a fair deal?

Why am I doing this? I want you to get up and running fast, with a head start in this difficult copywriting game. A kick-start into your future. I want your massive SUCCESS STORY. Your testimonial. It’s ALSO celebrating the opening of this brand new website: Geoff Dodd’s Business School online courses.

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You’ll discover how to make maximum money in minimum time.
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We guarantee results in terms of increased sales leads and signups 12 months or your money back.  Sales Letter Template PDF for copywriting for beginners
Guaranteed online sales commission results from using Geoff Dodd's  Sales letter Template PDF document to inspire and support a copywriter online
You’ll earn commissions for your online sales, just like I’m doing daily!

I have faith that you’ll get a TON of value out of my inspired Sales Letter Template PDF (with full accompanying notes). Even the irresistible HEADLINE ideas alone will be mind-blowing for your business prospects.

Grasp my “point of difference” concept and you’ll be riding in the gravy train within 30 days! PROVE it to yourself, at absolutely no risk to you. Results Guaranteed. For one entire year! What could be fairer than that?

IF for any reason you’re not ecstatic, highly motivated, and ready to breakthrough in your copywriting after reading my Template and notes, I’d gladly refund your money to you. The sheer value being delivered here is far, far in excess of the $37 price. I’m putting you on a path to your better life. Your whole identity will be radically transformed by exposure to this material. ~Geoff Dodd, Author How to contact me to chat.


You can do this. Your journey begins with one click.
You can have a no risk taste. FEEL the Value inside.


Geoff Dodd provides the best free business startup courses on The Internet 2021 thru 2035 with full planning your online business for profitability. Discover the latest Best Online Business Platform For Startup free. Essential 3 business marketing skills for higher conversions. Plus free marketing eBooks to download. Psychological marketing blunders to avoid. Advanced Copywriting courses too.
Geoff Dodd, writer, with wife Grace

Look–you need to ‘get’ this as a brand-new copywriter:
The market rewards you for solving its problems! A sale takes place when in the mind of a customer, the value of the solution you are selling outweighs the price that you are asking for it. And, the bigger the problem you solve, the more you can earn!

Surprise BONUS

When you read this magical little pdf eBook, look down at the bottom-right corner. Your BONUS eBook #1 will appear. It’s the real secret to your positive mindset as a writer. “How in heaven’s name do you manage to keep so positive?” they’ll ask you. Smiling, you reply: “I bought the book.”

The sales letter template pdf ebook comes with a full one year money back guarantee. If you're not happy with the e-Book for any reason whatsoever, I will refund all your money. No questions asked. Geoff Dodd
One YEAR money back guarantee applies to your e-Book purchase




Please subscribe above to chat and discuss copywriting ideas. Anything that’ll push your journey forward! We can always improve our results in this fabulous, lucrative art. Fact: there’s no magic quite as exciting as professional copywriting! Enjoy the PDF Template, if you grab it at my current 81% Discount. (Plus you get the 2 Free Bonuses!)

By the way, your personal info is always perfectly safe with us. It’s encrypted. We hate spam too with a burning passion. Get inspired and stay positive! ~Geoff

Tip: Learn the Secret of Programming your subconscious mind

Here’s another surprise Bonus eBook #2: Download your newly released PDF eBook: Reprogram Subconscious by Geoff Dodd. (Free, no strings attached).

Fill in the subscription form above for a few surprises. You can hit reply to any message and chat to G & G about power tools for the Web, and hot, trigger techniques in your copywriting. We are here for your online success.

Resources: Roy Furr on Clayton Makepeace’s 20 point outline sales letter. Plus Wordstream blog’s psychology of copywriting tips examples

You need a sales letter template pdf with full explanatory notes, then join Monster Mode System 700K to generate passive income on a weekly or monthly basis. Work with Geoff Dodd Business School in 2021. Grow in prosperity.
Click the Millionaire Club image and create your Future Of Prosperity NOW
Author Geoff Dodd with wife Grace Namia of Geoff Dodd's Business School online courses on effective copywriting for small businesses in 2022
Thanks for visiting Geoff and Grace today at our online Business School. Keep chatting … it’ll pay dividends

5 thoughts on “Exponential Copywriting Course”

  1. The Attention of the prospective customer is grabbed, seized–hypnotized away by the Headline that whispers of possible benefits accruing from a new product or service…

    The prospect is then hooked into the riveting STORY that vibrates and resonates with him/her and identification occurs.

    Emotions are matched and empathy is shown for the person needing a rapid solution….

    Points of difference are clearly laid out—why is our product better? More efficient at solving the person’s problem / group problem? Emotional Benefits…

    SOCIAL PROOF with Testimonials, preferably in Video form, or written…..

    VALUE relativity is shown and an offer is made.

    Scarcity in quantity and in time …
    The CALL to ACTION

    FAQ answers the ridiculous objections and rationalizations!

    More testimonials….

    This is the PLAN

    The Editor, Business School Online Courses

  2. Point your ring finger to the moon!
    Sings Bruno Mars in “24 Carat Magic,”
    recently released music.


  3. Investing in yourself is the best investment as always! I appreciate it. And, I am doing it by joining some copywriting courses. By the way, I appreciate the reading. Thanks and keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks for your comment, Brian.
      I agree totally about the power of investing in yourself!
      In fact, I’d go so far as to say that investing in copywriting skills,
      is the single, best pathway to self-mastery.
      It has so many spin-offs into social skills and managing the
      mind with auto-suggestion.

      Geoff 🙂 🙂

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