How To Make More Sales As An Affiliate

What works now? What are Super Affiliates doing to make more sales? How can I increase and improve my sales results performance? Read on …

How to make more sales as an affiliate marketer online, always depends on your marketing skills. There are some amazing, lucrative marketing strategies you’ll need to learn.

What do the super affiliates do? Here’s a quick starter list of what successful super affiliates are doing in 2021:

  1. YouTube video ads that run fully before a highly relevant, targeted customer’s session. The YouTube A.I. is laser targeting these alluring ads. The speech goes, “Real quick, do you want to know … ” and these ads are very clear, and very professional videos. They are getting big results. What’s working right now in 2021? Video ads on YouTube!
  2. Pre-selling. Never link direct to an affiliate offer. It will fail to convert. Why? Prospects need to be warmed up gently to the idea of spending money on a product. The VSLs, the video sales letters that work are usually way too aggressive to start off the relationship with. Prospects will click away from hard selling. You need to use an intermediate page in the middle. Just like this preselling page. (Example of pre-selling a weight loss offer, a herbal tonic to increase metabolism).
  3. Pile on the Bonuses. I need to be frank here. Personally, I find a lot of bonuses give me instant information overload. It’s too much to handle at once. But super affiliates still use a long page of extra bonuses. They write, “don’t buy product xyz until you’ve seen my bonus package!” The added bonuses need to be relevant to the product offer. In some way, they might extend its usefulness. These added bonuses still work in 2021. They are part of what works now.
  4. Lead magnets. The more you give away at the beginning, the more likely a prospect is to whip out the credit card and give you some of their hard earned money. It is basic reciprocity. Give and ye shall receive. Lead magnets can include a free, ‘special report,’ a free e-Book, a software program, a video of training, or a free 30 minute consultation by phone. (Or anything that you think will be attractive, and of perceived value to your future customer).
how to make more sales as an affiliate marketer online using a free ebook lead magnet by Geoff Dodd Business School, New Zealand
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Tips: How to make more sales as an affiliate online:

There are several ways of improving your targeted Web traffic numbers. All can lead to you getting increased sales as an affiliate:

  1. SEO or search engine optimization for increasing affiliate sales and signups. SEO takes a lot of patience. But it will eventually pay off in more affiliate sales commissions for you. Please see our free SEO Course. It applies to both YouTube video marketing, and to Google search SEO.
  2. PPC or pay per click SEM. We represent a World Class paid traffic training course by John Crestani, called the Super Affiliate Course 2021. It has since been re-labelled. John has earned over $25,000,000 online. Anything at all by John Crestani is like pure gold for answering how to make more sales as an affiliate. That has always been John’s mission. He studied marketing at university as a young man starting out. John is of Italian American descent. A very strong character. A highly intelligent man.
  3. Social Media Marketing. SMM agencies such as Gary Vee’s Vayner Media advocate and suggest that you post social media content as many times as you can, every day! Gary Vee, CEO of Vayner Media posts daily on Linked-In, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter. Gary’s videos are extremely helpful. Every associate wanting to know how to make more sales as an affiliate needs to watch Gary Vee in action. Seriously. He is the best teacher. Why? He has done it. Gary’s three main principles for doing business on The Internet? Awareness, empathy, and perspective. Unbeatable business thinking, in our humble opinion.

Thanks for patiently reading through to this final point in the blog post. I trust that this article has helped you to rethink tactics and strategies for improving affiliate sales commission levels on The Internet. It is a fascinating way to be working from home!

Geoff Dodd, Editor In Chief, Online Course Business School, New Zealand.

Online Courses For Stay at Home Mums

Recommended free writing course for online courses for stay at home mums in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. Study our examples and learn how to write for business. Emphasis is on marketing copywriting to persuade buyers to make purchases on The Internet.

Are you in the U.K. or in New Zealand or Australia? Want to learn how to write for business? Online courses for stay at home mums are free to you! Copywriting is a very lucrative art. During these Covid-19 times of great uncertainty, we suggest you learn how to write marketing copy. It’s exciting. It pays. It’s a thrilling pastime and it’s in hot DEMAND.

Are you a native English speaker? It’ll be super easy for you to learn how to write for advertising and business. I want you to follow me right now. Listen to my voice: I spent hours and many edits, rewriting over and over to improve this page on copywriting. You’ll learn a ton. Just reading that damn page. I’m a perfectionist. Look for the numbered sections. Learn the sequences. You don’t have to buy anything!

Here’s a sure-fire tip: Copywriting is all about solutions to problems. Each sub-group in a market has its own specific problem. But before you can fix a problem, you have to define it. And then create a vision for what life looks like once you’ve solved it. Hint: what it’ll look like, sound like, feel like, taste like, even smell like! Visualize ahead to show the customer what their life will be like with the new ‘solution,’ — your product.

That specific page is a course in itself. Make notes on what catches your attention. Write down the sequence required for a sales letter. Learn the bits and pieces. The nuts and bolts. Give yourself time to digest everything. Now, here’s a brand new infographic image I just created today. Let’s talk about this little beauty:

Online courses for stay at home mums UK or in Australia New Zealand, include copywriting course for business and a mindset training course to prepare for Internet marketing
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Free Online Courses for Stay at Home Mums

You were most likely home schooling the children, recently. Is that right? U.K. had a real bad run of the delta variant of Covid19 that came in from India. Sydney NSW Australia and Melbourne have an outbreak as I speak. Auckland City in New Zealand is locked down at Level 4. Food cafes, bars and restaurants, hotels and hospitality are suffering. This stay at home shift has forced people online. Working remotely has become the norm. So it’s time to adapt. I want you to learn how to operate a small home business on The Internet. (I’ve been doing exactly that since 1997).

So we have begun to teach you copywriting. Study that colourful image just above. The writing, the choice of words is very intentional. It evokes curiosity but leaves an open loop. It seems to promise something, but you don’t know what. So you are induced to click through to satisfy your curiosity!

The item is a free PDF e-Book. It’s a rather unusual book. Why? It is about a simple way to develop your mindset. To build resilience. Business needs some tough thinking. Resistance to being triggered emotionally. To that end, here’s a page about customer service.

Next in this series of online courses for stay at home mums UK Australia and New Zealand, I want to introduce you to some marketing strategies. These include:

  • Pre-selling methods to warm up a prospect to the idea of buying something. This involves giving people more information about the product or service that meets their wants and needs. Preselling online is becoming more and more important. It can easily be done using a YouTube video.
  • Giving extra gifts and bonuses to sweeten the deal. 🙂 You can make it into an irresistible offer. Something very hard to refuse. Some even call this strategy, “an intelligence test.”
  • How to get an avalanche of hot targeted Web visitors with credit card in hand. More laser targeted Web traffic, they say! Please join my YouTube channel. Find the ‘Web Traffic Video.’
  • Special tricks and tactics of millionaire ‘super affiliates.’

These strategies and tactics are all provided free to you in our vault of 16 Free Marketing eBooks. Please click through and download whatever you want to read. You can always return here to read a few more books at a later date. You’re always very, very welcome at our online Business School.

UPDATE: New Online Course for Moms:

Breaking news! Attention mothers at home!

We have had a lot of requests for a course on “How to write a video sales letter script.” Also known as a VSL script template. So, we responded. This one is very brief. Succinct. To-the-point. Learn the basics of writing a video sales letter script here. Thanks for your participation in our business school today!

Finally, in your online courses for stay at home mums UK is our ‘Find a Mentor’ section. You are free to struggle all by yourself, of course. There’s a lot to learn. A long learning curve. OR… you can avail yourself of David Dubbs and take advantage of his million dollar earning capacity. David lives in Nashville, Tennessee. The home of country music. He has risen to the very top in eight (yes, 8) network marketing companies. He knows his stuff in Internet marketing. David and a business partner created their own business on The Internet for attracting leads and prospects. Then, they built exquisitely powerful tools for converting these leads or interested prospects into buyers and paying customers. The find a mentor section is worthy of a good read.

Please click around the site, using the menu on the right hand side. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at what free courses you will find.

Finally, here’s a subscription form for you to join us. Extra ideas, tips for marketing and tools will be shared with you in a short series of emails. You can unsubscribe at any time. One click will do it. Please subscribe here:


Privacy: your personal information is always safe with us. We hate spam with a 4 a.m. burning passion. You’ll always be protected by secure encryption.

Thanks for visiting this set of online courses for mums at home. Parents have such important responsibilities in the family home. We simply make it our mission to bring you the online business information and opportunities that you need.

Geoff Dodd. Editor in Chief. Founder, Online Course Business School, New Zealand. Updated on Friday, 7 October, 2022.

Moms and Dads at Home Working Remotely

Outrageous suffering in families during Covid-19 lockdown. Australian families in Sydney and Melbourne Aussie. Same in Auckland, New Zealand at Level 4 lockdown. Chaotic home schooling reorganization.

If you’re moms and dads at home working remotely – possibly home schooling, listen closely! The Covid-19 lockdowns in Sydney NSW Australia, Melbourne VIC and in Auckland, New Zealand are having a shock effect on lifestyle habits!

You have to manage the home, prepare the kids, get home schooling materials ready. Then — start work remotely on your home laptop or PC. But hell, the password is not bloody working. I.T. didn’t set your system up properly? Damn. The children must focus. Concentrate. I know how hard all of that is to manage! I feel for you. Covid 19 is like bio-warfare in the family home!

There’s another layer of hassle, strain and pain. That is financials. Some small businesses have laid off workers. Other managers are doing the right thing: waiting for government wage subsidies. Come on Scott Morrison and Jacinda Ardern. This is a crisis that we’ve never experienced since the Spanish Flu of 1918. We need income support. We need a clear, standardized curriculum for home schooling. In both Australia and across The Tasman Sea in New Zealand.

But there’s hope. Here at Geoff Dodd’s Business School we have devised a plan of income support for moms and dads at home working remotely. It’s a plan to start a small home based business. You know — the laptop lifestyle! Yahoo! You’re taking a first baby step on the 1,000 mile journey to financial independence!

infographic for all Australian and New Zealand moms and dads at home working remotely and busy preparing home schooling curricula for their children stay at home
Working at home during a Covid-19 delta strain lockdown

Reinvent Lifestyle for You Moms and Dads At Home?

Imagine waking up with renewed energy now. It’s 4 a.m. and your mind is bursting with creative ideas. You’ve learned to meditate. You find an affirmation. Embedded in random access memory. You repeat it. You feel a miraculous desire to write!

The stresses of Covid-19 become irrelevant to you. You’re working remotely. You have all the comforts and benefits of a stay at home dad. A work from home mom. Joy breaks out. You discovered the WordPress blogging platform. (Just like this). You saw 7 Eye-Opening Strategies to Skyrocket Affiliate Sales and best thing of all? You understood it. One hundred per cent. No question.

Working from home for yourself is heaven. Forget skeptical ideas from the cynics. Cast out their negativity. NO, you’re not being “selfish.” Not at all. You’re miraculously motivated now to serve your nuclear family in the finest, most independent, most free way possible!

In fact, I have a surprisingly rare gift for you. After 54 years of long study of business psychology, I have simplified a solution. You might laugh at the sheer simplicity. You’ll realize the psychological power of this rare gift, after you practice it. Even a little bit. So move forward now, like a shark. Seize the day. Download your PDF e-Book. This one is different. Let me count the ways. 10,000. That’s a key number in the Tao Te Ching. Feeling mystified? (It’s also a significant number in my unusual methodology).

You’ll find that your children naturally use this kind of method. “Mom, I want some M ‘n Ms. Now.” or maybe you’re getting, “Dad, can I have fifty dollars pocket money. I want to go to Luna Park. Now.” If you remember Luna Park in Melbourne. The child will repeat the demand over and over. A hundred times. That’s getting close to my weird “brain changing” method. It’s a missing piece of the jig saw puzzle we need to complete. I mean, to get a successful home based business off the ground.

Mindset For Mom + Dad Working at Home

The most essential factor to have working for you is a positive mindset. Turn every stress, every pressure, every conflict into a positive. Laugh at it. Smile, as you turn, saying, “I’m just curious. Where did that come from? What energy is behind that?” Ergonomics is … “there are three broad domains of ergonomics: physical, cognitive, and organizational. Ref: ergo plus com.

Covid-19 or rather the fear of the coronavirus can sap our energy. But there’s nothing to fear except autonomic imbalance. A.K.A. fear itself. Moms and dads can consciously bring their energies together in the home. Focus your energy in a more intentional way. Write down your goals: long term, medium term, short term, and tasks for the day. Organize your family’s energies. It’ll pay dividends.

So that is our ‘business school’ contribution to Australian and New Zealand families living under the plague of COVID-19 at the moment. You might be in Melbourne 3000 Victoria, or in Sydney 2000 New South Wales. You Aussies have the gut strength to handle this pandemic. Kiwis, likewise. Aucklanders will be feeling the frustrations of a prolonged Level 4 lockdown. Jacinda’s got your back, with her “go HARD, go fast” policy against the delta variant at the moment, in September 2021. I know that’s incredibly frustrating for you. Especially if you are the owner of a small coffee shop, a bakery, a butcher’s shop, or if you are not categorized as “an essential worker.”

Keep your mask on. Scan the QR codes when you visit essential services. Maintain at least two metres between people waiting in queues for the supermarket. We’ll beat this. Aussies and Kiwis together. Echoes of Gallipoli and Dunkirk.

Geoff Dodd, Editor in Chief, Online Course Business School, Waikato, NZ.


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