Entrepreneur Ideas for Students 2021

You’re a college student. You need extra income. I understand. You attend university and need a lot more money. Something like hundreds of extra dollars each week? OK. Test, try, prove these possibilities of part time work for yourself.

What are the best entrepreneurial ideas for students in 2021 and onwards? You ask, “what part-time work can I pursue where I’m the boss, and where rewards will accrue fast?” Here you’ll find a bunch of hot entrepreneur ideas for students needing more moolah in 2021.

First, a little disclaimer for legal purposes: We’re definitely NOT financial or investment advisors. We merely observe the strengthening value of some classes of assets during times of economic crisis. The point here in this brief article is more about how to create a steady cash flow:

Best Business Ideas For Students

  1. Videography — develop your skills of creating videos. These skills can be applied across an ever growing range of small businesses for 2021. Google correctly predicted that everything would shift to mobile smartphones and to videos. Local, small business owners are just now realizing that they need videos broadcast across a wide range of social media: everywhere from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to TikTok. It’s a fact. That’s where the customers are! YOU have another huge opportunity hiding in videography: Vlogging on YouTube and Facebook, both Live! and recorded. Here are the editing tools for video production. We feel that Filmora X video editor software offers you the best value, by far!
  2. Become a Tutor or Trainer: You already know something that many other people don’t have an inkling about. It might be your passion for guitar music, sports, or even academic things like mathematics, biology or social sciences. Imagine working as a tutor at your local high school, college or university. If you are more ambitious, you could start a website offering short courses in your area of passion and delight. This stretches the possibilities to things like surfing, skiing, or helping people to improve their golf swing. The demand in these areas in the U.S. is almost insatiable. Think of these as the best entrepreneur ideas for students in 2021.
  3. Trade On eBay Auctions: Online trading is now big business. It just might suit you as a college student. Items to trade could be related to student life. University textbooks come to mind. You know how valuable these things are! Many students would prefer to get their textbooks second hand, at a good price. Don’t underestimate the potential size of this marketplace. You would need to keep current with which books to offer, across a range of subjects of study.
  4. Social Promotions: Social Media Marketing Agency: You could organize nightlife events for students. The uptake could be tremendous. Also, local businesses need people who have skills with posting in social media. The business managers usually don’t have time to do their own social media promos; especially the task of answering customer queries and providing positive customer support. Brand image is something you might have a feel for, too. Keeping the business name on the ‘top of minds.’ Research: SMM.
  5. Freelance Work: Creative writing, graphic design, and general promotional and marketing tasks. Websites like Fiverr com and eLance com and many others organize these work tasks, and it is interesting work. You can build a solid reputation as a designer, an article writer, etc. Further down the track, there is always the possibility of starting your own online job agency.
  6. Blogging. Website Management: If you start off on the right foot, this can work out well financially for you. Quality of your blog is very important. Don’t take too many shortcuts. Don’t create a spammy blog with animated banners flashing everywhere. Notice how few banners there are on this blog. If you want to try your hand at online affiliate marketing, take a careful read of this page. (Again, I am pointing you to quality offers from renowned business partners.) Take a look at Idea number 4. Independent Affiliate Marketer.
  7. Child minding. Child-care. Pet sitting and related activities. Not to mix the two areas unnecessarily, there is potential in providing these services to busy people. Once your reputation is established, you would most likely be flooded with work. Be flexible, open and honest. Be positive and reliable. Don’t mix these work types with your other social life. It’s a good idea to get a business card and a flyer printed out, and distributed. Look and dress like a relaxed professional.

Above, there are 7 solid, entrepreneur ideas for students 2021 to obtain lucrative part-time work, while studying at college or university. Please feel free to click around this new Web site, Geoff Dodd’s Business School for online courses. You will pick up tons more ideas for how to create steady cash flow and earn extra income while a college student. Thanks for your visit here today!

Read carefully through our very best entrepreneur ideas for students 2021. These business ideas suit college and university students in the USA and most other industrialized nations.

Geoff Dodd, Business School Founder and Manager


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