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Our unique, Web-driven online courses have an assumption behind them that you don’t normally see: “You are the creator.” We only see your highest potential; therefore, no one fails. You are given the tools for creating your own home based, residual income earning business. Sometimes, these tools are about your operating mindset. These psychological tools will give you an outrageous advantage in the business marketplace. Some businessmen and critics will disagree. Keep this knowledge close and secret, because we strongly believe that there’s nothing as practical as good theory!

THOUGHTS become things. The refinement of your thinking process is the most critically important first step. That is why we’d really like you to download the PDF document above, at ‘Tools.” These are conceptual tools that work directly on your mind to improve it. Positivity is mission critical. Positive affirmations can re-program your subconscious mind to dramatically increase your working productivity and efficiency, by boosting your self esteem and sharpening up a fearless identity.

Business can be like a cut-throat operation in a human jungle. Life itself is a competitive game and a brutal sport. If you’re not comfortable with these statements of truth, then perhaps business isn’t for you. These findings and revelations are backed up implicitly by such marketing and copy writing greats as Dan Kennedy (“the professor of harsh reality”) and John Carlton of Reno, Nevada, The Marketing Rebel. Another tough guy is Mark Joyner, #1 bestselling author, and previously an army officer in U.S. Military Intelligence, working in Korea. Mark is affectionately called, The Godfather of Internet Marketing. Titles written include The Irresistible Offer, and Integration Marketing.

Business is a jungle, where only the strong and the clever survive. You remember those words. And we have to start from the very beginning, like ‘How do you copy and paste?’

  1. Click in the text area that you want to copy and paste from.
  2. Use keyboard controls: ctrl + A to highlight all the text.
  3. Next you right-click on the highlighted area, then go: ctrl + C
  4. Right-click in the desired area, then go: ctrl + V
  5. Alternatively, use your mouse (Right-click) menu to copy / paste.
  6. These instructions are for Microsoft Windows 10 and earlier OS.

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Enjoy our online courses, especially the copywriting template PDF e-Book download.

Geoff Dodd for The Online Business School

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  1. This is an introduction to our Online Courses area. It shows you the priority we place on mindset matters. Habits of regular, productive thought patterns.

    The Editor

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