Writing Sales Letters That Convert

How to become a master copywriter writing sales letters that’ll quickly convert your visitors into buyers and raving fans overnight

Wouldn’t you just love to acquire skills that get you writing sales letters that convert like crazy? It’s not hard. It’s mostly formulaic. Except for creatively coming up with the ‘hook’ and the story. This YouTube video shows you the process:


For how to write a sales page that converts, start here

The above video is brief: 2:52 minutes, and introduces you to the idea of copywriting triggers, and Ultra-Quick Writing Prompts. It adds that as children, we already had the persuasive speaking skills that we require as copywriters.

What exactly is this profession all about?

What is Copywriting?

Copywriting is the art and science of turning words into profits. It requires a methodical, step-by-step approach. Researching your audience comes first. Relax in your chair.

Understand The Desires of The Customer

Dan Kennedy asks, “What keeps them awake at night?” “What are their daily top 3 frustrations?” And, “what do they secretly desire most?” You enter the conversation that the customer is already having in his/her head!

You will want to align with the desire or the goal that your customer is already focused on. What are they dreaming of having?

Explain Your Offer

Write a list of your product’s features and benefits. People buy things for what they do for them. How they’ll feel relieved, less fearful, less tense. Save time, effort and money, etc.

Address any flaws openly

By being upfront and honest about a product’s shortcomings, we are forced to address the client’s fears, questions and concerns. Write an FAQ section. This will help you to create trust and credibility.

Hold Attention to Get The Letter Read

Flag the reader method: “Embarrassing belly bulge? Guaranteed weight loss up to 15lbs in 15 days… with no exercise!”

Hold the attention with sub heads and bold words. Writing sales letters successfully involves riveting the prospective customer’s attention – interest – desire mechanism.

Price Minimizer Strategies

Use the problem, agitation, solution method. Demonstrate with facts and statistics. First, we stir up an emotional response to the problem. Later, we position our product as the only real solution to the problem.

Second strategy: Winners versus losers, by Dan Kennedy. Tell a brief story of two neighbors seeding their lawns, or doing a home improvement. One works out perfectly. That’s the model to follow, isn’t it?

Motivate Action. CTA.

Mention that a limited quantity is available: “Only 100 items made.” Introduce time urgency. A deadline or a countdown timer is ticking. “The 50% off sale ends in 2 hours.”

Write the first draft of the sales letter

Writing sales letters does require a lot of editing and rewriting! But don’t do it at first. Get all the persuasive ideas written down first.

Rewrite to improve strategy

Introduce internal repetition, to re-state your message in various ways. For example, in a story, in a straightforward way, and in an example, and a testimonial. In a quote from an expert, and in a numbered summary. This is sheer genius.

Rewrite for Style and Readability

Writing sales letters is best with short sentences and paragraphs. Lots of white space. It is easier to read and to digest.

Answering Questions and Objections

Use frequently asked questions, or F.A.Q. This is an effective way to dissolve resistance. Use direct answers, testimonials, case studies and restatements of your guarantee.

Spark immediate action – CTA Triggers
  • limited availability
  • multiple, irresistible bonuses
  • deadlines
  • discounts for fast response
  • penalties for slow response

The P.S. Section at the end

Use the P.S. to summarize your offer. Many readers skip straight to the bottom of a sales page. Summarize and use a sense of urgency.

Dan Kennedy Checklist Guide:

Writing sales letters using a Dan Kennedy checklist guide
Aggressive, Heavy Editing of The Sales Letter

Cut out everything that fails to advance, strengthen or reinforce the main story.

The Final Review

Review your incredible sales letter one last time.

Publishing and Retargeting

Most new marketers fail to do retargeting. Follow up. You will need to contact people who have shown an interest in your offer. Retarget on social media platforms and on search engines.

Test Everything!

Test headlines, body copy, colors, offers, and calls-to-action. Absolutely everything can be tested. Incremental improvements are always waiting for you. Build a file bank (or database) of what works best for you and your customers.

I have really enjoyed sharing Dan Kennedy’s copywriting tips with you today!

Geoff Dodd, Editor in Chief, Online Course Business School, NZ.

Mission & Purpose in Business

Examine your mission and purpose in business, because these are the driving forces in your subconscious mind. Your ultimate success depends on them!

What if your mission and purpose in business were your superpower? Driving you forward, like a roaring tsunami!

I was just watching a YouTube video by Dan Pena, the American billionaire. Dan says, “if you change the lives of a billion people, it could make you a billionaire!”

Two thirds of high-flying CEOs have had military training. Two thirds of those — have had martial arts training. What do you learn? Discipline and focus. “You then deserve to belong and be there….”

“Success and making money don’t happen by accident. It’s not just luck,” says Dan Pena. (Net worth: an estimated net worth of $600 Million in 2022. Dan Pena is the founder of the Quantum Leap Advantage method. His students have allegedly generated fifty billion dollars). 

Developing Mission and Purpose in Business

What’s the difference between your mission and your purpose? A purpose statement provides the reason or reasons you exist. It is about why you exist, whereas the mission is about what you do and for whom.

Developing a new mission and purpose in business, I might say, “it is to help a billion people to dissolve depression.” That is, to reduce, get rid of, eliminate persistent feelings of a low mood, hopelessness and powerlessness.

This is an ideal mission and purpose statement for me. I have experienced the subject. I have studied psychology. I have worked in psychiatric hospitals. I am qualified to work in this field.

My latest helpful advice to young people:

Here is my latest helpful advice to young people:

  • Learn at the speed of light, using the visual cortex
  • Then … Trust in your own skills

A final quote from Dan Pena reads:

We must all remember life doesn’t have to be fair for us to succeed if we take charge and become masters and creators of our own destiny!” ~ Dan Pena

Mission and purpose in business includes self-mastery, discipline, and helping enough other people to get what they want. Consider the metaverse real estate as Bloomberg News predicts it will grow to turnover 800 billion dollars in year 2024. Here is your metaverse business opportunity access
Visit the digital real estate opportunity of The Century

Thanks for visiting this rather free-flowing ideas page about Dan Pena, and the need for mission and purpose in business. You will succeed if you take responsibility. Learn fast. Learn well. Keep your primary goal in mind.

Purpose in Hollywood Theatrics

A final word. There is a subtle, theatrical approach to influence. Emotion is used. It is triggered in a very clever way, as you can see in this early 1960s video. You’ll recognize the actors. What’s the mission?


Geoff Dodd, Online Course Business School, NZ

Digital Real Estate Explained

Metaverse platforms are now selling LAND parcels. What’s Sandbox? Decentraland? Digital Real Estate Explained clearly for early investors in the Metaverse space in virtual reality.

The Metaverse Platforms have LAND areas to sell. This necessitates Digital Real Estate Explained in a clear and simple way. You see, virtual reality is a set of 3-dimensional software applications. It extends over a large virtual ‘space’ of possibly hundreds of gigabytes!

So, the metaverse platform owners, like The Sandbox, and Decentraland (owned by the users) are releasing vast swathes of LAND at a price. Let’s consider them separately. Their mission and purpose are quite different. I also have a new YouTube video for you, as an introduction:


The above video introduces you to a set of 18 checklists. You’ll need these checklists to guide you in buying the most suitable digital real estate.

Buy LAND in The Sandbox

I see this digital real estate opportunity as ‘probably the best.’ This is not investment advice, though. I am NOT a financial or investment adviser.

What’s on offer?

“The Sandbox Metaverse is made up of LAND, owned by players used to create and monetize gaming experiences. There will only ever be 166,464 LANDs available, used to host games, build multiplayer experiences, create housing, and provide community social experiences. The Sandbox has secured partnerships with Atari, Crypto Kitties, and Shaun the Sheep in collaboration to create a fun and creative play-to-earn gaming platform. SAND token holders can exercise voting rights by participating in community governance proposals within the Sandbox Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).” Reference: LiveCoinWatch Sandbox

Decentraland Digital Real Estate

Decentraland is a highly decentralized blockchain metaverse platform. The ‘users’ are the owners. There is no corporate central office aimed at extracting vast profits. As far as I perceive it!

“MANA is a token used in Decentraland, which is a virtual reality platform powered by Ethereum. In this virtual space one can purchase plots of land that you can traverse, build upon and monetize. In this reality there is no limit to what one can do and it’s completely owned by the users. Decentraland is the first opportunity to embark on a new frontier of possibility, in a 3-dimensional world through the lens of virtual reality.” ~ Reference is: LiveCoinWatch – MANA coin

Land at Decentraland is limited to just over 80,000 plots of land, or blocks. This is about half the number of plots available in The Sandbox metaverse.

In the process of writing to you about digital real estate explained, I want to share my personal project: Metaverse Business Ideas and Opportunities. You’ll need to pay close attention and think it through!

It’s inspired by quantum theory. The physics of superposition, tunneling and entanglement in quantum physics.

Benefits of Working in The Metaverse
  • New revenue streams
  • Immersive entertainment
  • Digital real estate investing
  • Enhanced customer engagement
  • Branding and marketing opportunities
  • Remote working & better collaboration with partners
  • Improved staff learning and training

Thanks for your fascinated visit here today to our online course Business School.

Geoff Dodd, Editor In Chief


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