The Money is in The List

A list of buyers is your greatest business asset. Repeat purchases are essential to business survival. The money is in the list you build with an autoresponder.

They say that “the fortune’s in the follow up,” and clearly, it’s 100% TRUE that “the money is in the list.”

IF you want to survive in business, you MUST build a mailing list! No excuses will be tolerated.

Is the money REALLY in the list?

If you are involved with internet
marketing you most likely will have
heard one of the most important
proverbs of online business:

“The Money is in the List”.

The phrase describes the relationship
between large email lists and long
term internet marketing success (ie
making money online).

But, because list building is not that
much fun or glamorous, its very easy
to put it on the back burner.

Its much more exciting to create
websites, products, courses, services
or do social media stuff.

We waste time, money and effort on
these things thinking that is the right
path to follow.

And many of us fail to put the same
amount of time, money and effort into
building an email list and database
of potential clients

But at some point we wake up like I
did many years ago to the fact that
you are getting little to no sales and
are not on target to make a really
good living online.

Truth is, without a strong subscriber
list you DO NOT have an audience to
sell anything to!

Many of us (including myself) have
in the past done things back to front.

Sure we can create product offers and
courses but it’s a good idea to take
every opportunity to keep building
your audience at the same time so you
keep behind the eight ball.

I have always appreciated how special
it is to be able to share in collected
leads from other marketers subscriber
lists by participating in joint venture

This is where the most valuable
resources/leads are available to you
utilising the most powerful term in
marketing – free.

Leads that are pre-qualified, targeted,
receptive and interested, have bought
or promoted in the past.

People who have already spent money online,
and are willing to spend more.

The best buyers, the best affiliates, the
most engaged subscribers – they are all
already out there on other marketers’
private subscriber lists.

The best part is, this is no need to go
searching for new leads when others
have already done the work for you.

When people CHOOSE to click on
and download your gift you can be sure
they ARE interested in what you have
to offer.

So, I invite you to grab some free lead magnets here to start building your email list with. Don’t delay!

These conversion tools are extremely powerful. Once you realize that, you will soon be working on how to generate leads online using The Conversion Pros. They’re based in Nevada, USA. I swear by them.

ALSO readers, here’s a highly related YouTube video on today’s subject of ‘the money is in the list:’

I hope you enjoyed watching that video. Other resources are here. These tech ideas are for email deliverability testing. Make sure that your messages get into the inbox of your subscribers.

Geoff Dodd, Editor in Chief, Online Course Business School, NZ.

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But wait… I’m adding one more “W”:

7. Take a hint from the tabloid headlines…

… and add some “WHOA” to your tale. What’s up with that?!

Geoff Dodd, Editor in Chief.


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