How Self-made Billionaires Exploit Energized Brain Stimulation

Advanced copywriting: How self made billionaires exploit energized brain stimulation in their copywriting techniques by Geoff Dodd Business School

Hey – it’s Geoff Dodd here. Now did that headline grab your attention? That’s its primary role and function. Ask any self-made billionaires in your local village. They’ll understand, intuitively …

First, let me tell you a story:

A lady named Betty Miles, in the U.S., tells the story of her great grandfather that we can learn a lot from. He owned a bottling company in the Atlanta, Georgia area. A neighbor named Dr. John S. Pemberton had created a distinctive tasting beverage that he was ready to take to market. He needed someone to bottle it for him and he approached Betty’s great grandfather. He offered him 50% of his new company, if he would bottle his new beverage. He chose to pass on the offer.

That beverage was Coca Cola. That company stock that he passed on would be worth $40 billion today. His descendants would all be very wealthy today had he seen the opportunity he was presented with.

What went wrong there?

Which of these applies?

  1. Rigid thinking. Prejudice. Preconception?
  2. Lack of visual imagination. Could not see it working or becoming a popular drink?
  3. Fear of growth. Wanting to stay small and ‘manageable?’

Now Albert Einstein said that he wasn’t actually smarter or more intelligent than other people, but that he spent more time focused on a problem. I’ve come to realize what he meant by that. As a copywriter focuses on the words, phrases and meanings that he’s using as each moment passes —Ahaa! Eureka! Slow down and more computing power will be applied. The little voice of intuition will speak more clearly and suggest some new ideas /or, words to cut out! (Using more of that relaxed 90% of the brain?) Once again, ask self-made billionaires nearby!

The advanced copywriting mindset gets close to playing God. I have enough self-belief to feel that I will never regret writing that. Faith and certainty are wonderful things. Have you ever noticed that the more you get to understand yourself, the more you’re approaching understanding everyone…all the time?!

The love and empathy you cultivate for yourself and your loved ones, will expand, multiply and radiate upon the avatar of your ideal customer–as a copywriter!

I recently asked a famous writer and bestselling author the question, “how do you stimulate your brain?” He laughed in written text and replied, “I immerse myself in swimming pools of coffee!” And I applaud an honest answer. Some folk these days use cocaine, methamphetamine or LSD. I’ve been a reader of Aldous Huxley and Timothy Leary, R.I.P., and gained some neuro-expansion from reading ‘The Doors of Perception,” and “The Politics of Ecstasy,” and “Psychedelic Prayers,” where Leary explained the re-imprinting of the brain, using water as element; thus, flow like water, amongst all illusions, in The Great Flow of The Tao of Lao Tse. (Taoism).

Energized Brain Stimulation in Copy

Simply placing two words together, that might be opposites, has a powerful stimulating and attention-grabbing effect! Consider, “Savage Garden,” or “a deafening silence,” or “clearly confused,” or “sweet sorrow” or “alone together,” all oxymorons that use self-contradiction to illustrate a rhetorical point or to reveal a paradox. A more general meaning of “contradiction in terms,” so saith Wikipedia via Google. Gooo is the all-knowing, the all-seeing, the all-powerful, the all-wise.

This specific brain stimulation effect is used massively in the music industry for band names: “Toad the Wet Sprocket,” and “Tapdance Extravaganza,” and totally crazy attention-grabbing stuff that I can’t repeat here. More examples: “Iron Maiden,” “Led Zeppelin,” and “Good Charlotte.” All of these names are bold, memorable, unique, and attract questions and much to talk about in interviews. Free publicity. This smart branding creates millionaires in the mass market.

Strategies of Self-made Billionaires

Using unique, shocking, insane, creative combinations of words will stimulate your brain into ‘solving the immediate problem,’ of “what exactly does that mean?” Get ready for fight or flight? Or being calm and peaceful … ? You’re curious and you’ve been activated, so as to pay attention to the product!

Newsflash! Shocking Buddhist Technology Rebirth?

Almost double your oxymorons in one attention-grabbing headline?

Fact is, it’s surprisingly an attempt to describe what billionaires are actually doing now, to

  1. reduce their stress and mental overwhelm
  2. induce feelings of bliss, joy, oneness and yes, paradise
  3. improve their memory–both short term and long term access
  4. increase their creativity and productivity
  5. dramatically increase their intelligence – yes, even to genius level

It’s called brain wave entrainment. Using sounds through stereo headphones, you can induce alpha rhythm at 8-14 Hz (cycles per second) and theta rhythm at about 2-4 Hz in the cerebral cortex. The writer has been using this technique since early 2006 and continues using it in 2020, because it creates a zen, flow-like state. You’ll literally flow like water …

What if … top copywriters were aware of advanced techniques gleaned from neuro-science and clinical psychology?

What if … your self image and your self-belief were absolutely critical factors in attaining the high performance levels you desire?

I want you to click on this button now and get the real oil about mind power–something that, sadly, churches and universities were jealously guarding as their last bastion of influence. Get the full story that only Geoff Dodd can deliver …

T’is a strange life. Somehow, I don’t think that anyone will ever ask for their money back. This online course is offered in a downloadable PDF and costs like a quick visit to a KFC or a McDonald’s. $37 is all I ask from you in return for this magical journey into self-belief and skill provision.

Additional shortcut for self-made billionaires: Learn our Exponential Copywriting sales letter sequences in a handy PDF template format. You’ll love this stuff, because it converts!

The Editor, Online Courses at Geoff Dodd’s Business School, updated: April 16, 2021. Contact us page.

One thought on “How Self-made Billionaires Exploit Energized Brain Stimulation”

  1. Hey reader, how are you going?

    There were three quotes or ‘teachings’ of Dr Albert Einstein involved in this ‘out there’ post about advanced copywriting techniques of billionaires. It was possibly more background than substantive copy writing….

    1. We use only 10% of our brain power. The other 90% is idling. You can feel when you’re ‘full on.’

    2. A problem only exists relative to the observer. To an established expert, it’s not a problem. A
    ‘wording problem’ or a psychological problem are highly relative and specific to the observer.

    3. Einstein claimed that he wasn’t more intelligent than others; that he wasn’t a genius. He just spent
    MORE TIME focused on any one problem. This is reasonable. More time in milliseconds or
    moments allows more reflective meditation and more application of the brain’s intuitive processing
    power. (To use the bio-computer model of the central nervous system).

    These points are highly relevant to how a copywriter reflects, meditates, edits at a micro level, while he’s writing. Grammarly is a case in point. Various options are supplied along the way, as you write; however, they can never quite shine like a diamond in the sky, imbued with the soft essence of God’s holy, quantum spirit. Your brain, dear reader, is your number one asset and point of leverage.

    Geoff Dodd

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