Traffic Tiers Traffic Exchange Review

Here is a brand new Traffic Exchange that is worth your time. It has good value in its upgrades. There’s a unique Traffic Tiers competition every week, with major benefits.

Our review awards 5 Stars to Traffic Tiers Traffic Exchange. There are many reasons for this assessment and I’ll begin with a general description of this new traffic generating website.

Firstly, the site runs a unique ‘tiers‘ system. A ‘traffic tier’ is a set of twenty (20) website ads or URLs. Each tier can be owned for a week. Your profile picture and name will appear in the frame above the web pages. You get the branding benefit!

The website runs a weekly competition. Members who click the most ad views are rewarded with a first, second, third position tier, etc. These positions are openly available to all members. There are unlimited numbers of traffic tiers.

There is intense competition in this traffic exchange website to become the ‘owner’ of the first traffic tier. That’s because you will get your own webpage ad shown first to every person who enters your tier (group of 20 webpage ads). That is, everyone who surfs, using the advertising system!

Traffic Tiers Banner Ads

The system also offers you, the advertiser, 3 other types of ads, in addition to full web page URLs.

  1. Surfbar Banners, size in pixels: 468×60 px
  2. Square Banners, size in pixels: 125×125 px
  3. Surfbar Text Links, about 4 words under a surfbar banner

Why Join Traffic Exchange?

What is so attractive about this advertising website? It is simply the economy of the system. And, of course, the game of competing for privileges in the top traffic tiers: 1,2,3. There are three membership levels:

  1. Free Member
  2. Pro Member, at a mere $10 cost once off for a lifetime
  3. Pro Plus Member, for a measly $20 per year subscription.
Our online course business school recommends traffic exchange to you to quickly increase your laser-targeted Web traffic. Suitable for a blog or a company web site. Boost your visitor numbers online.

Should I Get The Upgrades?

In this case, we do recommend that you purchase the upgrades. Why? Because the surf settings are better for the Pro Plus level. i.e., you get a 1:1 surf ratio, which is great. The Pro member only gets a 2:1 surf ratio. He must click and view 2 web pages to get one showing of his ad.

In competing for ownership of the traffic tiers, the Pro Plus Member gets 3 points per click. (And a 4 second surf, which feels very fast). The Pro member gets only 2 points per click, and a 6 second surf.

Can you see the value in these quicker surf times, and larger numbers of points allocated? If you want to win this game and benefit, you’ll need to be a Pro Plus Member. In awarding 5 stars to Traffic Tiers in this review, we believe there is sufficient benefit.

There are other features to For example, you can buy credits for start page positions. Whenever a surfer enters the TE system, they will be shown your web page ad as a ‘start page.’ This works well if you have a good offer. Consider a gift as a lead magnet.

Summary of Traffic Tiers Pro Plus Member Benefits:

* Advertise 10 Websites, Text Links & Banners Instead Of 5.
* Earn 3 Tier Points Per Page That You Surf.
* Earn 50% Affiliate Commissions instead of 30% at Pro.
* Surf Much Faster (Twice as fast as a free member can).
* Earn Double (1 Page View) For each page you surf.
* PLUS Get 1,000 Free Gift Credits every month!

Here’s what to do next:

Take a look at Traffic Tiers TE and assess what it can offer you. Maybe join as a free member and test it out. How comfortable do you feel with this traffic exchange?

Then later, if you want some faster surfing action and more points in the tiers competition, you might like to upgrade. Here is your first entry point.

Thanks for reading our review of today! We are using it daily. Most Sundays, we are clicking far into the night. We think you will benefit from using this TE in your web traffic and leads generation mix.

Test out traffic exchange and read the first TE review of the latest software innovation at Traffic Tiers. You will love this new advertising system online.

You might be surprised to find out that we are deeply engaged in this traffic site. In fact, our manager has held the #1 First Tier for 7 months straight. From February to September, 2022.

We recommend that you jump into this weekly ‘Tiers’ competition!

Gamification is the secret to success!

If you join Traffic Tiers traffic exchange, you will notice that the site has a lot of rewarding games. That’s how the website incentivizes and rewards its members. This gamification is extremely effective. Web surfers love to have their dopamine stimulated and it keeps them on the website, making it sticky. This ensures the financial success of the enterprise.

Alternative Traffic Generation Site:

I have found another site that does not require constant clicking or web surfing. Ezclix Club is its name. The owner and manager seems to me to be extremely honest. So I endorse and highly recommend easy clicks club to you. Here is an entry point:

Alternative traffic generation site to traffic tiers is the EZClix Club. Please enter here. You will love it.
I recommend this one above ^ here

Geoff Dodd. Manager, Online Course Business School, NZ.

7 Figure Plan for Maximum Results

Millionaire training in 2022 must include tips for businesses investing in cryptocurrencies. Hedge against inflation. Protect your cash assets. NOT an investment advisor. Nor is this investment advice. Purely educational information is provided.

Today I will share with you my 7 figure plan for maximum results with minimal effort. You will need this information for adapting to 2022.

There are several main ways that you, as an individual, can make money. First, you can be an employee, earning a fixed wage or salary. In this case – which is most people – you are trading your own precious time for a fixed rate of pay or remuneration. You are set in a contract of employment. Rarely, you might get a bonus payment. A Christmas bonus is one possibility.

Secondly, you can be the owner of a business. You receive, or share in, the profits of the business after tax. Your earning potential is usually much higher. You could even have a salaried manager’s role in addition. However, remember that often up to 90% of new businesses fail over the long term. Nothing is guaranteed. Many business owners will go on to become millionaires. You might also be one who “creates a job for himself.” A bit of a trap, if you can’t get away and take a well-earned holiday.

Thirdly, you can make money as an investor. You might invest in another business, or in stocks and shares. An additional asset class to invest in now is cryptocurrencies. Some large corporations, as well as smaller investors, are investing in cryptocurrencies and precious metals like gold and silver, as a hedge against inflation. Cash assets are at risk of devaluing in 2022, because of inflation.

Investing in cryptocurrencies

In 2022 it turns out that investing in cryptocurrencies is a smart business investment. If you want to get started now by reading more, I’d suggest you start on the Binance blog. This is one of the major cryptocurrency exchanges. Get your ID documents ready, like a passport and a driver’s license. KYC is in place to “know your customer.” It is a legal requirement.

My 7 Figure Plan for maximum results involves learning this specific information about the ‘Algorand’ blockchain:

What is Algo?

Algorand is an open source, pure proof of stake blockchain protocol. It requires a negligible amount of computation, and generates a transaction history with low “fork” probability. This protocol aims to remove technological barriers: decentralization, scalability, and security, that have undermined the acceptance of mainstream blockchain. Algorand implements a new Byzantine Agreement (BA) protocol to reach consensus among users on the next set of transactions. To scale the consensus to many users, Algorand uses a novel mechanism based on Verifiable Random Functions. There are two types of smart contracts on the Algorand network: Layer 1 on-chain, and Layer 2 off-chain, by moving the most computationally intensive smart contracts off-chain, Algorand frees up space on the network for simple transactions, thus reducing congestion to improve processing speed. Quoted from source: Livecoinwatch: ALGO price.

LiveCoinWatch provides Realtime data about cryptocurrencies. It is an authoritative source of data.

My 7 figure plan for maximum results with minimal effort

This is based upon the fact that central banks in all countries are evolving towards CBDCs. These central bank digital currencies will be faster and more efficient. Issues of privacy may be outstanding. The two blockchain networks most likely to be powering these CBDCs are the Ripple XRP Ledger, and Algorand. Ripple, the company that built the XRP Ledger, is already contracted to create the network for Republic of Palau, in U.S. dollars. Nepal is making similar moves. London is consulting with Ripple, also. It is interested in a digital CBDC. China has a head start with its digital Yuan. RMB.

So, I have personally initiated investments in both XRP and ALGO. This is not investment advice. I am NOT an investment adviser. This is just information for educational purposes.

More information is readily available by contacting the author, Geoff Dodd, of Online Course Business School.


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