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How to get better email open rates with subject line testing best practices. Swipe exactly which words work best right now!

When you’re doing email marketing, it’s critical to apply these subject line testing ideas. Why? You want to maximize your email open rates and link CTR (link click rates).

We are giving you a valuable set of infographics today. These are the result of months of testing of subject lines. Ideas came from A-level copywriters and other wildly successful email marketers. Collated from Geoff Dodd’s actual results.

You will need to scroll right through to see the final summary: Graphic number 4.

So, no hesitation or delay here. Feast your marketing eyes on this powerful set of subject line statistics. The column at the far right shows you the open rate percentage.

Use our infographic series for your email subject line testing ideas to get better open rates of your email messages. Provided by Geoff Dodd, New Zealand. This is image 1 of 4 in a series.
Infographic of subject line testing

You will notice that every subject line has the recipient’s name at the start. The general statistics show that with a name, the open rate is 18.3% while without a name, the open rate is 15.7%. Our rates are considerably better.

This is the second infographic of results with subject line testing ideas that just might be of great use and value to you in your online business. This is image 2 of 4.
The second infographic
Image number 3 of 4 info graphics showing our open rate results.
The third image indicating our open rates. Column at far right.

You can use these subject line testing ideas at will to get outstanding results. Just be aware that the spam filters are looking for words of excess. Especially Gmail. They filter out a lot of sales tactics – boom into the spam folder! Many more of your emails will go into the Gmail promotions folder. Observe how seasoned marketers are able to land in the customer’s Gmail inbox. See best practices for improving your email deliverability. It’s an article by Geoff Dodd of our online Business School. Testing for deliverability of emails is also a very important specialized area.

Ad test results showing open rates at far right column. This larger summary infographic is image number 4 of 4 total images.
Ad test results summary

This is the most recent summary of the above images. Note that we got a 64.1% open rate for the subject: “Re: your 7-figure plan (exact HOW-To..)” See that lower case is easier to read. Then you emphasize with a capitalized word. Keep it simple where you can.

Only the subject line: “MAXIMUM Impact…in minimum time” beat that, with a 65.6% open rate. We suggest you also try a variation of that one. Consider writing the words, Maximum Results!

Keep empowering yourself for 2022 with well tested email subject lines in your autoresponder message series
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Then, finally, you begin your fascinating journey of ‘what works now’ with our email subject line testing ideas.

Good luck! Always follow the statistical guidelines in your online email marketing. Use our proven solutions.

Geoff Dodd, Editor In Chief, Online Course Business School, Waikato, New Zealand.

Technology Changing Business

If you’d like to learn the metaverse plays and conversational A.I. in business, read below for all the 2022 technological changes impacting businesses. It’s mind-blowing, man! Geoff Dodd.

Switching fast into 2022 mode – what are the biggest ways in which technology is changing business operations? Geoff Dodd sees two (2) major software developments that will massively impact how your business might run:

First: The application of artificial intelligence into conversational A.I. Google has already advanced a long way with its Google Duplex. This year there is also Open AI GPT-3 which can write software code, and send emails, using a massive language model. Impressive in its scope.

Secondly, the metaverse. This is a vast construction of virtual reality ‘Worlds’ where both businesses and governments can operate malls, storefronts, service desks, in a more efficient style and manner. Vast numbers of transactions will happen quickly, using the speed, scalability, and efficiency of cryptocurrencies.

Conversational A.I.

Early tests of Google Duplex proved 3 years ago that people cannot tell the difference between A.I. powered conversation and the human voice! Duplex has expanded beyond the USA to Canada, the UK, Australia and New Zealand. The first mover advantage has gone to Google (Alphabet) Ltd.

Ideal applications of conversational A.I. include order-taking in busy restaurants and in fast food drive-throughs. The A.I. software learns to mimic human voice patterns. It can also recognize individual customers and recall their favourites and preferences.

In fact, conversational A.I. software used in a business setting can predict what people will choose and want – even before they know it themselves!

There are working A.I. chatbots (e.g. for Facebook Messenger). Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, and Apple’s Siri are further examples that facilitate billions of dollars in business flows annually.

The Metaverse

All-encompassing in size and scope, the metaverse is a multi-trillion dollar tech convergence. It’s the reason why Mark Zuckerberg has re-branded the Facebook Group as ‘Meta’ in name. Zuckerberg is investing billions in software for dominance in the metaverse. He already has a waiting audience of about 2.8 billion Facebook users Worldwide.

Many other billionaires are betting on, and investing in the Metaverse. Game creating companies like ‘Unity’ are buying up software developers like Weta Digital in Wellington, New Zealand. This is the digital graphics animation designing company co-founded by Sir Peter Jackson, the movie producer and director. Think: Lord Of The Rings, and other blockbusters.

How is technology changing business in 2022?

Other changes coming down the pipeline for 2022 must include the massive adoption of cryptocurrencies. Banks and investment firms are quickly preparing their on-ramps. The U.S. Senate and The House are already holding meetings between the Financial Services Committee, and the CEOs of major crypto companies. The SEC versus Ripple fiasco, sham court case in the U.S. Federal Court will be settled early in 2022. A new regulator may soon be created and established. A specialized regulator, for crypto assets. Cryptocurrencies are due to disrupt the mainstream banking sector very soon.

If you happen to be interested in technology changing business through faster payment gateways, then please visit Binance here. You can get started investing in these exploding, highly disruptive digital assets. They are fast, secure, scalable and low cost to use, when exchanging value on The Internet.

Geoff Dodd, Online Course Business School Editor in Chief.


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