Google Search Algorithm Update October 2022

What the heck happened with my Search Rankings? What were the Google Search Algorithm Updates in October 2022? Some feel devastated!

October Updates Report: Search rankings may have taken a deep dive after Google Search Algorithm Update October 2022.

The first was on 21 October, 2022. It was to decrease rankings or de-index sites judged to be offering spam content to their Web visitors.

The second appeared to hit sites on 22 October, 2022. We were hit. Data in the Google Search Console shows a dramatic loss of position and impressions. This is most probably the user usefulness search algorithm update. The statistical correlate would be time spent on each Web page and item of content.

Don’t panic yet. Often the Google engineers ‘tweak it back’ a little. This is because it goes too far into overkill. Nice to know?

What Can I Do About Google Search Algorithm Updates?

Not much at first. Read the major SEO watch websites and newsletters. Get reading their Twitter feeds. Here’s a list of how you can monitor things. Keep yourself up to date. Test and learn. Every day. Listen:

  • Create Highest-Quality Content Imaginable. Write 1,200 to 5,000 words per blog post. Include many images and infographics with full explanations in the ALT (alternative) Text Tag. Helps with non-visual readers. Link deep into your own content. Up to 100 links.
  • The latest, Google Search Algorithm Update October 2022 is brutal and requires expert technical help. Follow trusted SEO experts. Search this subject on Twitter. The hashtags will guide you.
  • Make only tiny changes to your search engine optimization policy and practices. Why? Even small changes in your SEO Strategy can have a large impact. Test, test. Observe the results.
  • Watch Google Trends. Use Google Alerts to get informed quickly.
  • Diversify your sources of high quality organic Web traffic. Here’s one site that we are testing. Results look promising so far:
Alternative traffic generation site to traffic tiers is the EZClix Club. Please enter here. You will love it. And need it after the Google Search Algorithm Updates hitting company rankings in October of 2022.
Visit above for unlimited Buyers

Here is more information about that one!

Also, remember that YouTube is a prominent Google property. YouTube is the second most popular search engine in The World. Its algorithm is slightly more understandable. We have relevant and powerful ideas here for preparing your marketing videos for promoting your business on YouTube.

These are our Business School’s answers to the impactful Google Search Algorithm Update October 2022.

Thank you so much for visiting us. We trust that we have been of some help and usefulness to you!

Geoff Dodd, Editor In Chief, Online Course Business School, New Zealand. Oceania.

Video Sales Letter Script

With this guide you’ll easily learn how to write a video sales letter script that converts like gangbusters. Just follow the guide. Answer a few simple questions.

Marketing Essentials: I guess you’re wondering how to write a video sales letter script that converts? The VSL is still working in 2022. But – you have to get it right by focusing on customer needs first!

Ever since Jon Benson invented VSLs and took the idea to Agora Financial in Baltimore, video sales letters have been producing and generating HUGE profits. Literally billions of U.S. dollars.

Here are seven (7) critical questions to ask yourself, in the planning phase. Before you start writing your VSL script. Orient yourself towards client wants and needs. NOT product-focused. NOT service-oriented. Most writers and companies get this wrong.

Questions: video sales letter script outline

Who is your potential customer?

Is your avatar Male / female and of what age? What social group, what income level, education and training? Most importantly, what are their specific interests? Target someone who is committed and serious about making a lifestyle change and solving a problem. Who is the typical avatar (ideal customer) that you are marketing to?

What complaints and pain points do they have?

What are their expressed problems? Do they feel hopeless and helpless? They may have some negative beliefs that are limiting them. Do they have outright wrong or erroneous beliefs? What are they sick of? What do they complain about? What do they feel that they have failed at? You can read comments on social media sites and on Amazon com to get real product or service complaints in their own words. These user comments are priceless pearls for the copywriter.

Increase the emotional impact. If you do nothing about this pain, it will get worse. Others will become affected. For example, family members may begin to suffer, too. Write so that the customer has to face up to his or her problem. Magnify the painful experience.

What product or service are you promoting?

A package offer that’s irresistible? A video training series? How is it unique? Relative to other products, why is it better at solving the problem and removing the customer’s pain? Your video sales letter script invalidates other, competing products in a subtle, believable way. It presents the best solution. It removes the pain. What related bonuses do you offer, to ‘sweeten the deal?’

What are its special features?

Differentiation of the product comes from its special features. Work these unique features into psychological benefits. For example, you offer “a more efficient and cheaper product, and that means, you will be able to save money and spend more time with your friends and family.” The product feature is turned into a product benefit.

Why you? Position yourself!

Here’s an opportunity to position yourself as a preeminent authority. How you became an expert. How you created a superior product. Your company is the leading provider of this solution. Nick Tubis, a Forbes Councils member, suggests that proof elements need to be shown. Proof such as testimonials, and case studies of your success stories. i.e. your stats. Nick says that screenshots work well. I agree. I recommend you read his article.

Future Pacing in your script

Invite the customer to imagine themselves 12 months, or 3 years in the future. “Imagine how you’d feel after just 12 months of using this far superior product. Your pain has disappeared. You wake up happy and ready to go for the day. Your partner and your family are so proud of you for facing up to and solving your problem.

You’re at the crossroads

You have a choice. You can either go on the same old path and get the same old, miserable results. Feel the same pains, discomfort, anxiety and helplessness. Feeling utterly powerless.

OR … you can think: “it doesn’t have to be this way.” You can try out our product for $1 at absolutely no risk to you. If it isn’t everything we say it is, and more, you can return it within 30 days. No questions asked. A strong guarantee can even give back more. This way, you are eliminating all the perceived risk. Remove the anxiety that inhibits a purchase action.

Fair enough?

This outline is how we approach video sales letter scripts. If you want to learn more about copywriting << check this information out. Just one condition. I want you to promise to read the whole page. (If you’re committed and serious).

how to write a video sales letter script from our generic template to get conversion to sales and subscribers in your business
Click the image to meet Jon Benson, creator of the VSL

Learn from the VSL Master:

Finally, Jon Benson teaches you just how VSLs have made over 12 billion dollars in the past ten years. No, that is not a misprint. Here’s Jon’s YouTube video series: “How to Write a Video Sales Letter: The Whys and Hows of Video Sales Letters.”


Geoff Dodd, Editor in Chief, Online Course Business School

EZClix Club Review

Hands-free virally growing, compounding Web Traffic is the holy grail of online marketing! EZClix Club is doing it for you today. 5-Star Review result.

My first contact with the new EZClix Club review was a video by Australian founder, Brad Stephens. [video here]

In the video, I was impressed by Brad’s honesty. Do you notice that, too? He says, “If you’re here looking for a better way to generate traffic, you’d better pay close attention.”

Brad Stephens has tried everything. He has been through the mill. Done the hard yards, as they say. He even owned a viral traffic site before. It was a lot more complex.

“We take a co-op approach to secure great value. We leverage & multiply that with our custom viral systems, and then we pass it on to our members as uncapped daily traffic.” (i.e., no limits. I agree. Ed.)

“We believe that ANYONE building a business online should be prepared to invest a few dollars a month for traffic… and in return we deliver unbeatable value for your small investment.”

And with our super-generous affiliate program, you can even cover the entire cost of your membership with just a couple of referrals. (That is absolutely true. I have referred two people. It pays for itself. Ed.)

Quality Marketing Materials: EZClix Club

As part of this EZClix Club review, I want to show you the excellent marketing materials they’ve got. Not only is the website simple. Easy to use. It is a slam dunk to promote. Offer it to others. You’ll soon cover the tiny $4.90 cost. Take a look at these professional graphics:

Graphical materials 1 quality display in this EZClix Club review by Geoff Dodd, NZ
EZClix Club Review: Graphic 1

Here’s Graphic number two (2)

Alternative traffic generation site to traffic tiers is the EZClix Club. Please enter here. You will love it. Reviewed and got 5-stars
EZClix Club Review: Graphic 2

This second graphic takes you to splash page 19. You will find plenty of splash pages and landing pages to choose from.

Hands-free Viral Traffic Generation?

You get the choice of one website URL (or three URLs) being promoted automatically. These are both onsite and in paid traffic promotions. Also, in suitable traffic exchanges. These traffic resources are growing as the site gets developed further.

You get an image of your site (first fold) promoted also. And one 468 x 60 pixels image. (Note: I’ve found that the clickthrough rate is really good. Ed.)

You can upgrade to get three (3) of each ad type.

There is a profile page being developed right now. It personalizes you with further personal branding. That’s a GREAT idea, we think. We are strong proponents and supporters of any personal branding!

Summary and Star Rating: EZClix Club

This unique, viral-traffic generating site is the brainchild of Brad Stephens, of Queensland, Australia. It supplies you with instant, hands-free, high-quality traffic – to any website or offer you want. (It delivers on the advertised promise. Ed.)

As a marketer online since 1998, I’ve seen a few of these sites in the past, but this one looks like the real-deal. I will continue to use EZClix Club and report back to you. Updates will follow.

Rating: 5-Stars. *****

Thanks for reading my review of Monday, 3 October, 2022. Please return here to this page for future updates.

Also, see related information about how to generate leads online

Geoff Dodd, Editor in Chief, Online Course Business School, New Zealand.


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