Low Budget Startup Business in India

No money? Much desire? Find small business ideas to start with low budget, low investment. Work globally with high profits in this Digital Marketing Revolution of the 2020s…

You feel the need. You have desire, drive and ambition to startup a profitable business online. But – no money. Nothing to invest. You still qualify for a low budget startup business in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, to work globally!

Listen–it doesn’t matter if you studied IT at Bangalore or not! That’s not the deciding factor. Not at all… Only your levels of desire and motivation to succeed are what matters here in this outstandingly profitable digital marketing business that anyone can do!

This is your secret back-door entry to access a sacred treasure house. So you can smile and feel good. Your future is unfolding better than before. Don’t believe me? Test it, PROVE to yourself how well it works.

The following infographic image about this new, low budget startup business for anyone globally, including you in Bangladesh, Pakistan and India, reveals the level of RESULTS possible…

Infographic shows you how to approach a low budget startup business in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh and globally with no money, low investment. How to make it a highly profitable small business in India selling digital products on The Internet.
RESULTS require promotional work. Not typical. Learning needed first…

Top Low Investment Start-Up Business

You’ll grow to love and enjoy this low budget startup business, just as I have. It is perfect for families in South Asia. I know how hard it is to get enough income flowing in to the family. There are so many needs. Food, health, medicine, clothing and education. ‘MFE’ helps you shortcut the digital education needs in a big way.

How? By design. The inventor made this a low cost, almost zero-investment family startup business. First, you get free access. You’ll get a hi-tech marketing funnel. You connect that to a ‘Clickbank account.’ (just sign up as an affiliate). It’s easy to connect it in the dashboard. Then for ‘leads’ you connect it to an autoresponder account. It is explained inside. Final activation of your free marketing funnel just needs a single $20 purchase. Then you’re off at the races, promoting your own funnel link. It is incredibly simple to make this system work!

Well, you can see what I’m doing with the MFE digital low investment startup business right here in the next image:

Statistical results in a low budget startup business in India or other South Asian country such as Pakistan or Bangladesh with no or low investment to start with. Geoff Dodd Business School image. Shows low cost startups can succeed online OK.
Notice the Direct Funnel Sales: 91 + Automatic Funnel sales of 7 more …

Other Low Budget Startup Businesses

You can easily start these low cost, relatively low investment businesses, anywhere in The World:

  1. Kiosk selling ice cream or real fruit juices (in hot climates, like India).
  2. SMM – Social Media Account Managing – doing regular posts for marketing
  3. Videography and photography at tourist hotspots
  4. Bicycle repair business and/or bike rentals
  5. Vlogging on YouTube ~ comedy, or real life
  6. Blogging with affiliate marketing offers
  7. Tour Guide locally
  8. Cleaning services for businesses and corporations

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In the meantime, let’s start implementing these very low cost small business ideas online!

Geoff Dodd, Business School Manager

Small Business Ads on Google Ad Network

Native ads in context and newspaper editorials are your ideal ad formats for small business ads on Google ad network. Stand out from the ho hum monotony!

Thinking of placing small business ads on Google ad network for the first time? Read our experiences. Gather hot tips, ad ideas from the masters, and seasoned advice. This first image is a newspaper article lookalike from the masterful Eugene Schwartz.

Display ads work best now on the Google ad network. If you’re a small business owner, don’t leap in with a cavalier attitude. Take your time. Design a clever ad with a psychological angle, like David Ogilvy did. Here’s one I have just created for a fully automated marketing system:

Here is a 500 x 1000 pixels display ad I just created for small business ads on google ad network. It uses very careful copywriting for trigger effect.
Ideal Automatic System for a small home business start-up venture

Tips for Small Business Ads on Google

Your first step is to do keyword research. Try Wordstream, SEMRush and other services, as well as the Google Keyword Research Tool, inside Google Ads. Find keywords with, say, approx. 500 to 20,000 monthly searches, but with very low competition. You will find that high competition keywords are simply way too expensive for you, and outside a comfortable budget.

If you have a rare brand name, or are limited in operation to a particular town, suburb, or city, then use those specific details in the key phrases that you are bidding on. Drill down to the specifics of your target market. (Specify the demographics and even psychographics of your ideal customer avatar.)

If you’re planning to place small business ads on Google ad network, then think competitively. Research your competitors first. Look at their entire marketing process. How long has it survived for? How persuasive and convincing is their copywriting? Do they have unique benefits and a USP (unique selling proposition)? Do they have advantages in the marketplace? Can you match them? Can you out-do them?

Above all, don’t try to compete on Google ads for generic, wide ranging keywords. You must get local, customer-oriented and specific. The copy you use is mission critical. It must address the customer’s wants, needs, feelings and deepest desires. Think of his or her emotions. What specific problem is your customer trying to solve? What is your value laden, unique solution to her specific problem?

Here’s another amazing ad from Mr. Eugene Schwartz:

Advertising copywriting tips for small business ads on Google ad network. Get help from our latest PDF e-Book. How to write ads.
advertising for small business ideas

Most Effective Ads

As it’s becoming glaringly obvious, the most effective ads for small businesses have powerful ad copy. You either need to study copywriting yourself – or hire a professional copywriter!

That’s why we have a course on advanced copywriting. One course is free. One course is just $37 at the moment. You can see clearly from the two advertorial images by Eugene Schwartz that ad copy writing is a specialized, and highly skilled business, indeed!

Thank you for visiting us today to read our 2 cents worth about most effective ads and small business ads on Google ad network. As I say, take your time. Do a lot of reading about facebook ads, Instagram ads and YouTube ads. Microsoft Ads (formerly Bing Ads) are lower cost budget ads. They have a smaller audience reach than Google (Adwords) Ads. Some prefer the flexibility of Microsoft Ads. Test out all the different advertising platforms. Which services suit you the best? What’s the most effective, delivering the best value for your dollar?

Geoff Dodd, Online Course Business School, NZ


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