Believing in Yourself

The magic of believing in yourself is what every Business Manager and Entrepreneur needs as a vitamin. Self belief leads to an almost spiritual state of BEING where thought and action will flow from …

“With our minds, we create our lives.” ~ The Buddha

“The best way to predict the future, is to create it!” ~ Peter Drucker

As planners, choosers, deciders, priority-makers, and step-by-step builders, we are most certainly creators. Don’t be fooled or mystified by tiny minds that locate this rewarding process elsewhere. Simply connect with others and create a collaborative and highly productive network of believing people, who are synergistically working towards a common goal.

How do we employ the ‘power of positive thinking?’ It depends on how much negative programming you received in your early years. Here’s a brand new PDF document that can help you to get positive and start to re-program your subconscious mind. There are further extremely useful links in that document. Just below the article.

Believing in yourself 100% does take a little bit of work. Our method is to repeat positive affirmations over and over. Don’t be afraid if others start to think you’re crazy. It’s what you think of yourself that is critical to our mission. Positive affirmations are, to the subconscious mind, like bits and bytes of computer programming! I have proved this to myself over fifty years. You will become a new person. Read my downloadable PDF e-Book gift on this exact subject. And suspend your cynical or skeptical ‘critic’ for a few minutes.

Listen very closely now:
Repeat and BELIEVE something like: (affirmation + ) “START earning a consistent $10,000 per month online within the next 30 days….” and you’ll definitely subconsciously create it… (as a habit)….a consistent thought… if you’ll repeat it enough times. Repetition is the key to the way in which the habit powerhouse of your subconscious mind-brain works!

MP3’s and CD’s can be purchased to play at night time as you’re in alpha and theta brain wave states…just drifting off to sleep, with messages to inspire and motivate you, change your money thermostat level, etc. This is definitely NOT woo woo. This is scientifically validated and measurable brain re-programming, used by billionaires to help them develop healthy mind states like bliss, calm, increased intuition, creativity, high intelligence and high productivity.

I’ve worked with this since 2006. I studied meditation from 1971, when I was majoring in physiological psychology. The ultimate goal of this type of activity is to maximize your neuro-plasticity. Think: flexi-space. 🙂 🙂

Self Belief and a New Identity

Except for some neurons in the brain, your body replaces every cell within a seven year cycle. You become a new person, physically. Imagine, then, what you can create within your mind! Imagine the infinite possibilities of new connections, spurring on your exponential psychological growth…the mind boggles.

Totally believing in yourself 100% your new identity can be ‘global entrepreneur,’ ‘innovative inventor,’ ‘chairman of the board,’ whatever you choose _____ to fill in the blank. Imagine what Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, the Google boys and yes, Mark Zuckerberg, John Assaraf have journeyed through–within their minds!

Believing in yourself will take you anywhere in the known Universe, literally! Elon Musk wants to take large numbers of people to settle on the Planet Mars. So he created Space-X and has, just now in 2020 successfully ferried astronauts to the International Space Station, using a Falcon 9 rocket, larger than anything that NASA has! YOU can do amazing stuff, too!

Thinking of others: Finally, think about this. Your truth, needs and purpose. How do they overlap with your clients’ (and your subordinates’) truth, needs and purpose? Be the real you and share a new ‘reality.’ ~after David Amerland.

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Here’s an interesting infographic for your new thought process. It kind of reveals very clearly why you need to start re-programming your subconscious and unconscious mental processes. Your thinking. Do you agree? (It’s not hard to do. Just repetitive.)

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