Best Free Affiliate Marketing Tools

There are two needs: Traffic and Conversion. But the best free affiliate marketing tools are automated affiliate marketing software funnels for easy passive income! No question.

You can get it quite wrong. When starting as a beginner you think you just want masses of incoming traffic. You search for the best free affiliate marketing tools, to drive traffic. You didn’t realize that automated affiliate marketing software can crush it on the conversion side!

It’s shocking… it’s almost child’s-play to bring in new subscribers and make affiliate sales, when the automated system is working day and night to score you surprise windfalls of passive income.

I found such effective automated affiliate marketing software, that I wouldn’t use anything else! What exactly is it? How does it work? Well, it’s web-based software. Very clever. First, it captures your visitor’s email address. It makes a promise and giving the email is a condition for getting inside the website. Then you’ll see a very classy VSL or video sales letter. That shows how much money the original creator is making. Extremely impressive. It offers you an exact copy of the same funnel system that he’s using. No charge.

That’s the ingenious part. It is self-replicating and self multiplying, as more people accept a free copy. Can you imagine how this automated affiliate marketing software will grow and expand across The Internet?

I’ve been having truly remarkable results with high monthly earnings using this ‘MFE’ automated funnel software. ~ Geoff

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs 2021

This is perhaps the kicker… inside the funnel website you’re receiving free is a series of 5 digital product offers. (Get this funnel quick.. ) because these 5 items are the best recurring affiliate programs 2021 (in this writer’s opinion, based on performance metrics).

That means, of course, plenty of passive income for you. 24/7 and whatever you’re doing! Even if you’re fishing, camping, or playing golf, you can radically transform your 9 to 5 lifestyle.

Best free affiliate marketing tools

As I still intend to share with you, full info on the best free affiliate marketing tools, here are the most popular tools for affiliates:

  1. WordPress blogging platform. You have two choices here. Either start writing at or use a website hosting service, such as Bluehost, or Hostgator, and install the WordPress php software using the automatic software installer that is found in cPanel. (Your hosting control panel). I usually do the second option of self-hosted WordPress.
  2. Google Trends. Insert any keyword and see the numbers for the coming and going of social trends. These statistics will help you decide on your market niche, the latest fashions, and changes in subjects and topics to write about and to bring to the marketplace. Keyword research tools are critical to your online marketing success.
  3. is a fascinating website that helps you get a view into market trends. What are people interested in?
  4. SpyFu for spying on your competition. And AdSpy for spying on Facebook and Instagram ads. Best performing ads.
  5. GetResponse has a blog article about the 27 best free marketing tools for affiliates on The Internet. GetResponse also gives you a free trial of its powerful email autoresponder service. They have some highly advanced integration marketing tools. For example:

This form above is an example of what you can build at It takes you into a pre-written email series. I can help you get the results you crave online as an affiliate marketer.

Simply subscribe above and let’s chat! You can unsubscribe at any time. One click will do it. Your info is always safe with me. There are lots more affiliate marketing tools that I’ll tell you about in the emails… such as VMB for ranking YouTube videos higher in video searches. The thinking behind this is outlined in the following image:

An infographic chart depicting our free SEO Course online at Business School of Geoff Dodd, and best free affiliate marketing tools using automated software.
Information as above is priceless to the online affiliate marketer

Back to the magic of automated affiliate marketing software funnels: This next diagram shows you how leads are funneled in at the top of the marketing funnel. They are generic or relatively untargeted leads at this point. The planned steps inside the funnel qualify the leads further into buyers.

Further steps determine who is passionate and driven enough to start promoting his or her own funnel–and reap the monetary rewards!

Visit the funnel image to start your journey into digital marketing. You’ll be shocked and surprised how easy it is to create a residual cash flow. (The monthly recurring billing will ensure you a steady, predictable online affiliate income). Just use this automated funnel software to the max, like I’m doing. 🙂 🙂

Click to get this Automated funnel software that will generate email leads and make sales and commissions for you on a monthly recurring basis. One of the best free affiliate marketing tools ever invented is this MFE automated affiliate marketing software funnel.
Get your automated affiliate marketing software funnel here, above!

Thank you for reading this far. I hope these free tools for marketing affiliates will spur on your actions, and help to inspire creative ideas! Affiliate businesses can be very lucrative.

Geoff Dodd, Business School Online Courses

Marketing Funnel Sales Conversion

What is a marketing funnel? It’s a sales funnel that tracks a prospect from initial interest to buyer, repeat customer and product advocate. Recommender.

A Web-based software system, known as a marketing funnel, can be used to convey a searcher through these most desired steps:

  1. Awareness of focused attention of your new prospect or customer.
  2. Interest in the item, product or service you offer
  3. Thought and evaluation of the benefits of your product or service. Use a video sales message.
  4. Decision to purchase or look elsewhere
  5. Purchase – decision to buy NOW (offer a discount).
  6. Repeat purchases. Upsells and cross-sells.
  7. Customer trust, loyalty and their recommendation to others. Business referrals. Word of mouth.

Affiliate Marketing Funnel Example

The following YouTube video shows you how an affiliate marketer presents a Funnel offer as a lead magnet or lead-in gift: (Watch closely… more info in the full text description at YouTube.)


These powerful, high-converting marketing funnels work 24/7 using automated php software on the Web. They serve two main functions automatically. First, the funnels collect an email address from the person showing an interest. Second, they present related digital products in a set sequence.

Sales funnels like ‘MFE’ are an excellent way for beginners to start their online marketing journey. You don’t have to design, pay for and build a funnel system that converts interested people into subscribers and buyers. (That is a highly skilled process). You’ll get an affiliate marketing funnel system that has been tested and proven. Better still — it is 100% free and easy to work with.

Start here with your free marketing funnel. Don’t hesitate. Why? Because time is of the essence.

I’ve had consistent results with the same MFE funnel software system, online! The video above shows you. Watch the next video at ‘start here’ to see for yourself just why it converts so darn well. Once it starts creating funnels, it won’t stop. It’s a very smart viral software system!

How To Build Your Own Marketing Funnel:

There are several main SaaS companies offering you this service, of self-building your marketing funnel. They include ClickFunnels and GrooveFunnels. As you can see in the image below, Groove will provide you a large range of site building tools and services at no charge:

How to build your own marketing funnels for sales, leads acquisition and selling follow up

I really think that you will get a lot out of your free account at Mike Filsaime’s Groove Funnels. Test it out fully and see what you love about GrooveFunnels. You can quickly build three full sites there. No charge. Enjoy testing your sales funnels. Thank me later!

Also see our related automated software funnels tools page. It shows you these tools in more depth and explanation.

Geoff Dodd, Editor and Author at the Business School Online.


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