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We, G & G Creative Enterprises NZ, the undersigned, at make no guarantees of any specific level of income that you might earn on The Internet, or that you will earn any income at all. Please read this entire legal disclaimer. (Comprised of an earnings disclaimer and a privacy policy).

There are many determining factors of online success, such as your level of knowledge of Internet marketing processes and strategies, your rate of learning, and above all, your motivation and personal desire to succeed in such an online endeavour.

Internet based businesses usually proceed through a process of trial and error, of testing what works online in the current year. Even an MBA from Harvard Business School may be insufficient background to ensure that you will have a profitable enterprise on The Internet. The same goes for qualifications from London Business School. or Stanford, or NYU or anywhere else.

Our legal disclaimer for earnings online applies to all products and/or services that we may represent, from time to time. This includes ‘Monster Mode System 700K,’ ‘My Funnel Empire,’ ‘Exponential Copywriting Sales Letter Template PDF e-Book,’ ‘Filmora 9 or X software,’ and any others. Results shown in infographic images on this Website are NOT typical. We are affiliate marketers and may receive a commission for sales made of the digital products that we represent.

Google and many, many other Internet businesses were started in someone’s garage at home. They admit that you just have to get started and try something. Read the feedback of your results and adjust accordingly. The best approach online is to be honest, transparent and casual, while offering a group of people a product that will reduce their pain and solve their perceived problem.

Privacy: Your personal details will always be safe with us. We use Getresponse .com for mailing. We hate spam with a passion, and will never share, rent or sell your valuable information. You can unsubscribe at any time, with just one click. Please subscribe just below to contact us by direct email. You’ll be pleasantly surprised. Geoff will answer every email inquiry. I promise you. 🙂 🙂

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Thanks for your human being, and best wishes online!

Geoffrey P. Dodd & Precious G. Namia,

G & G Creative Enterprises, Te Aroha, Waikato, New Zealand

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