Mission & Purpose in Business

Examine your mission and purpose in business, because these are the driving forces in your subconscious mind. Your ultimate success depends on them!

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What if your mission and purpose in business were your superpower? Driving you forward, like a roaring tsunami!

I was just watching a YouTube video by Dan Pena, the American billionaire. Dan says, “if you change the lives of a billion people, it could make you a billionaire!”

Two thirds of high-flying CEOs have had military training. Two thirds of those — have had martial arts training. What do you learn? Discipline and focus. “You then deserve to belong and be there….”

“Success and making money don’t happen by accident. It’s not just luck,” says Dan Pena. (Net worth: an estimated net worth of $600 Million in 2022. Dan Pena is the founder of the Quantum Leap Advantage method. His students have allegedly generated fifty billion dollars). 

Developing Mission and Purpose in Business

What’s the difference between your mission and your purpose? A purpose statement provides the reason or reasons you exist. It is about why you exist, whereas the mission is about what you do and for whom.

Developing a new mission and purpose in business, I might say, “it is to help a billion people to dissolve depression.” That is, to reduce, get rid of, eliminate persistent feelings of a low mood, hopelessness and powerlessness.

This is an ideal mission and purpose statement for me. I have experienced the subject. I have studied psychology. I have worked in psychiatric hospitals. I am qualified to work in this field.

My latest helpful advice to young people:

Here is my latest helpful advice to young people:

  • Learn at the speed of light, using the visual cortex
  • Then … Trust in your own skills

A final quote from Dan Pena reads:

We must all remember life doesn’t have to be fair for us to succeed if we take charge and become masters and creators of our own destiny!” ~ Dan Pena

Mission and purpose in business includes self-mastery, discipline, and helping enough other people to get what they want. Consider the metaverse real estate as Bloomberg News predicts it will grow to turnover 800 billion dollars in year 2024. Here is your metaverse business opportunity access
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Thanks for visiting this rather free-flowing ideas page about Dan Pena, and the need for mission and purpose in business. You will succeed if you take responsibility. Learn fast. Learn well. Keep your primary goal in mind.

Purpose in Hollywood Theatrics

A final word. There is a subtle, theatrical approach to influence. Emotion is used. It is triggered in a very clever way, as you can see in this early 1960s video. You’ll recognize the actors. What’s the mission?


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  1. Thanks Geoff for a very inspiring and free-flowing blog post. I will be back for more nuggets. Keep up the good work.

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