🆕 Super Affiliate System PROOF OF RESULTS 👉 John Crestani

The YouTube video of the same name can be quickly accessed from this training page for hungry Super Affiliate System candidates. Tips, tactics, strategies of the multi-millionaire innovators …

Even better: Super Affiliate System PRO for 2023 by Clickbank millionaire John Crestani. The team is going wild over this Affiliate Training Course that starts with 2-Hours of completely FREE Training for anyone wanting to pay off debts and make several thousand dollars either weekly or monthly.

This training course covers both free traffic methods and paid traffic, media buying methods. Paid traffic is from YouTube, Facebook and Google, as well as other, smaller sources of Web traffic. Affiliate marketing is the absolute specialty of California’s John Crestani.

Super Affiliate System 2023 Resources

We have a considerable and growing resource for super affiliates on YouTube. The Playlist is entitled Learn Affiliate Marketing. This YouTube video makes about 23 or 24 videos on that YT playlist for people wanting to become super affiliates on The Internet in 2022.

Other resource pages refer to this learning system. Business owners and marketing managers are advised to keep up with at least some awareness of Internet marketing – and affiliate programs, strategies and tactics in particular.

Innovation in online marketing does not usually arise from big corporations at the enterprise level. No, it comes from the highly motivated geniuses like Mr. John Crestani.

Mark my words. The big corporations could easily get left behind. The small side hustles grow like mushrooms overnight!

Proof of Results Brief and Clear

1. Be clear on Who you are, and who your intended audience is. Why would these budding, wannabe affiliates be interested in real results, using John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System? Do they want to drive a Lamborghini? Do they want to attract tall, 36-24-36 supermodels? – Or, to “be like John?”   

2. Have a freakin’ point.  Explain What you’ve got that is so special. The trial-and-error learning of a total marketing PRO. The knowledge of ‘what works now!’

3. If there’s a deadline for acting, say When it is. Actually, these prospective affiliates can take their sweet time. 

4. There is always a “Where“, too, virtual or in the real world. Our brains are still wired for jungle living, so always give your reader a sense of “place.” The where is right here

5. Explain Why it’s so important to hear your message, and why anyone should want to possess whatever you’re pitching. Why? Because there’s no other affiliate training course that even comes close to John Crestani’s offering. Full stop. Nada.

6. Finally, tell me How to get this ball rolling. Get your 2-hour free introductory training at the link just above. Thank me later. You might be gob-smacked at the generosity.

But wait… I’m adding one more “W”:

7. Take a hint from the tabloid headlines…

… and add some “WHOA” to your tale. What’s up with that?!

Geoff Dodd, Editor in Chief.

John Crestani Free Training

I review the 2-hour Free Webinar of intro training for John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System. Result? Speechless at his generosity. Amazing testimonials!

I decided to take the 2-hour John Crestani Free Training, then review it. Mind-blown! Or gob-smacked? The guy has learned so much about affiliate marketing, that he is making $500K each and every month! Maybe you should just watch the YouTube video that I snipped and created, right after completing the two info-packed hours:


The first minute shows you the surprisingly high quality of the free training. John Crestani shares every detail of what he did. John said he started with free advertising credits from the big tech platforms. Once things began to work and convert into sales, he reinvested everything!

So, in this way, you can double, and double again, then compound your profits!

But it’s now a LOT easier for you.

Why do you say that?

Because John will share his best ads with you. And his amazing sales videos. In fact, there’s a whole LIBRARY OF ADS inside the Super Affiliate System training course. (SAS for short).

There’s also a 24/7/365 support system by email. And regular twice monthly group get togethers. A great forum for getting your questions answered. And for learning the hot tips, strategies and tactics of skilled, proven super affiliates.

Listen: There’s one critical point to remember here. And it is just this …

Paid traffic affiliate marketing works automatically, after you do the initial fine-tuning! (John helps you enormously).

2 Examples of Video Slides Used
1 Slide of John Crestani free training webinar for super affiliates shows exact products proven to convert. Selected by John Crestani himself
John shows you the best products
No. 2 slide used in the free webinar by John Crestani training intro to the super affiliate system pro 2022 to show you what the free training course includes in its content over 2 hours
Using reinvestment of profits to compound earnings

Webinar: 2-hour John Crestani Free Training

Negative and Positive Points

The only criticism I have of the free webinar training is that there is some repetition. OK, I know that repetition of a point is important for learning.

Otherwise, the 2-hour training is excellent. I’ve been online since 1996. It feels like a Century. Everything I heard. Everything I learned in the free webinar was 100% congruent, consistent and in alignment with what I already know.

But John Crestani has gone WAY Further ahead! He knows heaps about, for example, and CAN teach you about:

  • Facebook Ads format that works like gangbusters!
  • YouTube Ads that convert well – and he shares his best ads
  • Google Ads tips and techniques for high profitability!
  • Software for fast building of landing pages that work well
  • Libraries of adverts that did convert and are still converting
  • Help with startup of your LLC company and tax entity
  • Coaching by people who DO well and who “walk the walk”
  • How to get Free Traffic, as well as learning paid traffic affiliate marketing

If you’re struggling to get enough income online, you MUST at least take the 2-hour Free Training :

Get Started Here >>>

Thanks for visiting us here today at Geoff’s Online Course Business School. You can also test out our Free SEO Course and learn powerful copywriting techniques for the Web.

Want more videos about John Crestani Free Training course for Super Affiliates? Use this Playlist on YouTube! That’s where the action is. You can select exactly which video to watch next. You can pause, stop and start at will. It’s an eye-opener.

Enjoy the free webinar. You’ll learn a ton from John himself. Pick up new strategies, methods and techniques for both paid traffic affiliate marketing and low-investment, free traffic generation.

Geoff Dodd, Editor and Entrepreneur, New Zealand.

John Crestani Book PDF

Return here often for updates on John Crestani book pdf and what works now with YouTube ads marketing. Keep up-to-date with paid traffic skills of trainer John Crestani in USA.

At our online business school, we strongly endorse John Crestani book pdf courses and all of John’s videos. He’s a generous guy with a suffer-no-fools approach to his super affiliate training courses.

If you have any doubts at all about John’s competence in affiliate marketing, just watch his YouTube videos – here are two – extraordinary! (Watch them right through …)


John answers the question: “What is affiliate marketing?” Now let’s move on to video number 2.


In Video 2 John Crestani gives you an affiliate marketing tutorial for beginners. Notice how clear the words are. Everything is easy to understand. The Super Affiliate System PRO is exactly like this!

Free training is always the way that John Crestani starts your journey into affiliate marketing on The Internet.

Here’s John’s info-packed FREE WEBINAR for you!

Prefer John Crestani book pdf or video course?

Personally, I always prefer to learn my marketing skills by watching videos. I think it is because visual learning is many times faster than reading a PDF e-Book. Which one do you prefer? Reading an e-Book or watching a video?

John Crestani is both a fast learner and an awesome teacher of Internet marketing. Why? Because he and his team TEST everything for you. You get it handed out on a silver platter. He says, “Our marketing is built to convert on Facebook, YouTube, Google, email messaging, and more platforms. We’ve seen ROI’s as High as 100-600%!”

YOU, too, can get results with a coach and mentor as experienced as John Crestani. I can’t legally guarantee that. I can only inspire you and motivate you to get started right now, TODAY!

Here’s a final video. Number 3. In this video, John states his powerful reasons why online affiliate marketers need to get started promoting his latest PRO version. There are some compelling benefits that only John can explain, right here:


The One Critical Key:

What’s the single most important factor that you need to know for successful online marketing?

Daily Split Testing:  “Our marketing continues to improve every single day with Hundreds of Split Tests running every month!” That automatically means more sales for You!

Buy Super Affiliate System Pro

Best Price Option

Have you made a decision yet? When you buy Super Affiliate System Pro 2022, you will be faced with 2 options. Which price point is best for you?

  • One time payment of $997 USD which secures you a discount of approx $4,000 and John Crestani says this is the most popular option. Best price preferred.
  • Three (3) payments of $397 spread out over 3 months. Installment plan. This option is suitable for a wage or salary earner. Anyone who is paid monthly, can probably afford $397 when this smart decision will lead to a change in lifestyle. The rewards and benefits far exceed the minimal cost. You can calculate the pros and cons for yourself. I would select the one time payment of just $997. Below is an infographic that outlines the features and benefits of each option:

IMPORTANT to just get started now with 2 hours of free training from the master Super Affiliate, John Crestani! You’ve got a new laptop lifestyle to GAIN!

Also see our earlier page on the same training course. (Super Affiliate System 2021). Thanks for your excited interest today. Weigh up the one-time payment against the installment plan. Did you experience a great visit? Was it well worth the time you invested? I trust it was. Here’s a fun quiz / motivating survey. No obligation. ~ Geoff

Geoff Dodd, Editor in Chief, Online Course Business School

7 Eye-Opening Strategies to Skyrocket Affiliate Sales!

Strategic breakthroughs shared by top 1% earners. Listen very closely… Super Affiliate strategies will increase your affiliate sales and monthly profits, no question.

What are the specific strategies affiliate sales need to reach astronomical levels? Here Geoff Dodd collates and combines 7 specific strategies and tactics of known super affiliates. Guys like Ewen Chia and Bryan Winters. Top copywriters, too. What the hell are these top performers doing? Spill the freak’n beans, man! C’mon!

Copywriting Strategies For More Affiliate Sales

Copywriting skills. You must learn to write persuasively! It still blows my mind when I study copywriting and watch videos on YouTube by Jon Benson and Ray Edwards and Roy Furr. These 3 gentlemen know stuff. They’re all A-level, proven, top copywriters. They’ll teach you how to solve pain points: define the problem, agitate the emotional pain, offer a superior solution, and gently call your prospect to take action!

Psychological triggers. This is a tiny subset of copywriting skills. I just want to sneak this topic in. It’s the trigger words you use, often placed at a point of decision. i.e., just above or below a ‘buy now’ or ‘continue’ or ‘add to cart’ button. Here’s a web page with good thinking in its psychological trigger placement.

Hint: by the way, your keyword and key phrase selection is another aspect of psych triggers. Think of ‘buyer keywords’ as the thoughts in the head of your future, prospective customer. Always use the words, “best price on __” and “discount on __” as well as “review of ___” because it’s statistically proven that 86% of millennials use these search terms, about daily.

Preselling To Boost Your Sales

Preselling. Oh so important. No longer can you get sales by direct linking to, say, a Clickbank or JVZoo sales page. You’ll need to ‘prepare something in the middle.’ Between your ad and your affiliate link. This is preselling. A warm-up, trust building page, for your ‘cold market’ inquirers. Ewen Chia, pioneering super affiliate gives you a free PDF special report on preselling. This is a critical lesson to learn in strategies for higher affiliate sales online.

There are 17 free PDF e-Books on that internal page. Most of them are about how to increase your affiliate sales. The writers are Ewen Chia, Patric Chan, (super affiliates) and Geoff Dodd on psychological topics; e.g. on reprogramming the subconscious mind for higher performance.

Strategic Use Of Automation Software

Automated Funnels. This is the strategy behind most of Bryan Winters’ prolific business success as a super affiliate. Bryan gives away a free marketing funnel. Affiliates need to activate the funnel. They do this by inserting their Clickbank nickname or personal ID. Add in a ‘list name’ from either Getresponse or Aweber autoresponder service. Buy the first digital product in the funnel for just a measly $19.90 and you’re activated and set to go …

The digital products are thoughtfully selected to help affiliates promote their offers. They work. That’s all part of an integrated design. It is viral and self-multiplying …

Best strategies to increase affiliate sales. Infographic shows Geoff Dodd results using My Funnel Empire software automation tool for higher sales
Click above infographic or here

For your free automated, self-multiplying funnel, simply subscribe above. Your details are safe and secure. We hate spam with a hot, 4am burning passion. Just like you do. You can unsubscribe at any time. One click will do it. 🙂 🙂

Simple Business Plan

Simple planning. All the elements are there. You just need to integrate them. Answer a few basic questions about your proposed Internet-based business. Simple business plan. These planning questions need to be revisited about once a week, for a team review. Check your direction and progress towards short, medium, and long term goals. What works now? You need to question exactly why you are doing (strategic and tactical) things!

Motivation To Meet Sales Goals

Motivation: keeping a high mood and a positive mindset. Please read our business motivation page. Why is motivation important? To keep up your rate of attaining sales goals. Also, consider taking a peek at Geoff Dodd’s Nuclear Psychology kindle e-Book on Amazon com.

Increase Targeted Web Traffic

Massive laser-targeted Web Traffic: To ensure a speedy outcome of strategies affiliate sales increases – into the stratosphere, you’ll require John Crestani‘s course. Or Vick Streizous. (Four per cent). Sorry guys and gals. Paid traffic is essential for the highest millionaire goals to be attained. I’ve tried SEO for over 23 years. A quarter of a damn Century. You will have to learn how to do paid advertising at large sites: Google Ads or Facebook Ads. Microsoft has one with less traffic.

There’s a reason for this extra study. The problem revolves around the level of competition in pay per click advertising. Your direct competitors might click your PPC ads. This uses up your budget. You need to know what to do. There is also a question of accurate click tracking. You’ll need to exclude robot clicks. (AKA ‘bot clicks.’) Here’s a tool for accurate real tracking of clicks.

Find A Mentor: Online Affiliate Marketing

Finally, Find a Mentor: You can spend half a darn Century, learning Internet marketing by trial and error. Go on, make thousands of mistakes, all by yourself! Do it. Just like me. Or… you can find a mentor and skyrocket your affiliate sales with smarter strategies, quicker. That is the smartest thing you can do today.

That last suggestion is perhaps the most important step of all. Match up with an experienced marketer who has been there before. Credentialed. Someone who understands the millionaire mindset from first hand experience. Someone from deep in the trenches. You need their “how to” do it knowledge, desperately!

Or, just read every darn word in the free courses on offer here at our online business school. I’ve got you covered. Let us help YOU accelerate your affiliate sales. Get the bottom line exploding with outstanding profits. Your future’s exciting. Picture your financial goals and desires manifesting right now before your eyes. Do it today. Your future self will love you for taking action. Start the first step.

Geoff Dodd. Author. Editor in Chief. Founder and CEO. Online Business School, New Zealand

Super Affiliate System 2021

A 6-week Course Created by John Crestani, super-affiliate marketer who’s been featured in Forbes, ABC, NBC, Fox News, CNBC, Entrepreneur.com, Fast Company, and more.

Are you aware of John Crestani’s Course: Super Affiliate System 2021? It’s exactly what you need to succeed mightily online, and has created several student millionaires already! Here’s what one student of John Crestani is saying, in 2020:

Testimonial #1


What is Super Affiliate System 2022?

John Crestani’s Course is an acclaimed, 6-week Course on Paid Traffic to create an Affiliate Marketing Based Business. The course begins with a free webinar: FREE TRAINING as follows:
“How to Earn a 6-Figure Side-Income Online.” My opinion: This free webinar is unique and fascinating. John says, “we have taken some cues from the best in the industry, and created a very original webinar for you.”

Testimonial #2


Results with students:

We have students who have gone on to make Millions, even $1,000,000+ per month, by applying the more advanced media buying trainings in the course. Are you willing to learn at this income level? Take the free Webinar

Successful methods and techniques:

In the 6-week course, Super Affiliate System 2021, students learn paid traffic, including media-buying of cold traffic on YouTube and Facebook, and running it for the full year. You’ll soon discover that John Crestani is a very experienced teacher of online marketing, with expert knowledge of paid traffic at the highest level.

Details Of Preselling:

You’ll learn how to switch a prospect from casual inquirer into a paying buyer. The combination of paid advertising and affiliate marketing, just plain works. Ad > Presell > Offer. It’s not a complicated formula, and the way we teach it has helped thousands of people do everything from create a respectable side-income, all the way to making 7-figures per year online, and live their dream lives. Preselling is a critical middle step to prepare a buyer online.

Proven Reputation and Big Name Presenter:

John Crestani, a famous super affiliate marketer, maintains a weekly vlog so you’ll always know you have a face to put the program to, and an expert, experienced teacher who is dedicated to your success on The Internet. John is incredibly honest and straightforward in his no nonsense approach to getting the skills across to you.

Testimonial #3


JOIN The Free Webinar

Get the expert skills you need with John Crestani’s acclaimed 6-week course on paid traffic generation! Super Affiliate System 2022 is fully guaranteed to bring you the desired results.

We recommend all of the John Crestani courses. We happily give them a 5-Star Review because the standard of training is consistently high.

Become a wealthy Super Affiliate in 2022 and onwards, by immersing yourself in these super affiliate trainings.

John Crestani is an American of Italian descent. He is an expert at getting paid traffic to an affiliate offer on The Web. John holds many awards from Clickbank com where checks like this one are issued to affiliates. John Crestani has two products of his own in the Internet marketing niche and also is a product vendor at the European company, Digistore24. Business School recommends the Super Affiliate System 2021 for generating paid traffic clicks on the Web.
You could soon be receiving large, generous pay checks like this example.

Geoff Dodd, Online Courses Business School, New Zealand Editor


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