How to Split Test a Website

How to split test a website by changing one variable at a time. Change the headline, body copy, the offer and call to action.

Get Results with A-B split testing. Here’s info on how to split test a website. You’ll be amazed how a lot of small changes will lead to a higher conversion rate overall.

Fact is – MOST successful Internet businesses belong to people who are constantly testing and tweaking their sites, always on the lookout for changes they can make that will improve their results by even a tiny fraction.

That’s because, over time, these TINY improvements add up to BIG improvements… which lead to LOTS of additional profits in the bank.

And testing is SO easy to do, we’re shocked that so few people actually do it!

To run a test on your site, you just make a simple change (a new headline, for instance), and then keep a close eye on your sales. Do they go up? Then your headline is a winner, and you keep using it. Do they stay the same or go down? Then clearly that headline wasn’t so great, and you simply get rid of it.

Once that test is over, you test something else, either keeping or dumping that change depending on your results. And then something else… and something else…

See? Easy! In no time, you’ve conducted dozens of tests that, combined, will likely push your sales skyward… or finally help you break through your “no sales” slump, and start selling products like hotcakes!

So, if you haven’t been doing any testing with your website, TODAY is the day to start!

And while there are all kinds of things you can test on your website; we recommend you start with your sales copy. It’s one of the quickest ways to turn even the most sluggish website into a sales machine.

Here are six areas of your copy that you should be testing to improve your sales, along with the three golden rules of testing that you MUST follow in order to GUARANTEE good results:

1. Test Alternative Headlines

Make no mistake… your headline is the MOST important element on your website!

The stronger your headline, the greater your chances that a new visitor will stick around on your site long enough to buy something.

A good headline should GRAB your visitors’ attention, tell them — in less than 10 seconds — what the main benefits of your site are, what makes you better than your competition, and encourage them to read further, to find out more about what you’ve got to offer.

That’s a LOT of work for one single headline to do, so understandably, it can take a while to find one that accomplishes those goals effectively… and all at the same time!

So be sure you’re constantly testing new headlines, even if you already feel like your current headline is performing for you. You may surprise yourself and find one that improves sales even MORE.

But don’t just test the content of your headline…

Bear in mind that the Internet is a visual medium, and the way a headline looks can also have an impact on its success. So be sure to test other elements, like color, and for visual interest, consider bolding, highlighting, or italicizing the most important words.

2. Test Lower — And HIGHER — Prices

Here’s something that surprises people all the time: A price that’s too low can hurt sales just as much as one that’s too high!

The average online shopper has a “you get what you pay for” attitude, and will often feel that something with a low price mustn’t be very valuable… and therefore not worth having.

So be sure to do thorough price testing. By all means test prices lower than your starting price, but be sure to test HIGHER prices, too!

And remember, it’s possible to sell fewer units of your product at a higher price point, yet still earn MORE revenue, so when choosing a winner for your price testing, don’t just look at the number of sales.

Your price is one of the MOST important things you can test, because it has such an effect on your bottom line.

3. Test Your Site’s Main Body Copy

One painful truth about the website sales copy that you slaved over to get just right is that virtually NONE of your visitors will read it… at least, not word for word.

People who come online looking for information or products tend to scan webpages, rather than give them a close read.

So, to encourage your visitors to go through your copy from top to bottom, and at least pick out all of the major BENEFITS of your site and products, there are a number of elements you can test to make the copy more scannable.

Consider trying:

  • Bulleted lists and subheads
  • Emphasizing important points with bolding, highlighting, or italics
  • Using a plain font like Arial or Verdana
  • Including relevant graphics and images
  • Plain backgrounds, including unpatterned, white, and light backgrounds

You should also test breaking up the copy into smaller chunks. Long blocks of heavy text look like too much work to read, and so people tend to ignore them completely, which will cost you sales. Your visitors should never have to work to find out what your product or service is about!

4. Test Your Overall Offer

Don’t confuse your “offer” with your price, or the product you’re selling. Your offer is actually the entire package you’re promoting, including incentives or bonuses.

To get maximum conversions on your site, you’ll want to try changing your offer by emphasizing different benefits, and trying out different bonuses.

If you’re selling a product using a long-copy sales letter, bonuses are a MUST.

But bear in mind that bonuses shouldn’t just be thrown onto the site as an afterthought. They need to be useful and relevant to your readers. The point of the bonuses is to add as much additional value to the offer as possible.

So, it’s a good idea, when possible, to test different bonuses on your site, to see if you can find some that provide the MOST value to your visitors.

Your benefits are also crucial to the success of your sales letter, so testing these is a very good idea. Your potential customers want to know how your product or service will make their lives easier. And you drive this home by focusing on benefits, not just features.

What’s the difference?

A feature is a particular highlight of a product or service, while a benefit is what the buyer actually gets from using the feature.

Attaching a benefit to the feature answers your visitor’s question: “What’s in it for me?” and gets them to imagine using your product to take care of the problem they’re trying to solve.

So, test different benefits within your sales copy (and headline) to find the ones that really click with your target audience.

5. Test Your Site Layout

Any good site statistics program will show you where your visitors enter your site, and where they exit.

If you find that most people are exiting your site from a specific page — without placing an order — you’ll want to do some testing of how your site is laid out.

Elements of your site layout that can affect your sales include:

  • The position of your opt-in offer: test different places, or even try moving your opt-in offer to a Hover
  • The layout of your site: test one, two, and three-column layouts
  • The position of your navigation links: test placing them along the top or down the left-hand side of your page
  • The prominence of your call to action: test a different size of text or bolding the call to action

By carefully testing these five copy elements on your website (your headline, pricing, body copy, offer, and layout), you can dramatically boost the conversion rates on your site

… But BEFORE you dive in and start testing, there are a few basic ground rules for testing that you MUST follow, or you’ll either end up with results that aren’t meaningful, or HARM your site’s performance… or BOTH!

Testing Rule#1: Test one thing at a time

The key to successful testing is to quickly identify each new element that HELPS your conversion rates, and keep it, while figuring out which changes HURT your conversion rates, so you can get drop them right away.

But if you changed your headline, your bonuses, and your call to action all at once, how would you know which of these changes was making a difference (either good or bad)?

So, make sure you slowly and methodically go through your website, testing one element at time, monitoring the results carefully, and then either keeping or removing each change, before you move on to the next test.

In this way, over time, even tiny improvements will add up to a BIG increase in sales!

Testing Rule #2: Use a “control” as a benchmark to measure your test

Your control is your current best-performing sales letter, email, or other test subject.

For example, if a sales letter with a particular headline is currently generating a 2% sales conversion rate, your alternative headline tests should be measured against that control.

If, during testing, another headline generates a 4% conversion rate, you’ll keep that headline, and it becomes your new control. The next time you test headlines, you’ll try to beat that new one.

The aim is to use your tests to make continual improvements.

Testing Rule #3: Make sure you’ve got a level playing field

Ideally you should run tests within the same time frame to avoid skewing your results.

For example, you shouldn’t test one headline in September and another in December when seasonal factors could make a difference to your sales. Or, if you’re testing an email, you should send the two test emails to the same number of people to get a more accurate idea of which performs better.

The other important thing to remember is to always keep a record of your test results. You may find an old test one day that you thought should have done better than it did, decide to try it again and it works like a dream!

Once you’ve completed your tests, check out the corresponding statistics to measure your results.

The key numbers to keep an eye on include your bounce rate (number of people who leave the site again without visiting beyond your first page), number of visitors who reach your order form, and your sales conversion and opt-in rates. Then you can begin testing more elements!

The truth is, your job of testing never ends… and your sales copy is just the beginning of what you can test on your site to continually increase visitors, sales, and profits.

To increase your conversion rate, by learning how to split test a website, GO HERE to Grab a Free Copy of my Exponential Copywriting e-BOOK

Split-testing elements will bring you the success you seek!

Geoff Dodd, Editor in Chief, Online Course Business School, New Zealand.

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Video Sales Letter Script

With this guide you’ll easily learn how to write a video sales letter script that converts like gangbusters. Just follow the guide. Answer a few simple questions.

Marketing Essentials: I guess you’re wondering how to write a video sales letter script that converts? The VSL is still working in 2022. But – you have to get it right by focusing on customer needs first!

Ever since Jon Benson invented VSLs and took the idea to Agora Financial in Baltimore, video sales letters have been producing and generating HUGE profits. Literally billions of U.S. dollars.

Here are seven (7) critical questions to ask yourself, in the planning phase. Before you start writing your VSL script. Orient yourself towards client wants and needs. NOT product-focused. NOT service-oriented. Most writers and companies get this wrong.

Questions: video sales letter script outline

Who is your potential customer?

Is your avatar Male / female and of what age? What social group, what income level, education and training? Most importantly, what are their specific interests? Target someone who is committed and serious about making a lifestyle change and solving a problem. Who is the typical avatar (ideal customer) that you are marketing to?

What complaints and pain points do they have?

What are their expressed problems? Do they feel hopeless and helpless? They may have some negative beliefs that are limiting them. Do they have outright wrong or erroneous beliefs? What are they sick of? What do they complain about? What do they feel that they have failed at? You can read comments on social media sites and on Amazon com to get real product or service complaints in their own words. These user comments are priceless pearls for the copywriter.

Increase the emotional impact. If you do nothing about this pain, it will get worse. Others will become affected. For example, family members may begin to suffer, too. Write so that the customer has to face up to his or her problem. Magnify the painful experience.

What product or service are you promoting?

A package offer that’s irresistible? A video training series? How is it unique? Relative to other products, why is it better at solving the problem and removing the customer’s pain? Your video sales letter script invalidates other, competing products in a subtle, believable way. It presents the best solution. It removes the pain. What related bonuses do you offer, to ‘sweeten the deal?’

What are its special features?

Differentiation of the product comes from its special features. Work these unique features into psychological benefits. For example, you offer “a more efficient and cheaper product, and that means, you will be able to save money and spend more time with your friends and family.” The product feature is turned into a product benefit.

Why you? Position yourself!

Here’s an opportunity to position yourself as a preeminent authority. How you became an expert. How you created a superior product. Your company is the leading provider of this solution. Nick Tubis, a Forbes Councils member, suggests that proof elements need to be shown. Proof such as testimonials, and case studies of your success stories. i.e. your stats. Nick says that screenshots work well. I agree. I recommend you read his article.

Future Pacing in your script

Invite the customer to imagine themselves 12 months, or 3 years in the future. “Imagine how you’d feel after just 12 months of using this far superior product. Your pain has disappeared. You wake up happy and ready to go for the day. Your partner and your family are so proud of you for facing up to and solving your problem.

You’re at the crossroads

You have a choice. You can either go on the same old path and get the same old, miserable results. Feel the same pains, discomfort, anxiety and helplessness. Feeling utterly powerless.

OR … you can think: “it doesn’t have to be this way.” You can try out our product for $1 at absolutely no risk to you. If it isn’t everything we say it is, and more, you can return it within 30 days. No questions asked. A strong guarantee can even give back more. This way, you are eliminating all the perceived risk. Remove the anxiety that inhibits a purchase action.

Fair enough?

This outline is how we approach video sales letter scripts. If you want to learn more about copywriting << check this information out. Just one condition. I want you to promise to read the whole page. (If you’re committed and serious).

how to write a video sales letter script from our generic template to get conversion to sales and subscribers in your business
Click the image to meet Jon Benson, creator of the VSL

Learn from the VSL Master:

Finally, Jon Benson teaches you just how VSLs have made over 12 billion dollars in the past ten years. No, that is not a misprint. Here’s Jon’s YouTube video series: “How to Write a Video Sales Letter: The Whys and Hows of Video Sales Letters.”


Geoff Dodd, Editor in Chief, Online Course Business School

John Crestani Free Training

I review the 2-hour Free Webinar of intro training for John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System. Result? Speechless at his generosity. Amazing testimonials!

I decided to take the 2-hour John Crestani Free Training, then review it. Mind-blown! Or gob-smacked? The guy has learned so much about affiliate marketing, that he is making $500K each and every month! Maybe you should just watch the YouTube video that I snipped and created, right after completing the two info-packed hours:


The first minute shows you the surprisingly high quality of the free training. John Crestani shares every detail of what he did. John said he started with free advertising credits from the big tech platforms. Once things began to work and convert into sales, he reinvested everything!

So, in this way, you can double, and double again, then compound your profits!

But it’s now a LOT easier for you.

Why do you say that?

Because John will share his best ads with you. And his amazing sales videos. In fact, there’s a whole LIBRARY OF ADS inside the Super Affiliate System training course. (SAS for short).

There’s also a 24/7/365 support system by email. And regular twice monthly group get togethers. A great forum for getting your questions answered. And for learning the hot tips, strategies and tactics of skilled, proven super affiliates.

Listen: There’s one critical point to remember here. And it is just this …

Paid traffic affiliate marketing works automatically, after you do the initial fine-tuning! (John helps you enormously).

2 Examples of Video Slides Used
1 Slide of John Crestani free training webinar for super affiliates shows exact products proven to convert. Selected by John Crestani himself
John shows you the best products
No. 2 slide used in the free webinar by John Crestani training intro to the super affiliate system pro 2022 to show you what the free training course includes in its content over 2 hours
Using reinvestment of profits to compound earnings

Webinar: 2-hour John Crestani Free Training

Negative and Positive Points

The only criticism I have of the free webinar training is that there is some repetition. OK, I know that repetition of a point is important for learning.

Otherwise, the 2-hour training is excellent. I’ve been online since 1996. It feels like a Century. Everything I heard. Everything I learned in the free webinar was 100% congruent, consistent and in alignment with what I already know.

But John Crestani has gone WAY Further ahead! He knows heaps about, for example, and CAN teach you about:

  • Facebook Ads format that works like gangbusters!
  • YouTube Ads that convert well – and he shares his best ads
  • Google Ads tips and techniques for high profitability!
  • Software for fast building of landing pages that work well
  • Libraries of adverts that did convert and are still converting
  • Help with startup of your LLC company and tax entity
  • Coaching by people who DO well and who “walk the walk”
  • How to get Free Traffic, as well as learning paid traffic affiliate marketing

If you’re struggling to get enough income online, you MUST at least take the 2-hour Free Training :

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Thanks for visiting us here today at Geoff’s Online Course Business School. You can also test out our Free SEO Course and learn powerful copywriting techniques for the Web.

Want more videos about John Crestani Free Training course for Super Affiliates? Use this Playlist on YouTube! That’s where the action is. You can select exactly which video to watch next. You can pause, stop and start at will. It’s an eye-opener.

Enjoy the free webinar. You’ll learn a ton from John himself. Pick up new strategies, methods and techniques for both paid traffic affiliate marketing and low-investment, free traffic generation.

Geoff Dodd, Editor and Entrepreneur, New Zealand.

Writing Sales Letters That Convert

How to become a master copywriter writing sales letters that’ll quickly convert your visitors into buyers and raving fans overnight

Wouldn’t you just love to acquire skills that get you writing sales letters that convert like crazy? It’s not hard. It’s mostly formulaic. Except for creatively coming up with the ‘hook’ and the story. This YouTube video shows you the process:


For how to write a sales page that converts, start here

The above video is brief: 2:52 minutes, and introduces you to the idea of copywriting triggers, and Ultra-Quick Writing Prompts. It adds that as children, we already had the persuasive speaking skills that we require as copywriters.

What exactly is this profession all about?

What is Copywriting?

Copywriting is the art and science of turning words into profits. It requires a methodical, step-by-step approach. Researching your audience comes first. Relax in your chair.

Understand The Desires of The Customer

Dan Kennedy asks, “What keeps them awake at night?” “What are their daily top 3 frustrations?” And, “what do they secretly desire most?” You enter the conversation that the customer is already having in his/her head!

You will want to align with the desire or the goal that your customer is already focused on. What are they dreaming of having?

Explain Your Offer

Write a list of your product’s features and benefits. People buy things for what they do for them. How they’ll feel relieved, less fearful, less tense. Save time, effort and money, etc.

Address any flaws openly

By being upfront and honest about a product’s shortcomings, we are forced to address the client’s fears, questions and concerns. Write an FAQ section. This will help you to create trust and credibility.

Hold Attention to Get The Letter Read

Flag the reader method: “Embarrassing belly bulge? Guaranteed weight loss up to 15lbs in 15 days… with no exercise!”

Hold the attention with sub heads and bold words. Writing sales letters successfully involves riveting the prospective customer’s attention – interest – desire mechanism.

Price Minimizer Strategies

Use the problem, agitation, solution method. Demonstrate with facts and statistics. First, we stir up an emotional response to the problem. Later, we position our product as the only real solution to the problem.

Second strategy: Winners versus losers, by Dan Kennedy. Tell a brief story of two neighbors seeding their lawns, or doing a home improvement. One works out perfectly. That’s the model to follow, isn’t it?

Motivate Action. CTA.

Mention that a limited quantity is available: “Only 100 items made.” Introduce time urgency. A deadline or a countdown timer is ticking. “The 50% off sale ends in 2 hours.”

Write the first draft of the sales letter

Writing sales letters does require a lot of editing and rewriting! But don’t do it at first. Get all the persuasive ideas written down first.

Rewrite to improve strategy

Introduce internal repetition, to re-state your message in various ways. For example, in a story, in a straightforward way, and in an example, and a testimonial. In a quote from an expert, and in a numbered summary. This is sheer genius.

Rewrite for Style and Readability

Writing sales letters is best with short sentences and paragraphs. Lots of white space. It is easier to read and to digest.

Answering Questions and Objections

Use frequently asked questions, or F.A.Q. This is an effective way to dissolve resistance. Use direct answers, testimonials, case studies and restatements of your guarantee.

Spark immediate action – CTA Triggers
  • limited availability
  • multiple, irresistible bonuses
  • deadlines
  • discounts for fast response
  • penalties for slow response

The P.S. Section at the end

Use the P.S. to summarize your offer. Many readers skip straight to the bottom of a sales page. Summarize and use a sense of urgency.

Dan Kennedy Checklist Guide:

Writing sales letters using a Dan Kennedy checklist guide
Aggressive, Heavy Editing of The Sales Letter

Cut out everything that fails to advance, strengthen or reinforce the main story.

The Final Review

Review your incredible sales letter one last time.

Publishing and Retargeting

Most new marketers fail to do retargeting. Follow up. You will need to contact people who have shown an interest in your offer. Retarget on social media platforms and on search engines.

Test Everything!

Test headlines, body copy, colors, offers, and calls-to-action. Absolutely everything can be tested. Incremental improvements are always waiting for you. Build a file bank (or database) of what works best for you and your customers.

I have really enjoyed sharing Dan Kennedy’s copywriting tips with you today!

Geoff Dodd, Editor in Chief, Online Course Business School, NZ.

John Crestani Book PDF

Return here often for updates on John Crestani book pdf and what works now with YouTube ads marketing. Keep up-to-date with paid traffic skills of trainer John Crestani in USA.

At our online business school, we strongly endorse John Crestani book pdf courses and all of John’s videos. He’s a generous guy with a suffer-no-fools approach to his super affiliate training courses.

If you have any doubts at all about John’s competence in affiliate marketing, just watch his YouTube videos – here are two – extraordinary! (Watch them right through …)


John answers the question: “What is affiliate marketing?” Now let’s move on to video number 2.


In Video 2 John Crestani gives you an affiliate marketing tutorial for beginners. Notice how clear the words are. Everything is easy to understand. The Super Affiliate System PRO is exactly like this!

Free training is always the way that John Crestani starts your journey into affiliate marketing on The Internet.

Here’s John’s info-packed FREE WEBINAR for you!

Prefer John Crestani book pdf or video course?

Personally, I always prefer to learn my marketing skills by watching videos. I think it is because visual learning is many times faster than reading a PDF e-Book. Which one do you prefer? Reading an e-Book or watching a video?

John Crestani is both a fast learner and an awesome teacher of Internet marketing. Why? Because he and his team TEST everything for you. You get it handed out on a silver platter. He says, “Our marketing is built to convert on Facebook, YouTube, Google, email messaging, and more platforms. We’ve seen ROI’s as High as 100-600%!”

YOU, too, can get results with a coach and mentor as experienced as John Crestani. I can’t legally guarantee that. I can only inspire you and motivate you to get started right now, TODAY!

Here’s a final video. Number 3. In this video, John states his powerful reasons why online affiliate marketers need to get started promoting his latest PRO version. There are some compelling benefits that only John can explain, right here:


The One Critical Key:

What’s the single most important factor that you need to know for successful online marketing?

Daily Split Testing:  “Our marketing continues to improve every single day with Hundreds of Split Tests running every month!” That automatically means more sales for You!

Buy Super Affiliate System Pro

Best Price Option

Have you made a decision yet? When you buy Super Affiliate System Pro 2022, you will be faced with 2 options. Which price point is best for you?

  • One time payment of $997 USD which secures you a discount of approx $4,000 and John Crestani says this is the most popular option. Best price preferred.
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Also see our earlier page on the same training course. (Super Affiliate System 2021). Thanks for your excited interest today. Weigh up the one-time payment against the installment plan. Did you experience a great visit? Was it well worth the time you invested? I trust it was. Here’s a fun quiz / motivating survey. No obligation. ~ Geoff

Geoff Dodd, Editor in Chief, Online Course Business School

How To Make More Sales As An Affiliate

What works now? What are Super Affiliates doing to make more sales? How can I increase and improve my sales results performance? Read on …

How to make more sales as an affiliate marketer online, always depends on your marketing skills. There are some amazing, lucrative marketing strategies you’ll need to learn.

What do the super affiliates do? Here’s a quick starter list of what successful super affiliates are doing in 2021:

  1. YouTube video ads that run fully before a highly relevant, targeted customer’s session. The YouTube A.I. is laser targeting these alluring ads. The speech goes, “Real quick, do you want to know … ” and these ads are very clear, and very professional videos. They are getting big results. What’s working right now in 2021? Video ads on YouTube!
  2. Pre-selling. Never link direct to an affiliate offer. It will fail to convert. Why? Prospects need to be warmed up gently to the idea of spending money on a product. The VSLs, the video sales letters that work are usually way too aggressive to start off the relationship with. Prospects will click away from hard selling. You need to use an intermediate page in the middle. Just like this preselling page. (Example of pre-selling a weight loss offer, a herbal tonic to increase metabolism).
  3. Pile on the Bonuses. I need to be frank here. Personally, I find a lot of bonuses give me instant information overload. It’s too much to handle at once. But super affiliates still use a long page of extra bonuses. They write, “don’t buy product xyz until you’ve seen my bonus package!” The added bonuses need to be relevant to the product offer. In some way, they might extend its usefulness. These added bonuses still work in 2021. They are part of what works now.
  4. Lead magnets. The more you give away at the beginning, the more likely a prospect is to whip out the credit card and give you some of their hard earned money. It is basic reciprocity. Give and ye shall receive. Lead magnets can include a free, ‘special report,’ a free e-Book, a software program, a video of training, or a free 30 minute consultation by phone. (Or anything that you think will be attractive, and of perceived value to your future customer).
how to make more sales as an affiliate marketer online using a free ebook lead magnet by Geoff Dodd Business School, New Zealand
Click infographic above to get the e-Book

Tips: How to make more sales as an affiliate online:

There are several ways of improving your targeted Web traffic numbers. All can lead to you getting increased sales as an affiliate:

  1. SEO or search engine optimization for increasing affiliate sales and signups. SEO takes a lot of patience. But it will eventually pay off in more affiliate sales commissions for you. Please see our free SEO Course. It applies to both YouTube video marketing, and to Google search SEO.
  2. PPC or pay per click SEM. We represent a World Class paid traffic training course by John Crestani, called the Super Affiliate Course 2021. It has since been re-labelled. John has earned over $25,000,000 online. Anything at all by John Crestani is like pure gold for answering how to make more sales as an affiliate. That has always been John’s mission. He studied marketing at university as a young man starting out. John is of Italian American descent. A very strong character. A highly intelligent man.
  3. Social Media Marketing. SMM agencies such as Gary Vee’s Vayner Media advocate and suggest that you post social media content as many times as you can, every day! Gary Vee, CEO of Vayner Media posts daily on Linked-In, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter. Gary’s videos are extremely helpful. Every associate wanting to know how to make more sales as an affiliate needs to watch Gary Vee in action. Seriously. He is the best teacher. Why? He has done it. Gary’s three main principles for doing business on The Internet? Awareness, empathy, and perspective. Unbeatable business thinking, in our humble opinion.

Thanks for patiently reading through to this final point in the blog post. I trust that this article has helped you to rethink tactics and strategies for improving affiliate sales commission levels on The Internet. It is a fascinating way to be working from home!

Geoff Dodd, Editor In Chief, Online Course Business School, New Zealand.

Online Courses For Stay at Home Mums

Recommended free writing course for online courses for stay at home mums in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. Study our examples and learn how to write for business. Emphasis is on marketing copywriting to persuade buyers to make purchases on The Internet.

Are you in the U.K. or in New Zealand or Australia? Want to learn how to write for business? Online courses for stay at home mums are free to you! Copywriting is a very lucrative art. During these Covid-19 times of great uncertainty, we suggest you learn how to write marketing copy. It’s exciting. It pays. It’s a thrilling pastime and it’s in hot DEMAND.

Are you a native English speaker? It’ll be super easy for you to learn how to write for advertising and business. I want you to follow me right now. Listen to my voice: I spent hours and many edits, rewriting over and over to improve this page on copywriting. You’ll learn a ton. Just reading that damn page. I’m a perfectionist. Look for the numbered sections. Learn the sequences. You don’t have to buy anything!

Here’s a sure-fire tip: Copywriting is all about solutions to problems. Each sub-group in a market has its own specific problem. But before you can fix a problem, you have to define it. And then create a vision for what life looks like once you’ve solved it. Hint: what it’ll look like, sound like, feel like, taste like, even smell like! Visualize ahead to show the customer what their life will be like with the new ‘solution,’ — your product.

That specific page is a course in itself. Make notes on what catches your attention. Write down the sequence required for a sales letter. Learn the bits and pieces. The nuts and bolts. Give yourself time to digest everything. Now, here’s a brand new infographic image I just created today. Let’s talk about this little beauty:

Online courses for stay at home mums UK or in Australia New Zealand, include copywriting course for business and a mindset training course to prepare for Internet marketing
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Free Online Courses for Stay at Home Mums

You were most likely home schooling the children, recently. Is that right? U.K. had a real bad run of the delta variant of Covid19 that came in from India. Sydney NSW Australia and Melbourne have an outbreak as I speak. Auckland City in New Zealand is locked down at Level 4. Food cafes, bars and restaurants, hotels and hospitality are suffering. This stay at home shift has forced people online. Working remotely has become the norm. So it’s time to adapt. I want you to learn how to operate a small home business on The Internet. (I’ve been doing exactly that since 1997).

So we have begun to teach you copywriting. Study that colourful image just above. The writing, the choice of words is very intentional. It evokes curiosity but leaves an open loop. It seems to promise something, but you don’t know what. So you are induced to click through to satisfy your curiosity!

The item is a free PDF e-Book. It’s a rather unusual book. Why? It is about a simple way to develop your mindset. To build resilience. Business needs some tough thinking. Resistance to being triggered emotionally. To that end, here’s a page about customer service.

Next in this series of online courses for stay at home mums UK Australia and New Zealand, I want to introduce you to some marketing strategies. These include:

  • Pre-selling methods to warm up a prospect to the idea of buying something. This involves giving people more information about the product or service that meets their wants and needs. Preselling online is becoming more and more important. It can easily be done using a YouTube video.
  • Giving extra gifts and bonuses to sweeten the deal. 🙂 You can make it into an irresistible offer. Something very hard to refuse. Some even call this strategy, “an intelligence test.”
  • How to get an avalanche of hot targeted Web visitors with credit card in hand. More laser targeted Web traffic, they say! Please join my YouTube channel. Find the ‘Web Traffic Video.’
  • Special tricks and tactics of millionaire ‘super affiliates.’

These strategies and tactics are all provided free to you in our vault of 16 Free Marketing eBooks. Please click through and download whatever you want to read. You can always return here to read a few more books at a later date. You’re always very, very welcome at our online Business School.

UPDATE: New Online Course for Moms:

Breaking news! Attention mothers at home!

We have had a lot of requests for a course on “How to write a video sales letter script.” Also known as a VSL script template. So, we responded. This one is very brief. Succinct. To-the-point. Learn the basics of writing a video sales letter script here. Thanks for your participation in our business school today!

Finally, in your online courses for stay at home mums UK is our ‘Find a Mentor’ section. You are free to struggle all by yourself, of course. There’s a lot to learn. A long learning curve. OR… you can avail yourself of David Dubbs and take advantage of his million dollar earning capacity. David lives in Nashville, Tennessee. The home of country music. He has risen to the very top in eight (yes, 8) network marketing companies. He knows his stuff in Internet marketing. David and a business partner created their own business on The Internet for attracting leads and prospects. Then, they built exquisitely powerful tools for converting these leads or interested prospects into buyers and paying customers. The find a mentor section is worthy of a good read.

Please click around the site, using the menu on the right hand side. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at what free courses you will find.

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Thanks for visiting this set of online courses for mums at home. Parents have such important responsibilities in the family home. We simply make it our mission to bring you the online business information and opportunities that you need.

Geoff Dodd. Editor in Chief. Founder, Online Course Business School, New Zealand. Updated on Friday, 7 October, 2022.

7 Eye-Opening Strategies to Skyrocket Affiliate Sales!

Strategic breakthroughs shared by top 1% earners. Listen very closely… Super Affiliate strategies will increase your affiliate sales and monthly profits, no question.

What are the specific strategies affiliate sales need to reach astronomical levels? Here Geoff Dodd collates and combines 7 specific strategies and tactics of known super affiliates. Guys like Ewen Chia and Bryan Winters. Top copywriters, too. What the hell are these top performers doing? Spill the freak’n beans, man! C’mon!

Copywriting Strategies For More Affiliate Sales

Copywriting skills. You must learn to write persuasively! It still blows my mind when I study copywriting and watch videos on YouTube by Jon Benson and Ray Edwards and Roy Furr. These 3 gentlemen know stuff. They’re all A-level, proven, top copywriters. They’ll teach you how to solve pain points: define the problem, agitate the emotional pain, offer a superior solution, and gently call your prospect to take action!

Psychological triggers. This is a tiny subset of copywriting skills. I just want to sneak this topic in. It’s the trigger words you use, often placed at a point of decision. i.e., just above or below a ‘buy now’ or ‘continue’ or ‘add to cart’ button. Here’s a web page with good thinking in its psychological trigger placement.

Hint: by the way, your keyword and key phrase selection is another aspect of psych triggers. Think of ‘buyer keywords’ as the thoughts in the head of your future, prospective customer. Always use the words, “best price on __” and “discount on __” as well as “review of ___” because it’s statistically proven that 86% of millennials use these search terms, about daily.

Preselling To Boost Your Sales

Preselling. Oh so important. No longer can you get sales by direct linking to, say, a Clickbank or JVZoo sales page. You’ll need to ‘prepare something in the middle.’ Between your ad and your affiliate link. This is preselling. A warm-up, trust building page, for your ‘cold market’ inquirers. Ewen Chia, pioneering super affiliate gives you a free PDF special report on preselling. This is a critical lesson to learn in strategies for higher affiliate sales online.

There are 17 free PDF e-Books on that internal page. Most of them are about how to increase your affiliate sales. The writers are Ewen Chia, Patric Chan, (super affiliates) and Geoff Dodd on psychological topics; e.g. on reprogramming the subconscious mind for higher performance.

Strategic Use Of Automation Software

Automated Funnels. This is the strategy behind most of Bryan Winters’ prolific business success as a super affiliate. Bryan gives away a free marketing funnel. Affiliates need to activate the funnel. They do this by inserting their Clickbank nickname or personal ID. Add in a ‘list name’ from either Getresponse or Aweber autoresponder service. Buy the first digital product in the funnel for just a measly $19.90 and you’re activated and set to go …

The digital products are thoughtfully selected to help affiliates promote their offers. They work. That’s all part of an integrated design. It is viral and self-multiplying …

Best strategies to increase affiliate sales. Infographic shows Geoff Dodd results using My Funnel Empire software automation tool for higher sales
Click above infographic or here

For your free automated, self-multiplying funnel, simply subscribe above. Your details are safe and secure. We hate spam with a hot, 4am burning passion. Just like you do. You can unsubscribe at any time. One click will do it. 🙂 🙂

Simple Business Plan

Simple planning. All the elements are there. You just need to integrate them. Answer a few basic questions about your proposed Internet-based business. Simple business plan. These planning questions need to be revisited about once a week, for a team review. Check your direction and progress towards short, medium, and long term goals. What works now? You need to question exactly why you are doing (strategic and tactical) things!

Motivation To Meet Sales Goals

Motivation: keeping a high mood and a positive mindset. Please read our business motivation page. Why is motivation important? To keep up your rate of attaining sales goals. Also, consider taking a peek at Geoff Dodd’s Nuclear Psychology kindle e-Book on Amazon com.

Increase Targeted Web Traffic

Massive laser-targeted Web Traffic: To ensure a speedy outcome of strategies affiliate sales increases – into the stratosphere, you’ll require John Crestani‘s course. Or Vick Streizous. (Four per cent). Sorry guys and gals. Paid traffic is essential for the highest millionaire goals to be attained. I’ve tried SEO for over 23 years. A quarter of a damn Century. You will have to learn how to do paid advertising at large sites: Google Ads or Facebook Ads. Microsoft has one with less traffic.

There’s a reason for this extra study. The problem revolves around the level of competition in pay per click advertising. Your direct competitors might click your PPC ads. This uses up your budget. You need to know what to do. There is also a question of accurate click tracking. You’ll need to exclude robot clicks. (AKA ‘bot clicks.’) Here’s a tool for accurate real tracking of clicks.

Find A Mentor: Online Affiliate Marketing

Finally, Find a Mentor: You can spend half a darn Century, learning Internet marketing by trial and error. Go on, make thousands of mistakes, all by yourself! Do it. Just like me. Or… you can find a mentor and skyrocket your affiliate sales with smarter strategies, quicker. That is the smartest thing you can do today.

That last suggestion is perhaps the most important step of all. Match up with an experienced marketer who has been there before. Credentialed. Someone who understands the millionaire mindset from first hand experience. Someone from deep in the trenches. You need their “how to” do it knowledge, desperately!

Or, just read every darn word in the free courses on offer here at our online business school. I’ve got you covered. Let us help YOU accelerate your affiliate sales. Get the bottom line exploding with outstanding profits. Your future’s exciting. Picture your financial goals and desires manifesting right now before your eyes. Do it today. Your future self will love you for taking action. Start the first step.

Geoff Dodd. Author. Editor in Chief. Founder and CEO. Online Business School, New Zealand

Customer Service Skills

Top class customer service skills training program. Applying for a job? What to include in your customer service skills resume or CV. Listen closely now … it’s critical for you

Marketing communications include World Class customer service skills training. See our infographic? Think: It’s 100% about the customer. The best tip is: keep your ego out of it. And don’t be triggered emotionally. Replace frustration and anger with positive thinking. Pre-plan. Practice some neat phrases: “Thank you! I’m grateful for the feedback! We love to hear exactly what our customers think.”

Customer Service Skills Examples

A definition of customer service would put it in the basket of, “all the communications between a company and its clients / customers.” That is: ongoing marketing: lifetime of the customer.

Specific customer service examples: “let’s work together to solve this problem.” “OK, I’m listening….”

Requisite Skills and Qualities in Communication:

  1. Ability to keep using positive language. (Switch from any negative words …
  2. Listening skills (all important,) and empathy for feelings …
  3. Patience. Self-control is a practiced behavior.
  4. Problem solving skills. Creative thinking.
  5. Taking the initiative. Accepting responsibility for the outcome
  6. Persuasion. Persuasive speaking with full emotional intelligence. That is, awareness of subtle emotional tones.
  7. Clarity of spoken and written communications.
  8. Adaptability and flexibility with reflective thought …

Get free information by simply subscribing above. You might be surprised by what you can do on The Internet. Uplevel your whole life. Get extra income to help support your family. (I know that times have been really tough lately … and I want to help you get more money than you’re getting doing customer service work.) Add this into the mix. If you want to. It’s completely up to you.

You are free to unsubscribe at any time. One click will do it. Your personal info is safe with us.

Attaining skills at Internet marketing is a great way to add to your customer service skills resume. (CV). Training in anything Internet or I.T. related will be a huge benefit to you. It could place you ahead of competitors in the line for a customer support / service job.

I know this because I have been involved with dozens of companies on The Internet since 1996. That feels like a lifetime of learning. I guess it is. Did you realize that universities are slowly going out of fashion? Colleges, too, are simply an uneconomic way to deliver education. Google gives us all the information we need, with a single click. Or with your voice prompt. Search for absolutely anything that you need to know in 2022 about training for a customer service position. There is undoubtedly a ton of information available to you in YouTube videos.

I truly hope that I have been of assistance to you. Please remember to use positive thinking. Replace any bad emotion or negativity with neat, skillful positivity.

The future’s exciting for you now. You can do magic in your communications. Work with style, pizazz and a flourish. Observe your own thinking and switch it into the positive mode. OK?

Thank you for your visit to our business school today.

Geoff Dodd, Founder. Online Course Business School, New Zealand. Oceania.

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3 Business Marketing Skills

Essential and critical success factors! The Top 3 business marketing skills you’ll need to rake in online profits today…

What are the essential 3 business marketing skills you’ll need to absolutely master? These specific skill sets will DRIVE your Ultimate Success on The Internet. Do you know what they are? Keep reading …

  1. Ability to get Laser-targeted Web Traffic. Also known as ‘eye-balls to your offer,’ or interested visitors. Can you draw enough attention to your Web site and its offers? Are you paying for impressions? (CPM). Are you getting readership? The skills of acquiring traffic might include using mailing lists. You might do a JV or joint venture with someone who has a large mailing list of buyers.
  2. Conversion. The ability to convert Web visitors into subscribers and paying customers. This is definitely a copywriting role. See our copywriting pdf template. Conversion covers questions like, how do you get someone to take action, when engaging with your Web page? What will trigger them to take action? There is a whole customer ‘journey’ through your many messages: your ad, a preselling page, free info, a video to watch, a sales page, an order form, a thank you page, etc. Later you’ll send follow up emails and back-end marketing … (Here’s an example of a high converting landing page… )
  3. Economics. If you are paying for your Web visitors, what is the EPC or earnings per click rate for each product? What is the lifetime value of the customer, on average? Is the refund rate being kept under control? What delivery and fulfilment costs are there? Fixed costs? Skills with mathematics and financial management are critical to your online success! Develop this CFO awareness.

Mastering Top 3 business marketing skills

Customer acquisition: The ability to go out into a ‘cold’ marketplace and get paying customers. The Digital Age has transformed this. So we now speak of Web Traffic, Conversion and the overall economics of the online business operation.

In acquiring a new customer, an experienced marketer is usually willing to make a small loss, or break even. A lead magnet is useful: a free report, a video, a pdf e-Book or a tiny piece of software. The free gift ‘triggers’ or incentivizes the prospect to get engaged with the selling process. A digital ‘gift’ has a very low cost.

The first step might be a low cost front-end product at the wide opening of a marketing funnel. Each customer moves through a series of steps in the funnel. There are both ‘upsells’ and ‘downsells’ at forked decision points. Related products are offered. These upsells extend or complement what the main product can do.

Learn the top 3 business marketing skills you need to make sales online

You make the first sale to get the customer. Why? To start the relationship! Add value to the customer. The above image is worth investigating. You will get about 10 free marketing tools in there, at LeadsLeap. I highly recommend it, as a leads generation system.

Positioning of your product and brand is important. What is unique and different about it? How does it stand out in a crowded market? Define your own category in the market. Superior. Your top 3 business marketing skills will now include writing up the benefits and the unique selling proposition.

Repackage and create a unique offer. A bundle. A membership site. A subscription will make every customer more valuable. Microsoft does this with its Office 360 suite, for example. It occupies its own software category. That makes for great economics.


Privacy: your personal details are safe with us. We hate spam. We would never, ever share or sell your private info. You can unsubscribe at any time. I don’t think you’ll want to miss the goodies, though. The very best Web tools for your video marketing. Stuff for SEO. Info on what’s working online right now… up to the minute. How to increase your targeted Web traffic.

So that’s the real oil. The free training on the essential 3 business marketing skills. We have deviated a little towards Web tools and funnels. High converting landing pages, too. All part of the process of generating targeted Web traffic, improving conversion, and the economics of your online enterprise!

Geoff Dodd, Online Course Business School, New Zealand


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