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Hands-free virally growing, compounding Web Traffic is the holy grail of online marketing! EZClix Club is doing it for you today. 5-Star Review result.

Read our ezclix club review because the sky's the limit with viral and compounding Web traffic that grows

My first contact with the new EZClix Club review was a video by Australian founder, Brad Stephens. [video here]

In the video, I was impressed by Brad’s honesty. Do you notice that, too? He says, “If you’re here looking for a better way to generate traffic, you’d better pay close attention.”

Brad Stephens has tried everything. He has been through the mill. Done the hard yards, as they say. He even owned a viral traffic site before. It was a lot more complex.

“We take a co-op approach to secure great value. We leverage & multiply that with our custom viral systems, and then we pass it on to our members as uncapped daily traffic.” (i.e., no limits. I agree. Ed.)

“We believe that ANYONE building a business online should be prepared to invest a few dollars a month for traffic… and in return we deliver unbeatable value for your small investment.”

And with our super-generous affiliate program, you can even cover the entire cost of your membership with just a couple of referrals. (That is absolutely true. I have referred two people. It pays for itself. Ed.)

Quality Marketing Materials: EZClix Club

As part of this EZClix Club review, I want to show you the excellent marketing materials they’ve got. Not only is the website simple. Easy to use. It is a slam dunk to promote. Offer it to others. You’ll soon cover the tiny $4.90 cost. Take a look at these professional graphics:

Graphical materials 1 quality display in this EZClix Club review by Geoff Dodd, NZ
EZClix Club Review: Graphic 1

Here’s Graphic number two (2)

Alternative traffic generation site to traffic tiers is the EZClix Club. Please enter here. You will love it. Reviewed and got 5-stars
EZClix Club Review: Graphic 2

This second graphic takes you to splash page 19. You will find plenty of splash pages and landing pages to choose from.

Hands-free Viral Traffic Generation?

You get the choice of one website URL (or three URLs) being promoted automatically. These are both onsite and in paid traffic promotions. Also, in suitable traffic exchanges. These traffic resources are growing as the site gets developed further.

You get an image of your site (first fold) promoted also. And one 468 x 60 pixels image. (Note: I’ve found that the clickthrough rate is really good. Ed.)

You can upgrade to get three (3) of each ad type.

There is a profile page being developed right now. It personalizes you with further personal branding. That’s a GREAT idea, we think. We are strong proponents and supporters of any personal branding!

Summary and Star Rating: EZClix Club

This unique, viral-traffic generating site is the brainchild of Brad Stephens, of Queensland, Australia. It supplies you with instant, hands-free, high-quality traffic – to any website or offer you want. (It delivers on the advertised promise. Ed.)

As a marketer online since 1998, I’ve seen a few of these sites in the past, but this one looks like the real-deal. I will continue to use EZClix Club and report back to you. Updates will follow.

Rating: 5-Stars. *****

Thanks for reading my review of Monday, 3 October, 2022. Please return here to this page for future updates.

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Geoff Dodd, Editor in Chief, Online Course Business School, New Zealand.

One thought on “EZClix Club Review”

  1. Man! I am impressed with Brad Stephens’ innovative, viral traffic site. Brad has made getting traffic totally ‘hands free!’
    The quality and quantity are both good. Brad adds more traffic sites to the mix all the time – as well as paying for added paid traffic.

    Growing and going viral traffic – just for you! Give EZClix Club a whirl…

    The Editor, GPD.

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