Really Smart Art Review – Recurring Pay

Surprising innovation from the acclaimed Craig of ‘Second Splash’ fame. High earning rate for EVERY single Affiliate at Really Smart Art.

This offering is superb for its innovation in online marketing. We give 5 Stars in our Really Smart Art Review. Here’s why:

  1. The image personalization product works great! You can send a small offer message in a colorful image, personalized with the [firstname] of every recipient member of your email list. This is very powerful and it quadruples (4x) your clickthrough rate in email marketing!
  2. The innovative compensation model is leveraged to ensure that EVERY single affiliate makes a commission. How? When you join Really Smart Art you are placed in a Profit Line of 7 ‘profit partners.’ When anyone makes a sale, everyone in the Team of 7 gets paid a commission. This is at the $10 level. When an affiliate refers someone directly to Really Smart Art, he/she is paid $30 into the accumulating total on his/her dashboard.
  3. You can potentially belong to infinite or unlimited numbers of profit lines, and get those $10 commissions pouring in like water from a massive dam spillover.

Watch my 2:23 minute YouTube video above, because it summarizes everything. You’ll get paid in exactly that way. There is proof provided in the YT video. Images that were emailed to me by the Really Smart Art admin. The work efforts of others in your Team of 7 will greatly benefit you.

5 Star Rating: Really Smart Art Review: 2 July of 2024


Note about PRO Active Status in the R.S.Art System: (Dashboard):

When your status shows as active, it means you will be grandfathered into all new profit lines started by your profit partners. If your status shows as Retired, you will only be grandfathered into new profit lines started by your direct referrals.

To get out of retirement, you have to make a personal referral, without the help of your profit partners. Not only will this start a new profit line for you, it will also turn your status back to Active.

Note about FREE Members: The moment a free member refers 3 members who upgrade to a pro membership, not only will you have already earned $60 in commissions, your account will automatically be upgraded to a pro membership, and you will experience all the pro benefits!

Visit to Create an Account Right Now:

Really Smart Art Review offers you this entry point at no charge

Review summary

You know how most business opportunities sound flashy but leave you high and dry? They seem to promise too much, don’t they… Well, say goodbye to those disappointments because ReallySmartArt is the real deal, and it’s ready to make you loads of cash while at the same time delivering one of the most in-demand services you can think of! 5 Stars without hesitation. Especially for the innovative, leveraged compensation model. The product excels as well.

UPDATE: jULY 23, 2024

The leveraged compensation plan of ReallySmart.Art is working very well. I have received notifications of 4 commissions to date. Here is a snippet that shows these $10 commissions. They were all earned through the cooperative efforts of Really Smart Art’s ‘Teams of seven affiliates’ payment system design.

Evidence of 4 pay records as part of my Review of Really Smart Art leveraged compensation plan.  GD.

Review of Really Smart Art compensation plan. Evidence that it works correctly.

Geoff Dodd, Editor-in-Chief, Online Course Business School, New Zealand.

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Super Affiliate System 2023 Resources

We have a considerable and growing resource for super affiliates on YouTube. The Playlist is entitled Learn Affiliate Marketing. This YouTube video makes about 23 or 24 videos on that YT playlist for people wanting to become super affiliates on The Internet in 2022.

Other resource pages refer to this learning system. Business owners and marketing managers are advised to keep up with at least some awareness of Internet marketing – and affiliate programs, strategies and tactics in particular.

Innovation in online marketing does not usually arise from big corporations at the enterprise level. No, it comes from the highly motivated geniuses like Mr. John Crestani.

Mark my words. The big corporations could easily get left behind. The small side hustles grow like mushrooms overnight!

Proof of Results Brief and Clear

1. Be clear on Who you are, and who your intended audience is. Why would these budding, wannabe affiliates be interested in real results, using John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System? Do they want to drive a Lamborghini? Do they want to attract tall, 36-24-36 supermodels? – Or, to “be like John?”   

2. Have a freakin’ point.  Explain What you’ve got that is so special. The trial-and-error learning of a total marketing PRO. The knowledge of ‘what works now!’

3. If there’s a deadline for acting, say When it is. Actually, these prospective affiliates can take their sweet time. 

4. There is always a “Where“, too, virtual or in the real world. Our brains are still wired for jungle living, so always give your reader a sense of “place.” The where is right here

5. Explain Why it’s so important to hear your message, and why anyone should want to possess whatever you’re pitching. Why? Because there’s no other affiliate training course that even comes close to John Crestani’s offering. Full stop. Nada.

6. Finally, tell me How to get this ball rolling. Get your 2-hour free introductory training at the link just above. Thank me later. You might be gob-smacked at the generosity.

But wait… I’m adding one more “W”:

7. Take a hint from the tabloid headlines…

… and add some “WHOA” to your tale. What’s up with that?!

Geoff Dodd, Editor in Chief.


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