We Are Here A.I. Income Machine

Genius marketer from Texas, USA offers you a ready-to-go A.I. Business called We Are Here .AI Be quick to get 50% discount during LAUNCH

Avoid the stress and endless hassles of trying to startup a business online. Take a quantum leap into Paul Darby’s incredible new A.I. program: WE ARE HERE.AI and you’ll be desperate to THANK me for the idea — later in 2024.

Paul Darby has an enviable career. He owns several Internet businesses that have gone global. He’s also a renowned trainer for U.S. government departments including the police and military. I believe he’s a teacher of martial arts and self-defence.

Key Features Of We Are Here . AI

The master of A.I. prompts, Texan Paul Darby, has really run amok here. Everything, from logos and images to the scripts and business architecture, has been designed by artificial intelligence. (Mostly ChatGPT-4 as I understand it).

Welcome to the January, 2024 Launch of We Are Here. AI.
We are super glad for you to be here and are excited for you.
OK? So Welcome! Have fun! This is quite a thing right here
and we believe it will be big… very, very, very big!

you have never seen anything like this

my worst fear?
you won’t take this seriously enough!

Because this is TOTALLY DIFFERENT from any other website
or business that you have ever seen.

Different from anything else that’s EVER been done!

(Perhaps it’s the most powerful income machine
that’s ever been unleashed upon The World).

Let me ask you:

Do you want to be PART of The Biggest Transfer OF Wealth?

YES — then watch our very SHORT series of Videos:

Watch Video One: A Special Presentation Of How we got AI to create an automated Internet business that almost overnight generated six figures in sales and commissions and how you can use this same system to create and enjoy a life-changing income for yourself as well.

You are going to see this program promoted like
liquid fire.

I’m telling you now, DON’T MISS IT!

Watch the video, sign up and get a
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Those who get in now in 2024 will be making
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Grab your ticket to wealth. Your future
wealthy self will thank you for it!


Geoff Dodd, New Zealand Entrepreneur
P.S. Don’t miss out on getting in at The Beginning…

We Are Here AI is going to help people all over the World to
get set free financially and you right now can choose to be
PART of one of the biggest advances The Internet has EVER seen. Scientific split-testing. Trial and error learning. Then, later, machine learning algos.
(At the VERY Beginning). Here’s what the A.I.-designed logo looks like.

Video Script You Can Use

If you decide to become an affiliate in this awesomely beautiful A.I.-driven home business program, then here’s a free video script that you can use. Power up your own web promotions with this free script:

WeAreHere A.I. Work From Home

Are you tired of doing things the same old way while your competition embraces game changing technology?

It’s time to make a choice. Be brave and discover just how easy it is to earn with ‘TheShinyBall‘. Don’t wait, act now and watch this video immediately.

Now, here’s some GOOD NEWS for you. TheShinyBall is a simple solution that can bring the success you’ve been longing for to your family. But here’s the catch you need to take speedy action. The decision is yours, so why not walk through this door of opportunity

Join WeAreHere.AI, a powerful home business that’s transforming lives. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or in your 20s to 40s, WeAreHere.AI welcomes men and women alike to join our community.

We believe in creating a fun and intelligent environment where you can thrive. Our caring and loving community will support you every step of the way. With WeAreHere.AI, you’ll have the chance to unleash your entrepreneurial spirit and make a real impact.

Imagine the freedom, financial success, and fulfillment that come with being a part of WeAreHere.AI. It’s time to seize this incredible opportunity and take control of your future.

Join us today and start your journey towards a better life. Don’t miss out on this chance to be a part of something extraordinary. Take action now and let WeAreHere.AI guide you towards success.

Remember, life is too short to settle for the old way. Embrace the power of WeAreHere.AI and experience the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Geoff Dodd, New Zealand Entrepreneur. Last updated: 27 February, 2024. 12:30pm NZDT.

Geoff’s ‘WeAreHere’ A.I. Review VIDEO

Find out more – PROFIT from A.I.-designed home business

Network Marketing Business Model USA & Canada

Network marketing, also known as multi-level marketing or MLM, is a business model that has been gaining popularity in the United States and Canada. This model involves recruiting individuals to sell a company’s products or services, with the recruiters earning a commission on their own sales as well as a percentage of the sales made by the people they recruit.

One of the main reasons network marketing is a profitable business model is its low startup costs. Unlike traditional brick-and-mortar businesses, network marketing does not require a large initial investment in inventory or equipment. Instead, individuals can start their own business with a small investment in a product or service kit. Additionally, the overhead costs of running a network marketing business are typically low, as there are no physical storefronts to maintain or employees to pay.

Another advantage of network marketing is the flexibility it offers. Many network marketers are able to work part-time or full-time, and can do so from the comfort of their own home. This makes it an ideal business model for stay-at-home parents, retirees, or anyone looking to supplement their income. Furthermore, the business can be run on a full-time basis, and this flexibility allows individuals to work around other commitments they may have.

Network marketing also provides an opportunity for individuals to build their own team of salespeople. As individuals recruit others to join the business, they can earn a percentage of the sales made by the people they recruit. This creates the potential for residual income, as the sales made by the individuals on the team continue to generate income for the recruiter. This residual income can provide a significant source of income for the recruiter, and it is one of the reasons why network marketing can be so profitable.

Additionally, network marketing provides an opportunity for personal development and growth. Network marketing companies often provide training and support for their sales representatives, which can help individuals improve their communication and leadership skills. Furthermore, the business model encourages individuals to set and achieve goals, which can help them develop a sense of purpose and drive.

Another advantage of network marketing is that it allows individuals to be their own boss and make their own decisions. Traditional businesses often require individuals to follow strict guidelines and procedures, which can be limiting. In network marketing, individuals have the freedom to run their business as they see fit, within the parameters set by the company. This autonomy can be appealing to those who are looking for a business model that allows them to take charge of their own success.

Furthermore, network marketing is a business model that is well-suited to the digital age. With the rise of social media and online marketing, it is easier than ever for individuals to reach a large audience and promote their products or services. Network marketing companies often provide their sales representatives with tools and resources to help them market their products or services online, which can help them reach a wider audience and increase their sales.

Summary of Advantages of Network Marketing:

In conclusion, network marketing is a profitable business model in the United States and Canada due to its low startup costs, flexibility, potential for residual income, personal development opportunities, autonomy, and suitability to the digital age. It is a business model that can be run on a part-time or full-time basis, and it provides individuals with the opportunity to take control of their own success. As a result, it can be an appealing option for those looking to start their own business.

best network marketing business model for the usa and canada


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Geoff Dodd, Editor in Chief, Online Course Business School.

Disclaimer: We make no guarantees, express or implied, that you will earn a specific (or any) amount of income doing direct selling or network marketing online. It depends on your knowledge and selling skills. You are wholly responsible for your own actions and results on The Internet.

Online Courses For Stay at Home Mums

Recommended free writing course for online courses for stay at home mums in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. Study our examples and learn how to write for business. Emphasis is on marketing copywriting to persuade buyers to make purchases on The Internet.

Are you in the U.K. or in New Zealand or Australia? Want to learn how to write for business? Online courses for stay at home mums are free to you! Copywriting is a very lucrative art. During these Covid-19 times of great uncertainty, we suggest you learn how to write marketing copy. It’s exciting. It pays. It’s a thrilling pastime and it’s in hot DEMAND.

Are you a native English speaker? It’ll be super easy for you to learn how to write for advertising and business. I want you to follow me right now. Listen to my voice: I spent hours and many edits, rewriting over and over to improve this page on copywriting. You’ll learn a ton. Just reading that damn page. I’m a perfectionist. Look for the numbered sections. Learn the sequences. You don’t have to buy anything!

Here’s a sure-fire tip: Copywriting is all about solutions to problems. Each sub-group in a market has its own specific problem. But before you can fix a problem, you have to define it. And then create a vision for what life looks like once you’ve solved it. Hint: what it’ll look like, sound like, feel like, taste like, even smell like! Visualize ahead to show the customer what their life will be like with the new ‘solution,’ — your product.

That specific page is a course in itself. Make notes on what catches your attention. Write down the sequence required for a sales letter. Learn the bits and pieces. The nuts and bolts. Give yourself time to digest everything. Now, here’s a brand new infographic image I just created today. Let’s talk about this little beauty:

Online courses for stay at home mums UK or in Australia New Zealand, include copywriting course for business and a mindset training course to prepare for Internet marketing
Get your 100% FREE e-Book Gift – Just click the image above

Free Online Courses for Stay at Home Mums

You were most likely home schooling the children, recently. Is that right? U.K. had a real bad run of the delta variant of Covid19 that came in from India. Sydney NSW Australia and Melbourne have an outbreak as I speak. Auckland City in New Zealand is locked down at Level 4. Food cafes, bars and restaurants, hotels and hospitality are suffering. This stay at home shift has forced people online. Working remotely has become the norm. So it’s time to adapt. I want you to learn how to operate a small home business on The Internet. (I’ve been doing exactly that since 1997).

So we have begun to teach you copywriting. Study that colourful image just above. The writing, the choice of words is very intentional. It evokes curiosity but leaves an open loop. It seems to promise something, but you don’t know what. So you are induced to click through to satisfy your curiosity!

The item is a free PDF e-Book. It’s a rather unusual book. Why? It is about a simple way to develop your mindset. To build resilience. Business needs some tough thinking. Resistance to being triggered emotionally. To that end, here’s a page about customer service.

Next in this series of online courses for stay at home mums UK Australia and New Zealand, I want to introduce you to some marketing strategies. These include:

  • Pre-selling methods to warm up a prospect to the idea of buying something. This involves giving people more information about the product or service that meets their wants and needs. Preselling online is becoming more and more important. It can easily be done using a YouTube video.
  • Giving extra gifts and bonuses to sweeten the deal. 🙂 You can make it into an irresistible offer. Something very hard to refuse. Some even call this strategy, “an intelligence test.”
  • How to get an avalanche of hot targeted Web visitors with credit card in hand. More laser targeted Web traffic, they say! Please join my YouTube channel. Find the ‘Web Traffic Video.’
  • Special tricks and tactics of millionaire ‘super affiliates.’

These strategies and tactics are all provided free to you in our vault of 16 Free Marketing eBooks. Please click through and download whatever you want to read. You can always return here to read a few more books at a later date. You’re always very, very welcome at our online Business School.

UPDATE: New Online Course for Moms:

Breaking news! Attention mothers at home!

We have had a lot of requests for a course on “How to write a video sales letter script.” Also known as a VSL script template. So, we responded. This one is very brief. Succinct. To-the-point. Learn the basics of writing a video sales letter script here. Thanks for your participation in our business school today!

Finally, in your online courses for stay at home mums UK is our ‘Find a Mentor’ section. You are free to struggle all by yourself, of course. There’s a lot to learn. A long learning curve. OR… you can avail yourself of David Dubbs and take advantage of his million dollar earning capacity. David lives in Nashville, Tennessee. The home of country music. He has risen to the very top in eight (yes, 8) network marketing companies. He knows his stuff in Internet marketing. David and a business partner created their own business on The Internet for attracting leads and prospects. Then, they built exquisitely powerful tools for converting these leads or interested prospects into buyers and paying customers. The find a mentor section is worthy of a good read.

Please click around the site, using the menu on the right hand side. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at what free courses you will find.

Finally, here’s a subscription form for you to join us. Extra ideas, tips for marketing and tools will be shared with you in a short series of emails. You can unsubscribe at any time. One click will do it. Please subscribe here:


Privacy: your personal information is always safe with us. We hate spam with a 4 a.m. burning passion. You’ll always be protected by secure encryption.

Thanks for visiting this set of online courses for mums at home. Parents have such important responsibilities in the family home. We simply make it our mission to bring you the online business information and opportunities that you need.

Geoff Dodd. Editor in Chief. Founder, Online Course Business School, New Zealand. Updated on Friday, 7 October, 2022.

Find a Mentor Online

Strategic business startup needs early input from a Mentor and ongoing coaching. Attain outrageous success online. Traffic and Conversion focus with Geoff Dodd.

Need a business mentor? Is your startup getting kind of scary? Cash running away? Here’s how to find a mentor online at low cost. In fact, the ‘cost’ is more a question of time spent learning. How much time are you wasting, not turning to an expert for quality mentoring?

Organizations like SCORE in The United States offer “mentoring services provided at no cost to you.” Then we read that there are “fees ranging from $50 to $3,000, depending on seniority.” They state that this “helps to fund the program” and perhaps to qualify new “mentees.”

Well, my intention is to offer you free mentoring. On one condition: that you follow my recommendations! Here is one resource that blows the rest away. You see, online marketing businesses all work on the critical imperative of understanding “what works NOW.” (That is the evergreen question that marketing legend, Jay Abraham, always asks!)

The focus of any and all Internet based businesses must be: Traffic and Conversion. I know that Perry Marshall adds ‘economics.’ He’s right. Your startup business must bring in more revenue than it spends. Simple.

How to find a mentor online free or at low cost. Geoff Dodd Business School free mentoring on one condition.
Want outrageous success? mentoring by Geoff Dodd

Find a Low Cost Mentor

You can get free mentoring in the USA. Please simply click here for a SCORE mentor. You’ll be matched with an experienced business person. They will help you to optimize your business plans. They will become your trusted and highly valued small business advisor. Tools for effective business, new small business ideas and strategies will be worked upon.

Here in New Zealand and Australia (Oceania region), Geoff will help you out. Our focus will be clearly on the initial business plan questions. That is both simple and free. Then, on how to generate leads for sales. Then, later on the conversion to list members and building a buyers list.

We will give you up to 16 free PDF e-Books where marketing strategy is covered. Many of these marketing eBooks were written by award winning Singaporean super affiliate, Ewen Chia.

Contact: Mentoring & Coaching Online

You can easily contact us. We will assist you to find a mentor online free. Towards this goal, please simply fill in a brief form. When you receive the first email, just ‘hit reply’ to begin a conversation with our staff in New Zealand. You can, naturally, unsubscribe at any time. One click will do it! Here is the brief subscription form:


There’s a double benefit for you here. We have specialized knowledge and tools for ranking sites higher in both YouTube and Google. That’s a must have skill-set. Every business incubator. Every coach and mentor worth his salt should know this stuff. SEO skills.

Privacy policy: Your personal data is completely safe with us. We hate spam with a 4 am burning passion. We would never, ever share or sell your private details.

I trust that this short blog post helps you mightily in your business startup. As you find a mentor online and get competent coaching, your results and profits will simply skyrocket!

Geoff Dodd Business School, Waikato, New Zealand.

Mentoring online remote by Geoff Dodd in Waikato, New Zealand. How to find a mentor online at a very low cost
You’re thinking free mentoring by Geoff Dodd NZ

Affiliate Marketing for beginners

How to start affiliate marketing for beginners with no money is a question I’m frequently asked. How do you get started at affiliate marketing without a website or any money or investment at all?

The answer is it’s surprisingly easy, when you know what you’re doing! There are 7 main benefits to starting affiliate marketing online:

  1. You can honestly get started as an affiliate 100% FREE
  2. You don’t have to carry any stock or inventory of any goods
  3. You don’t have to handle payments, money or process anything
  4. You are not responsible for processing any refunds to customers
  5. You don’t have to answer any customer support questions or queries
  6. Complaints will never be considered your responsibility. Merchants or vendors run their own support desk systems to answer the customers.
  7. You promote a product, then you can sit back and collect 20% to 75% commission rates on the retail value of the product or service you sell!
Is Jeff Lerner training legit. Can the Entre Institute affiliate program train you to become an online millionaire. Jeff Lerner training is legitimate and has created many millionaires on The Internet from 2008 to 2021 with over 50M earnings to date. How to start affiliate marketing for beginners without a website or any investment. Enter here..
Join The Entre Institute Affiliate Program because it’s Highest Paying

Start Affiliate Marketing Step by Step

There is a clear set of steps for starting affiliate marketing online. Here is your brief but effective Affiliate Marketing Tutorial:

  1. Select your niche topic or area of interest. What are you passionate about? What do you love spending time learning about? Think of this area carefully. This is what you will be most successful at preselling and recommending to others. Most affiliates work in three specific areas: i) Health and fitness, or ii) Relationships, or iii) Make money online. (Note that these 3 areas of your likely success as an affiliate, are quite similar to the social issues that people care most about when voting in an election!) Select your niche subject or topic you’ll love working in …
  2. Find, by searching Google, the companies, vendors or merchants that are operating an affiliate program in your selected niche area. An easier way to do this is to go to Clickbank com, Warriorplus com, JVZoo com, ShareASale com, Commission Junction, Amazon affiliate program, or to my favourite affiliate program: Entre Institute, that is featured on this web page. Clickbank’s marketplace is a great source of affiliate programs in a large range of niche areas. Commission rates are usually 50 to 75% although special deals for high volume sales can reach 90% commission. If you are searching the CB marketplace for a good product to sell, choose one with a ‘gravity score’ of 50 or more. That proves to you that the product or service is actually selling well.
  3. Read everything you can about the affiliate program and search YouTube for product reviews. These will be biased towards making a sale, but you’ll learn a lot on YouTube. The product vendor usually also has a JV page that is packed with info and sales materials like banners, links, email swipe copy and even whole review articles and blog posts for affiliates to use. You’ll find a welcome video and maybe even some useful training videos on the JV page. Watch them all.
  4. Think of building your own affiliate preselling blog or Website. This is really useful when it comes to promoting your offers on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, Instagram, Mix and YouTube. They don’t accept raw, ugly, stretched out affiliate links on their social media sites. It always looks better, and is more professional, to have your affiliate banners and links on your own blog or Web site. You can check out WordPress com, Tumblr, Groove Pages, or Blogger to get a free web site. I’d strongly recommend Groove Pages, because of their funnel-making abilities. (And it’s free.)
  5. Generating targeted Web traffic means getting lots of visitors to your blog or Website. These visitors need to be interested buyers, rather than just random surfers or browsers, looking for entertainment. Here is a useful video I made to help guide you in how to get more visitors or Web traffic to your site:


GrooveFunnels is Now Free
$99/month value.. Now free

I trust this information is useful to you, for answering the question, how to start affiliate marketing for beginners. Get started, even if you have no money, no investment sources, and no Website. You can build a great Web site for free at Groove pages. I’ve included one link and a banner to get you there.

Geoff Dodd, Business School Free Tutorial

Is Jeff Lerner Training Legitimate?

Let’s work together. What’s your biggest problem? Jeff Lerner’s Millionaire Training is legit. It can bring you work, income. Replace a lost job.

Listen: this is a gut wrenchingly difficult time for everyone, but there are solutions. I feel your pain. I know the struggle. I’ve seen how hard it is for everyone. Jeff Lerner can help. The coronavirus has devastated work places and robbed you of your job and your income: The very livelihood you depend on. I can help you solve this problem. Pivot and refocus on this one question: Is Jeff Lerner’s training legitimate? This brief 3:08 YouTube video answers the question and solves your problem:


The Millionaire Shortcut Gift

Jeff Lerner says, on training and education,

Quote: “If people are prepared to be flexible, keep an open mind and learn, they will grow richer and richer through the changes.”
I loved it because everyone has the powerful ability to educate themselves.

This is NOT about formal education in colleges and universities. That is simply too theoretical and has fallen behind in practical usefulness. (Especially now that we have online business platforms and social media.)

Here’s your solution: “ask questions, get yourself out of your comfort zone, and be totally unafraid to learn something new…”

Jeff Lerner continues …

“All the millionaires you know are harboring a powerful secret …

The reason I’m telling you and the reason you should care is it’s the fastest way for an “average” person to become a millionaire…”

Is Jeff Lerner Training at the Entre Institute legit ? Click here on the image to download your e-Book gift The Millionaire Shortcut. You will receive valuable free training in online business from Jeff Lerner, the teacher of the entrepreneurs from 2008. Enjoy your book.
Download your Gift e-Book, The Millionaire Shortcut by Jeff Lerner

Did you know?

What are 1,700 people doing every day, without fail? It’s not making love.

Jeff reminds me that, “1,700 different people from all walks of life are becoming millionaires every single day … just in The United States!”

Most of them are using the strategy Jeff shares in this video

It’s no longer an elite club that’s reserved for a specific type of person.

The doors are wide open for YOU to stake your claim online!

You’ve no doubt heard that saying, “there’s plenty of room at the top!” Well, for desiring millionaires and billionaires there’s completely open SPACE. You just have to see Elon Musk launching his red convertible Tesla sports car into eternal orbit to understand the amount of abundant room there is for anyone wanting outrageous success in an online business.

Other Competitors Don’t Make The Cut

To tick all the boxes and meet the criteria, an online business training course must be owned and operated by legit trainers. You need legitimate millionaires like Jeff Lerner who have walked the walk, to teach you how to…. otherwise, how could they help you climb the ladder to your success?

You need the highest paying affiliate program imaginable. One that will pay you as regularly as clockwork. Weekly! Jeff Lerner’s Entre Institute does that. One that will pay you for the lifetime value of the customer. Check.

No other business training or affiliate program comes even close to matching what Entre Institute will give you. And, it’s free to enter:

Is Jeff Lerner training legit. Can the Entre Institute affiliate program train you to become an online millionaire. Jeff Lerner training is legitimate and has created many millionaires on The Internet from 2008 to 2021 with over 50M earnings to date. Join up now.
Join The Entre Institute Affiliate Program by Jeff Lerner

Thanks for visiting us at Geoff Dodd’s Business School for online courses, today! I trust we’ve explained to you how Jeff Lerner’s training is legit. You’ll be taught and trained by major league entrepreneurs with very impressive earning records. I’m in it. You can sense my urgency to help you rise up in these difficult days of Covid19. There’s a cruel second wave, and a third, of coronavirus overwhelming France, Europe, The United States and Brazil as I write this. Protect yourself. Stay safe. These are troubled times.

Get some high level affiliate training right now to ensure cash flow from an Internet business. Only Jeff Lerner has the top quality training that will ensure your online business success.

It’s a matter of survival for 2021 and onwards.

Geoff Dodd, Business School Manager. Author of our acclaimed course in copywriting for higher sales conversion rates on The Internet.

Super Affiliate System 2021

A 6-week Course Created by John Crestani, super-affiliate marketer who’s been featured in Forbes, ABC, NBC, Fox News, CNBC, Entrepreneur.com, Fast Company, and more.

Are you aware of John Crestani’s Course: Super Affiliate System 2021? It’s exactly what you need to succeed mightily online, and has created several student millionaires already! Here’s what one student of John Crestani is saying, in 2020:

Testimonial #1


What is Super Affiliate System 2022?

John Crestani’s Course is an acclaimed, 6-week Course on Paid Traffic to create an Affiliate Marketing Based Business. The course begins with a free webinar: FREE TRAINING as follows:
“How to Earn a 6-Figure Side-Income Online.” My opinion: This free webinar is unique and fascinating. John says, “we have taken some cues from the best in the industry, and created a very original webinar for you.”

Testimonial #2


Results with students:

We have students who have gone on to make Millions, even $1,000,000+ per month, by applying the more advanced media buying trainings in the course. Are you willing to learn at this income level? Take the free Webinar

Successful methods and techniques:

In the 6-week course, Super Affiliate System 2021, students learn paid traffic, including media-buying of cold traffic on YouTube and Facebook, and running it for the full year. You’ll soon discover that John Crestani is a very experienced teacher of online marketing, with expert knowledge of paid traffic at the highest level.

Details Of Preselling:

You’ll learn how to switch a prospect from casual inquirer into a paying buyer. The combination of paid advertising and affiliate marketing, just plain works. Ad > Presell > Offer. It’s not a complicated formula, and the way we teach it has helped thousands of people do everything from create a respectable side-income, all the way to making 7-figures per year online, and live their dream lives. Preselling is a critical middle step to prepare a buyer online.

Proven Reputation and Big Name Presenter:

John Crestani, a famous super affiliate marketer, maintains a weekly vlog so you’ll always know you have a face to put the program to, and an expert, experienced teacher who is dedicated to your success on The Internet. John is incredibly honest and straightforward in his no nonsense approach to getting the skills across to you.

Testimonial #3


JOIN The Free Webinar

Get the expert skills you need with John Crestani’s acclaimed 6-week course on paid traffic generation! Super Affiliate System 2022 is fully guaranteed to bring you the desired results.

We recommend all of the John Crestani courses. We happily give them a 5-Star Review because the standard of training is consistently high.

Become a wealthy Super Affiliate in 2022 and onwards, by immersing yourself in these super affiliate trainings.

John Crestani is an American of Italian descent. He is an expert at getting paid traffic to an affiliate offer on The Web. John holds many awards from Clickbank com where checks like this one are issued to affiliates. John Crestani has two products of his own in the Internet marketing niche and also is a product vendor at the European company, Digistore24. Business School recommends the Super Affiliate System 2021 for generating paid traffic clicks on the Web.
You could soon be receiving large, generous pay checks like this example.

Geoff Dodd, Online Courses Business School, New Zealand Editor


Privacy policy: your personal details are always safe with us. We hate spam with a 4 a.m. burning passion. You can unsubscribe at any time. One click will do it. Take note that choice, delectable tips and bits of info will flow in a constant stream to our highly valued subscribers. Geoff.

Starting A New Business

Proven guidelines for online business startups, as suggested by Geoff Dodd.

Every online startup is slightly different, but when starting a new business on The Internet, try to follow these tested guidelines:

  • Talk to people in your target market FIRST. Market research is the critical first step with every problem-solving online business. Simply ask your tribe, group, or target market, “what do you want?”
  • Do NOT focus on money! Don’t think about loans, capital requirements, or even dream about making Sh**loads of money. Ever.
  • FOCUS on your vision! What do you see ahead? What is your visualizing about the future telling you?
  • What pains, un-met needs, problems, struggles, do real people have?
  • Can you reflect, meditate, think creatively about these problems to solve?
  • How will you incentivize others to collaborate with you and form a powerful Team? Are you willing to share future profits?

How To Manifest Your Startup

The great law of attraction writer from the Twentieth Century, Neville Goddard, gave us these 7 powerful steps for manifesting anything that you want. This is really good psychology:

7-Step Process For Manifestation:
1: Remind yourself your imagination is the power.
2: Select your ideal state (or outcome).
3: Devise a situation which implies your ideal state is real.
4: Imagine yourself detached from your present environment.
5: Abandon yourself to actualizing your ideal.
6: FEEL the emotional release that accompanies experiencing the ideal. The ecstatic Energy flow …
7: Intensify and persist in the feeling of actually being the ideal.
~ after Neville Goddard

Prepare Your Positive Mindset First

Create a positive mindset before you begin starting a new business on The Internet. Vibrations of attraction help your business startup with a great attitude towards customer service when you are starting a new business online or in a shopping mall. Bricks and mortar businesses, too, increasingly need improved customer service in order to survive.  2020 to 2025.
Watch this amazing VIDEO to Create Your MINDSET

Starting A New Business: Customer Orientation

Business psychology applications can lead to a ten fold increase in your staff happiness levels, productivity, and the bottom line of profits. Prepare yourself mentally for meeting customer wants and needs.

Manifestation magic requires you to listen to the audios. This is work. It’s not hard work – but it’s necessary work.

There’s a lot of psychological science behind it. You’re gently taken from a place of lack to a place of abundance. This is crucial. Lack could lead to the inefficiencies of unfounded fears, and personal stress.

The reason it helps you with your health is because it creates thought patterns within your mind where you are more focused and you stick to your goals. You’ll stay on your intended path, of successfully starting a new business enterprise.

Business startups will often result in unwanted personal stress caused by lifestyle changes and cognitive dissonance. That’s why we do recommend a little reprogramming of your subconscious mind. Listen, it’s quite normal.
We have lots of reviews from customers who have tried the audio products and seen beneficial changes in their lives. That’s social proof that the audio tracks do deliver on their promises.


The YouTube video above offers businessmen and women an amazing quick-start to starting a new business online. It’s a free Super Funnel of the likes that has never been seen before. Here’s your free entry point.

You’re backed by a solid guarantee and you’ve nothing to lose and everything to gain. The income levels are unlimited and depend only upon your personal learning, your drive, desires and ambitions. It’s up to you entirely how well you do with Monster Mode.

The Manifestation audio product? It bridges the gap between visualization and results. The audios will accelerate your results if you’re already practicing daily visualization. It’s the missing piece of the puzzle. Surprisingly necessary for business start-ups.

In summary, there must be copious action if you wish to see financial results. Listening to the audios is the action that you must now take to change your life quickly and manifest both the health and the wealth you wish to see, with your imminent business startup.

Thank you for gracing us with your majestic presence at Geoff Dodd’s Business School for Online Courses. Also see: The magic of believing in yourself as a primary mindset factor, before you start building your business, online or offline.


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