Make Passive Income With No Money

Precisely How Can You Create Passive Income Without Financial Investment? What are the ways to generate passive income if you’ve simply got no money? We’ve got the answer!

Let’s tackle this vexing question of how can I make passive income with no money or investment input? The Internet is the perfect place to find a solution and work hard at it. You can rest easy because we DO have the answer!

Here are some powerfully effective ways to make passive income online:

  1. Earn money for your passions and the hobbies you love doing, like handcrafts, or playing and teaching the guitar or piano, or helping people to solve life problems and improve their living habits. See: 2.
  2. Create and sell an information product such as a PDF e-Book or as a membership Website, or a private set of training videos on YouTube.
  3. Consider affiliate marketing (it’s totally free), or network marketing. Build a Web presence first, such as a blog, Website or a marketing funnel to collect your prospects and email subscribers online.
  4. Write an eBook on a subject you love, for distribution either at Amazon Kindle, or from your own blog or Website, using Paypal(R) as the online payment processor. Here’s the best eBook creator tool. It is Sqribble by Adeel Chowdhrey in London, UK. I use this all the time. The art work in the eBook templates is brilliant!
  5. Sell your photographic work as stock photos that will pay you a royalty as they get used. Other sources of royalty income might include song writing or recorded music.
  6. Sell your specialized knowledge. Old study notes, records, journals, etc., can be written into a PDF information product. (as above).

7 Income streams of The Wealthy

  • Capital gains
  • Royalty income
  • Dividends from stocks and shares, equities
  • Interest earned on money loaned or in a term deposit account
  • Rental income from houses, apartments, and commercial properties
  • Profit income from business ownership
  • Salaries and wages earned in a paid occupation for an employer

Make Passive Income with a $20 investment

This is a proven method that uses the leverage of smart technology. A creative online marketer has linked up 5 proven Internet businesses in one Super Funnel. It works AUTOMATICALLY with viral marketing built-in to the Web-based php software system. I have twisted the owner’s arm and got you totally free entry here. The commission payout is set at 100% but I don’t know for how much longer… so I strongly recommend that you jump at this opportunity as fast as your legs will allow.

All you have to do is to enter your best contact email, then to watch a short video by the owner/designer of this fabulous system. Move through the process and go to MonsterMode customization options in the Back Office.

Your subscribers can either be saved in the system, or fed through to your own, chosen autoresponder campaign. I use Getresponse because of its advanced tech features like automated marketing.

Select and turn on a squeeze page. Then, you enter your Warriorplus com affiliate links, after first visiting Warriorplus to sign up and apply. It is very clearly shown and described in the MonsterMode Back Office customization options.

The system is free. That’s an incredible value and a generous offer. All you’ll need to do by way of upgrade is to get CBmoneyvine access for a mere $20. Then you’ll be away earning passive income with no further investment. Unless you want more options working–it’s a step by step process, and entirely up to you.

I’m Geoff Dodd. I’ve been working this system since just before the first outbreak of Covid-19. I’ll show you proof of my results, just below. I sincerely trust I have answered your initial question of how can I make passive income with no money or investment? This MonsterMode system is the best solution that I have found on The Internet. And–I have been online since 1996.

Answer to the question: how can I make passive income with no money or investment in 2020 and on to 2025  Geoff Dodd Business School online courses.
Commissions at 100% rate I’ve earned consistently in 2020 since before COVID-19

This is a great marketing funnel system to use to earn you the much needed regular passive income during Covid-19 lockdown. It helps preserve your mental health, bringing you solid results. It is something strong and predictable to focus on during the hellish pandemic that we’re all currently experiencing, Worldwide.

Update: 10 April, 2021 and third and fourth waves of Coronavirus are hitting the USA, Europe, and Brazil, and other countries. So to help provide a home based income, I write to you about solving the problem of how to make passive income with no money upfront. The task you’ll have is to promote your Internet business on social media, on your blog, in Facebook groups, etc.

Geoff Dodd, Business Editor.

Business Storytelling Techniques

The art of influence through storytelling has been around for tens of thousands of years. Rediscovered now, storytelling works great for branding and marketing a business.

It’s hardwired into our brains. When someone starts telling a story, or spinning a yarn, we STOP and pay them full attention. Business storytelling techniques are being shaped and defined as we speak. Why? They’re absolutely perfect for new branding of a business company. Adults will listen to their nuances, as attentively as five year old children. The art of storytelling has just been rediscovered.

The Power of Storytelling for business was first brought home to me when I joined a company selling goji juice. This was no ordinary goji juice. It was different. For years an overhanging tree had dropped goji berries into the well at a Buddhist monastery. The monks showed extraordinary levels of health and wellness. It was caused by a magic molecule that existed in this remarkable super fruit. This brand of juice was blessed with the mystery behind the Buddhist monks’ story of wellness!

Marketers often use business storytelling techniques that speak to product purity and good character as if it transfers over to the product.

A second story comes from a highly successful affiliate marketer in Minnesota. He had already created about twenty four software systems for capturing email leads and earning commissions online. Five of these business systems had already earned him the princely sum of $US700,000. (This is a true story. I know him.)

“What if.. I connect these five marketing funnels together, and create a Super Funnel?” he thought. “Then, I’ll give it away free. My master stroke will be to offer my followers 100% commission. I can still make money in the back-end follow-up!” He did, and the resulting product is here for you. It’s yours, free. It is named Monster Mode 700K – after the extraordinarily high initial earnings.

How to startup a business online. Monster Mode System 700K free marketing funnel is a gift from our business school to you. Generous payout of 100% commission on 5 levels. Business storytelling techniques work to employ the power of storytelling on The Internet. It holds readers transfixed.
Monster Mode System 700K

A third story in this tradition of business storytelling techniques reads like a comedy. It goes like this: “I ran across a guy who’s talking about something excitedly… says he can’t say too much at the moment because there’s too much buzz about this. A lot of controversy. You see, it’s Auntie Situation. She’s upset. Livid. Wants to sue Unbeatable Transaction. But Dr. Transaction, MD, is holding firm. Word on the street is that Unbeatable Transaction has strong angel investor backing from a mysterious institution on Wall Street. That’s all I can say at the moment… Keep listening.. “

Crazy story, maybe, but did it hold your attention? I think so. Even when you knew it was a joke. You just had to hear the whole thing through, didn’t you? How would the story end?

Stories for business can move through all the emotions, from rags to riches, like this:

Struggling to make ends meet? Suffering the loss of a job? Do you have a pile of unpaid bills? I solve this problem. I can fix it for you. Seriously. I’m
working with a strong TEAM on a project I call a Super Funnel If you’re dedicated to solving your financial worries… If you’ve made a DEFINITE DECISION to clear it all up, then I can help you FIX it, and end money worries–for GOOD.

You do need to be flexible, adaptable and be a positive learner. That’s about all. No TECH skills required. Just copy+paste. Because this is a Done-For-You System that works away on autopilot in the background, thanks to FAST, super-smart software up in the cloud. Interested? You want to stop the struggling and the pain. You want a flow of Internet cash income that’s easy? Quick to start? Passive income. Residual income.

Come into My TEAM. Free entry is our gift to you, to kick the tires and see the RESULTS. See what it can do for YOU. You’ll find my blog post just below this video… free entry.

Imagine a moment when you’re banking a lot of money, three years in the future. You’re feeling joyful, happy, and a sense of pride and complete satisfaction wafts over you, like the smell of fresh baking in the French bakery next door to the bank. What was it exactly you had to learn, to shift you to that pure bliss and happiness in the future? What do you feel you need to know, right now? Perhaps this page has the magic recipe you’ve been longing for. All those years …

The art of storytelling for business uses techniques that ‘show don’t tell.’ What does this mean? Use the senses, in the here and now of the present moment. I hear a tui, a bellbird.. a song bird, as I sniff the fresh grass, though the heavenly scent of spring flowers and one final wood fire’s smoke merge to bring utter delight to my nostrils. I see the approaching man on a bicycle. I can still taste the bacon and eggs, the sunflower seeds jammed behind my teeth…. I touch the butt of the blue steel revolver in its holster as I feel the sharp signal that jolts me into readiness.

Storytelling techniques show don’t tell bring the situation alive to your senses. Your reader will feel exactly the same. Why? Because you’ve moved closer to the bone. You’re now living in the bloodstream and every moment is vital and packed with possibility.

Happy writing! Stimulate and reawaken your latent, ecstatic art of storytelling for business branding influence.

Geoff Dodd, Author and Editor

Herculist Email Marketing Review

Since about 1995 to the present time, email has remained the killer marketing app. No question.

Almost everyone on The Internet learns email first. The efficiency is remarkable, when you compare it to snail mail. We all check our email constantly. That’s why it’s the greatest tool for sales messaging, for follow up, and new product announcements. Herculist Email Marketing Review shows you how even a safelist can survive those 24 years or more as a viable messaging application.

Get more leads from email marketing with data from our Herculist Review. List size is 280,747 members on August 29, 2022

How To make Money With Herculist

What is Herculist Plus?

Herculist has been doing business online as a messaging platform for over twenty years and continues to be a reliable source of quality advertising for thousands of marketers. Email marketing is very powerful. It has survived 25 years. You can go way beyond the results you’re currently getting with social media. If you respect your subscribers as real people with real human needs, it will work.
Herculist is one of those email lists (current size: 280,747 members), which are low budget traffic so if you are not ready to be so spendy on traffic just yet, then the Herculist safelist is a great choice for you. It is a free to join membership site for communicating your offers to tens of thousands of interested prospects.

As a free member of Herculist Plus you can send your offer to 1,000 responsive members daily, using plain text emails. Gold members can send either plain text or HTML email messages to over 280,747 responsive members daily. Plus, you can also send to a Buyers List. THAT is a great value if you’re looking for bigger numbers and higher conversion rates in your email marketing.

HercuList is a time saver for busy marketers. Why? Because you simply won’t have to build that 280,747+ strong email list by yourself. It makes a lot of sense to be involved in HercuList. (List building is a very long and tedious process). HercuList Plus solves that email marketing problem for you. Also, it solves the deliverability problem. People on the list have opted-in and asked to receive your email message.

Here’s Herculist Review 2020 By Zipporah Banyay

Leads, more leads from email marketing and ads in Herculist Plus review info.
Start sending your message

Personally–I upgraded to GOLD membership because the value and benefits are in it. They include these extras: Upgrade to a LIFETIME HercuList Plus GOLD Membership Today for only $49-69/lifetime (it varies), and also Receive:

  • 20,000 Credit Mailer/Blurb Credits (Blurbs show to people logging in.. )
  • 2 x FREE 280,747+ CONTACT Email Address Solo Ad Submissions (to members’ contact emails.. )
  • 2 x FREE 22,000+ Proven Buyers List Submission (to buyers list.. )
  • 1,000 FREE Bonus Visitors to your Website (direct Website visitors! ) This is an absolutely priceless value.

The Key? Everything is a numbers game on The Internet. The key is consistency and focusing on one or two offers for a long period of time.
Use this Herculist email marketing advertising platform for increasing your sales LEVERAGE.

Do you want extra solo ads? Test out the Smart-List solo ads discount today. It is a great way to advertise your online business in 2022 and beyond, into 2023.

Important Info: Filter Your email Inbox

The emailing system currently has 280,747 plus members, (growing daily), and many are sending out ‘Mega-mail,’ that goes into members’ contact email address inboxes. Therefore, it’s important that you set up email filters for your inbox. Google’s Gmail is well suited for easily defining these filters.

For example, send all mail from: <> to: delete.

Herculist Plus alternatives

There are several alternatives online if you are looking for good quality lead generation services. We are currently testing out two alternatives which are and (Review) which are producing high response. It is always your choice.

  • Affiliate Disclaimer 1
    The following or above included link is an affiliate link and I will earn a commission for referring anyone to the HercuList mailing service, should you choose to purchase using my link. I personally use the HercuList service as a Gold member and I strongly recommend it to email marketers online. (See the important proviso above: set up email filters.) If you have any questions please contact me, using the form on this Website. Thanks. Geoff Dodd, Business School. Online Courses.
  • Earnings Disclaimer 2
    Every effort has been made to accurately represent this product/service and its earning potential. In terms of earnings, there is no guarantee that you will earn any money using the techniques and ideas in this material or on this website. Information presented on this website is not to be interpreted as a promise or a guarantee of earnings. Earning potential is entirely dependent on the person using this or any other product, marketing ideas and techniques. You are solely responsible for your income results on The Internet.

Privacy policy: see our full privacy policy, in the menu, above. We hate spam with a resurgent passion, and would never, ever, share, sell or rent your personal info with any third party. You can unsubscribe from our email messages at any time. One click will do it. Also, please use our form above to contact Geoff Dodd to discuss the email marketing options that are offered to you by the Herculist Plus system. We are authorized affiliates.

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Geoff Dodd Business School Owner and Operator, Author of this Herculist email marketing review. We help you select how to increase your sales and email signups online. Want further help with sales conversions? Improve your copywriting skills.

Filmora 9 Video Editor Software

Beautiful colors and stunning effects in YouTube videos created using Filmora 9 Video Editor Software. Highly recommended business software tool for all small to medium-sized businesses.

“What can I say? I’m overwhelmed with joy at the over-delivery I’ve received with Filmora 9 Video Editor Software. You’ll love this versatile tool that is so affordable!”

~ Geoff Dodd (See my 5 sample videos below!)

Buy Filmora 9 Video Editor Software for business. Also you can personalize home video with picture-in-picture, visual effects, filters, transitions and much more

Imagine wowing your customers and prospects with beautiful videos, packed with special audio and visual effects. You can showcase a product or service on YouTube or Vimeo. You can get prospect engagement by asking questions in comments, running a challenge, a competition, or a giveaway.

The ideas are endless and the colors and effects in these videos are vividly beautiful. Beyond comparison. It’s recommended you start now by taking a free trial of Filmora 9 Video Editor Software. You’ll immediately fall in love with this user-friendly software tool. You’ll never stop. (Just see my own efforts below).

Updates in New Filmora 11 Editor

More Than Just You. A creative experience all on one platform.
New Tools:
1.Speed Ramping: Speed up or slow down your video with more control.
2.Masking: Access multiple overlays to show and hide different parts of your video.
3.Audio Sync: Align audio and video captured from multiple cameras fast.
New Resource:
1.Visual Effects: Simple plug-ins allow you to drag and drop video effects onto your timeline, such as Newblue TitlePro, Boris FX Continuum, and more.
2.Stock Media: Access a growing library of stock media from Filmstock and Pond5 to keep your audience engaged.
3.Smart Templates: Upload your videos to Filmora 11 and with one click, you’ll get a fully edited video!

Click the text above to download a free trial of Filmora 11

If you need any video clips like I’ve used–no problem with the closely integrated Filmstocks service. The same goes for extra effects, music tracks, sounds and images to blend into your video masterpieces.

5 Sample Videos I Made With Filmora 9 Video Editor Software


Notice the brilliant colors…the effects, the powerful, short video clips added into these business videos running on YouTube. Especially what Filmstocks enabled me to do with the third video, above.

There are more glittering, gold effects that I intend to start using very soon with my YouTube videos. I can’t wait. It’s a financially rewarding and very satisfying, creative process.

Now you’ll see clearly what I mean. I strongly urge you to download a free trial of this incredibly powerful and effective video creating software. Have fun with it. Kick the tires of Filmora 11 and see what creations you can produce with this high productivity software application. I’m enraptured by it. I think you can see and feel my enthousiasm in these highly successful YouTube videos. (Pssst…the secret is to promote your videos by sharing them out widely on social media sites and on your own blogs, etc.) You will soon become a YT super promoter! A YouTube Channel Creator making a lot of money from CPM advertising.

Best deal on Filmora 9 video editor software, the best video editing software for beginners to create stunning videos with full-featured editing tools and impressive effects. Ideal for your work at home business startup. Now Filmora 11 released.

Thank you for taking precious time out of your busy schedule to visit our Business School today. We are very proud to be able to offer you the champion of fully featured video editing software apps. Whether you run a Windows 7, 8 or 10 PC or an Apple Mac OS, PowerBook – we’ve got you covered. Choose Filmora 11 and you’ll never look back. You’ll be right there in heaven.

Geoff Dodd’s Business School – also see Top Instagram influencers

The Editor, Software applications testing Filmora 11 video creator.

Starting A New Business

Proven guidelines for online business startups, as suggested by Geoff Dodd.

Every online startup is slightly different, but when starting a new business on The Internet, try to follow these tested guidelines:

  • Talk to people in your target market FIRST. Market research is the critical first step with every problem-solving online business. Simply ask your tribe, group, or target market, “what do you want?”
  • Do NOT focus on money! Don’t think about loans, capital requirements, or even dream about making Sh**loads of money. Ever.
  • FOCUS on your vision! What do you see ahead? What is your visualizing about the future telling you?
  • What pains, un-met needs, problems, struggles, do real people have?
  • Can you reflect, meditate, think creatively about these problems to solve?
  • How will you incentivize others to collaborate with you and form a powerful Team? Are you willing to share future profits?

How To Manifest Your Startup

The great law of attraction writer from the Twentieth Century, Neville Goddard, gave us these 7 powerful steps for manifesting anything that you want. This is really good psychology:

7-Step Process For Manifestation:
1: Remind yourself your imagination is the power.
2: Select your ideal state (or outcome).
3: Devise a situation which implies your ideal state is real.
4: Imagine yourself detached from your present environment.
5: Abandon yourself to actualizing your ideal.
6: FEEL the emotional release that accompanies experiencing the ideal. The ecstatic Energy flow …
7: Intensify and persist in the feeling of actually being the ideal.
~ after Neville Goddard

Prepare Your Positive Mindset First

Create a positive mindset before you begin starting a new business on The Internet. Vibrations of attraction help your business startup with a great attitude towards customer service when you are starting a new business online or in a shopping mall. Bricks and mortar businesses, too, increasingly need improved customer service in order to survive.  2020 to 2025.
Watch this amazing VIDEO to Create Your MINDSET

Starting A New Business: Customer Orientation

Business psychology applications can lead to a ten fold increase in your staff happiness levels, productivity, and the bottom line of profits. Prepare yourself mentally for meeting customer wants and needs.

Manifestation magic requires you to listen to the audios. This is work. It’s not hard work – but it’s necessary work.

There’s a lot of psychological science behind it. You’re gently taken from a place of lack to a place of abundance. This is crucial. Lack could lead to the inefficiencies of unfounded fears, and personal stress.

The reason it helps you with your health is because it creates thought patterns within your mind where you are more focused and you stick to your goals. You’ll stay on your intended path, of successfully starting a new business enterprise.

Business startups will often result in unwanted personal stress caused by lifestyle changes and cognitive dissonance. That’s why we do recommend a little reprogramming of your subconscious mind. Listen, it’s quite normal.
We have lots of reviews from customers who have tried the audio products and seen beneficial changes in their lives. That’s social proof that the audio tracks do deliver on their promises.


The YouTube video above offers businessmen and women an amazing quick-start to starting a new business online. It’s a free Super Funnel of the likes that has never been seen before. Here’s your free entry point.

You’re backed by a solid guarantee and you’ve nothing to lose and everything to gain. The income levels are unlimited and depend only upon your personal learning, your drive, desires and ambitions. It’s up to you entirely how well you do with Monster Mode.

The Manifestation audio product? It bridges the gap between visualization and results. The audios will accelerate your results if you’re already practicing daily visualization. It’s the missing piece of the puzzle. Surprisingly necessary for business start-ups.

In summary, there must be copious action if you wish to see financial results. Listening to the audios is the action that you must now take to change your life quickly and manifest both the health and the wealth you wish to see, with your imminent business startup.

Thank you for gracing us with your majestic presence at Geoff Dodd’s Business School for Online Courses. Also see: The magic of believing in yourself as a primary mindset factor, before you start building your business, online or offline.

Top Instagram Influencers

Celebrities exert an enormous influence on buying behavior of their raving fans. We show you how and why this happens. Want to play with influencers?

Instagram is now a massive selling machine. The reason why, lies in the meaning of the word, ‘followers.’ Humans copy and emulate. Thus, trends appear. Top Instagram Influencers are all those people you know well and aspire to be like: Selena Gomez with 136 million followers; Cristiano Ronaldo with 124 million followers; Ariana Grande with 118 million followers; Beyonce Knowles with 114 million followers, etc.

Followers are those who admire someone. They will emulate and go to great lengths to be like their hero or idol. Copying buying behaviors, they become like the self ideal, these followers are emotionally ravenous!

What is the meaning of influence? According to, influence is, “the capacity or power of persons or things to be a compelling force on or produce effects on the actions, behavior, opinions, etc., of others.”

Synonyms of influence indicate how close this celebrity behavior is to selling; yet it’s not! I maintain that it is image-making, to bring a follower closer to her self-ideal. Makes sense to me: persuade, convince, talk round, talk into, win over, bring round to a point of view, sway, coax, induce, inveigle, impel action but not compel, incite as in stimulate, entice, tempt, lure, cajole, manipulate, prompt…as in ‘be a stimulus to action.’

What products are suitable for influencers to promote?

Fashion clothing and accessories such as handbags, shoes, sneakers, makeup and jewelry. These products suggest that female followers are more likely to emulate their celebrity ideal.

For men, it could be similar. Sports clothing, shoes, sneakers, alcoholic drinks and leisure goods. Motor cars, boats, yachts and even possibly private jets? Lifestyle items that reflect on celebrity status and the perceived approach towards social ideals (for an age group). So psycho-graphics and demographics are a critical part of this developing picture.

Gary Vee The Hustle Helper

Never has there been a top Instagram influencer, and TikTok advocate, quite like Gary Vee. I’ve been a Gary Vaynerchuk follower for quite a while. He’s blunt, he says the ‘F word,’ but Gary’s got a heart of the purest gold. He loves the hustle and the thrill of buying and selling. Sports cards is one of his specialties and he’s mates of many rappers and hip hoppers.

TikTok, says Gary, has enormous organic reach. He brands himself right across all social media platforms as a helper and advisor to the little guy. Gary Vee is famous for vastly growing the family’s Empathy Wines business. An early angel investor in Twitter, Tumblr, Snapchat and Facebook. Founder of Vayner Media. The Vaynerchuk family emigrated from Belarus to the United States in 1978. The family of eight members originally lived jammed together in a studio apartment in Queens, New York, so it’s an authentic rags to riches story.


Your top Instagram influencers journey begins with one click. Seriously, though, join me and get advanced Internet marketing tips and tools. Not to mention tactics and techniques. Stuff to titillate. Gain a new set of marketing skills that will explode your own profits daily on The Internet. Test some of these hot new methods and prove them to yourself.

Privacy policy: we hate spam with a passion, too, and we would never, ever, misuse your personal information. No sharing, renting, selling, etc. of your details. You can unsubscribe at any time. One click will do it. But you’ll be absolutely thrilled with the top quality of our info, tips and tools.

See you in the influencer arena of TikTok and Instagram. Facebook and Twitter. SMM or social media marketing is the way to go in 2021.

Grab 100% Commissions Instantly = my fav project:

What exactly is it? Answer: “Five PROVEN Businesses inside one Super Funnel” — all at zero cost to you. And I’m lovin’ it.

Geoff Dodd Business School Writer and Editor. NZ.

Believing in Yourself

The magic of believing in yourself is what every Business Manager and Entrepreneur needs as a vitamin. Self belief leads to an almost spiritual state of BEING where thought and action will flow from …

“With our minds, we create our lives.” ~ The Buddha

“The best way to predict the future, is to create it!” ~ Peter Drucker

As planners, choosers, deciders, priority-makers, and step-by-step builders, we are most certainly creators. Don’t be fooled or mystified by tiny minds that locate this rewarding process elsewhere. Simply connect with others and create a collaborative and highly productive network of believing people, who are synergistically working towards a common goal.

How do we employ the ‘power of positive thinking?’ It depends on how much negative programming you received in your early years. Here’s a brand new PDF document that can help you to get positive and start to re-program your subconscious mind. There are further extremely useful links in that document. Just below the article.

Believing in yourself 100% does take a little bit of work. Our method is to repeat positive affirmations over and over. Don’t be afraid if others start to think you’re crazy. It’s what you think of yourself that is critical to our mission. Positive affirmations are, to the subconscious mind, like bits and bytes of computer programming! I have proved this to myself over fifty years. You will become a new person. Read my downloadable PDF e-Book gift on this exact subject. And suspend your cynical or skeptical ‘critic’ for a few minutes.

Listen very closely now:
Repeat and BELIEVE something like: (affirmation + ) “START earning a consistent $10,000 per month online within the next 30 days….” and you’ll definitely subconsciously create it… (as a habit)….a consistent thought… if you’ll repeat it enough times. Repetition is the key to the way in which the habit powerhouse of your subconscious mind-brain works!

MP3’s and CD’s can be purchased to play at night time as you’re in alpha and theta brain wave states…just drifting off to sleep, with messages to inspire and motivate you, change your money thermostat level, etc. This is definitely NOT woo woo. This is scientifically validated and measurable brain re-programming, used by billionaires to help them develop healthy mind states like bliss, calm, increased intuition, creativity, high intelligence and high productivity.

I’ve worked with this since 2006. I studied meditation from 1971, when I was majoring in physiological psychology. The ultimate goal of this type of activity is to maximize your neuro-plasticity. Think: flexi-space. 🙂 🙂

Self Belief and a New Identity

Except for some neurons in the brain, your body replaces every cell within a seven year cycle. You become a new person, physically. Imagine, then, what you can create within your mind! Imagine the infinite possibilities of new connections, spurring on your exponential psychological growth…the mind boggles.

Totally believing in yourself 100% your new identity can be ‘global entrepreneur,’ ‘innovative inventor,’ ‘chairman of the board,’ whatever you choose _____ to fill in the blank. Imagine what Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, the Google boys and yes, Mark Zuckerberg, John Assaraf have journeyed through–within their minds!

Believing in yourself will take you anywhere in the known Universe, literally! Elon Musk wants to take large numbers of people to settle on the Planet Mars. So he created Space-X and has, just now in 2020 successfully ferried astronauts to the International Space Station, using a Falcon 9 rocket, larger than anything that NASA has! YOU can do amazing stuff, too!

Thinking of others: Finally, think about this. Your truth, needs and purpose. How do they overlap with your clients’ (and your subordinates’) truth, needs and purpose? Be the real you and share a new ‘reality.’ ~after David Amerland.

Join me: Innovate at The Cutting Edge


Please subscribe above to see exactly what we’re up to in the business universe. You might be surprised at the results we’re getting. Plus, with the software tools we’re taking advantage of now. These are high productivity tools, and come very highly recommended.

Start believing in yourself and trusting in our privacy policy: we hate spam with a wild passion, and would never, ever share your personal info with anyone else. Your info is secure. You are important to us. Your self-belief is even more important. Employ the magic of believing from today. It works.

Here’s an interesting infographic for your new thought process. It kind of reveals very clearly why you need to start re-programming your subconscious and unconscious mental processes. Your thinking. Do you agree? (It’s not hard to do. Just repetitive.)

Geoff Dodd, Business School Founder & Tutor (Contact us)

Online courses at our Internet based Business School involve Believing in Yourself and creating a new, flexible identity using an understanding of neuro-plasticity. Enjoy our courses. Tutor Geoff.
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You can develop your self belief further by becoming a strong and persuasive writer for business. We recommend you read our copywriting guidelines. You just might be fascinated.


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I hope you enjoy watching my YouTube videos, as much as I enjoyed making them. There are two components that I recommend to you if you’re wanting to start promoting with YouTube video marketing: Plus one bonus idea 🙂 🙂

  1. A really good software application for your video editing. I use Filmora-9 and it’s just the right balance of great features at a reasonable price. Start with the free download and hold out, until they offer you the lot for about $67 one-time payment. That way, you’ll avoid having to pay any expensive, regular monthly payments. Once off– It’s truly a great deal for just $67. There are lots of additional filters, effects, and images available too -even video clips – for a small monthly charge. Plus, you can get free images and video-clips at I love that site.
  2. YouTube videos need a bit of optimizing so as to get them ranking high enough on both YouTube and big Google. I wrote you a gift PDF eBook explaining why it is much easier to approach SEO (search engine optimization) through YouTube. Here’s your PDF gift e-Book. Enjoy the five minute read. Get the software. I use it every single day now. It’s great for finding the best keywords to build your videos around. It writes amazing video descriptions–all optimized!
  3. Imagine for a minute, that you could reach out and instantly connect, with thousands of people! That’s the mindset that you have to develop, as a super promoter. Your business growth totally depends on you having this habit of thinking. So get creative! And don’t forget to select a top level, high paying, Internet business opportunity!
  4. WE ensure that you get rewarded with a 100% commission rate. We care and want you to be happy in your home based business startup.

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Final note: These two videos, above, were made with Filmora -9 software.


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